Bentonite Thickener

Camp Shinning is a trusted bentonite thickener provider in China.It also named gelling agent,industrial thickener,mineral thickener,oil thickener etc.

We have rich knowledge and experience in organic thickener / organoclay, synthetic gelling agent and thickening agent.

Organoclay For Oil Drilling Mud

Bentonite thickener are used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal. Organophilic bentonite also aids in filter-cake formation and filtration control.

Organoclay For Paints coatings

Organo clay (modified montmorillonite), designed especially for use in solvent based system. It is used especially in solvents of high polarity.

Organoclay For Grease

Bentonite Thickener is a kind of purified and modified organoclay rheological additive, designed especially for using in Grease based on synthetic oils such as vegetable oil, polyester oil.

Camp Shinning Bentonite Thickener is Your Best Choice for Your Project

 If you are looking for bentonite thickener, please believe that camp Shinning is your trusted organoclay supplier

Because we have more than 20 years of experience in the thickening agent in suspension, strong R & D ability and professional engineers and technical team are our biggest technical guarantee.Our thickener is a very excellent gel thickening agent / gel thickener. 

As you are reliable bentonite grease suppliers and manufacturers. We will provide different types of thickening agents according to your specific requirements. Please leave us a message for more details.

  • Supply full range of Bentonite Thickener
  • Strong R &D on technicians and engineers
  • 20 years thickener chemical manufacturing experience
  • ISO certified Company


Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Bentonite Thickener

Camp Shinning is the world’s leading supplier of bentonite thickener.We provide high-quality acid thickening agent and acrylic thickener for your application field.All these thickener for oil ensure its reliable and safe quality, and have strong thixotropy and true consistency.Before shipment, we guarantee to conduct 100% inspection to ensure that the thickening you receive is a product with good quality and performance.

To help people provide high-quality cosmetic thickening agent (bentonite uses in cosmetics),clay thickened grease and bentonite grease (bentonite clay grease). ink thickener and latex thickening agent are another main products from Camp Shinning.

We have passed the ISO quality system certification and have the certificate of safe transportation issued by Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute. At the same time, Camp Shinning also has the patent certificate of organoclay. Our management certification proves that we are a professional supplier committed to meeting your demand for high-quality bentonite thickener.

thixotropic gel additive

Your Premier Bentonite Thickener Supplier

  Camp Shinning is a leading manufacturer of high-quality bentonite thickener in China with a history of more than 20 years. We provide different types of thickening agents to meet your needs in different application fields.


As your reliable bentonite clay thickener manufacturer, we always guarantee that our bentonite thickener grease can provide your products with the best tablet performance and thicken performance, even including rheological properties. When manufacturing commercial thickener, we strictly follow the requirements of ISO production procedure standards.High purity bentonite is used as the raw material for the production of thickening agents.


 You will find that Camp Shinning’s bentonite thickener can be applied to many different fields, such as paints, coatings, inks, oil field drilling, grease and so on. So you will find that we call our products as oil thickener, acid thickening agent, acrylic thickener,bentonite grease ,bentonite clay grease,cosmetic thickening agent and so on.


The Camp Shinning can provide gelling agent as your gel thickener and industrial thickener and apply to your different applications,  such as ink thickener and thickening agent.

 More than 20 years, Camp Shinning has been committed to the manufacturing and R & D of bentonite thickener and other related products.We are famous all over the world for providing the best quality organic thickener, organoclay and the most reliable service to customers all over the world.

Whether you are a dealer or an end user,Camp Shinning is your final choice of thickening agent in suspension.Here you can find the most cost-effective thickener chemical.It can be said that when people are your one-stop solution provider of all bentonite thickener in China.


Engineers and professional technicians with more than 20 years of experience in R & D and production of thickening provide support for us, which is why we can ensure that our products have good thixotropy performance and stable rheological properties.

Camp Shinning also have a sales team with good cooperation spirit and market experience. They will assist you in consulting and ordering bentonite thickener, and help people conduct barrier free transactions.


 We collected some questions that customers often asked us in the past. We put the answers below to answer these questions, hoping to have some reference value for you when purchasing bentonite thickener.

What can be used as a thickener?

what can be used as a thickening agent?

Strictly speaking, the above two questions are actually the same answer to the same question.At present, there are many kinds of being raised in the market, such as cellulose bentonite thickener, xanthan gum, etc. The thickener mainly produced by Camp Shinning is organoclay bentonite, bentonite thickener is used as thickening agent.

At present, when Camp Shinning’s thickening agent in suspension is used as thickener, one of the biggest advantages is that it can not only produce a certain viscosity, but also effectively control the strength and remain stable in a certain range.

If your industrial application is paint, grease lubricants, oil field drilling, or ink, coating, or even agriculture, we strongly recommend that you continue to use Camp Shinning’s bentonite clay thickener as your additives. It has a very high cost performance compared with other thickener.

What is a good thickening agent?

What is a good thickening agent?The answer to this question can be divided into several aspects. Firstly, the thickening needs to have a good ability to improve the viscosity, but it is very important that it can effectively control the viscosity range at the same time, because too high viscosity will lead to the failure of normal operation and operation in many industry applications.

In the application of paint, a better bentonite thickener is required to be both an additive with good anti sagging performance and an additive with anti sedimentation performance.

If the bentonite thickener is applied to oil field drilling,  We need this thickener, which shows good suspension and can effectively control the loss of fluids.

Among many types of thickening agents, we require bentonite grease needs better thixotropy performance. Of course, rheological performance is also very important.

Similarly.As an ink thickener, it also needs to meet the above performance requirements.

What is gelling agent made from?

The most direct answer is that the gelling agent is made from bentonite thickener. Organic thickener bentonite is a powder additive, is applied to various industrial fields. As an industrial thickener, it is used to make pre gel to make it suitable for different industrial applications.As for how to make pre gel process, we have detailed description on the organoclay page. You can click on that to learn more details.

Where can I buy bentonite grease?

About where can I buy bentonite grease?In Camp Shinning, you can buy the bentonite grease you want. Of course, there are many such organoclay suppliers in southern China, but different performance and price determine different target markets.

In the north of China, raw bentonite is mainly provided and produced. Relatively speaking, suppliers in the south of China are more active.

Is bentonite clay a thickener?

Yes, bentonite is a thickener.Rather, this kind of bentonite thickener is also called latex thickening agent, clay thickened grease, acrylic thickener, acid thickening agent, bentonite clay grease etc.

What we need to mention is that bentonite clay , whether organic bentonite clay or inorganic bentonite clay can become a thickener.

What is bentonite used for?

It is an extremely wide range of bentonite. It is mainly used as a mutation and rheological agent, anti settling agent and anti sagging agent in paint and coating.It is also a gelling agent. When the spitting knife is used in oil field drilling and fracture fluid, it can play a better suspension performance and effectively protect the well wall. Bentonite can also prevent the loss of drilling fluid.Lubricity, viscosity, expansibility and suspension are the most obvious performance advantages of bentonite used in drilling fluid.

How is bentonite used in cosmetics?

Bentonite can be used in cosmetics, such as nail polish.So many nail polish factories will buy bentonite as a thickener from Camp Shinning.The rheological properties and thixotropy of bentonite, including anti settlement performance, and play a very important role in nail polish production.

Camp Shinning produce CP-27 mainly to replace bentonite 27 to use nail polish, of course, the use of other cosmetics, you can communicate with our technical departments according to specific needs, our technology department will give you the most guidance.

What is thickener?

Thickener is also called gelling agent. As a substance with liquid viscosity, it is used in paint and grease. It can make the object in a stable suspension state or milky state. Most thickeners have good thixotropy and rheology.

 The oil thickener produced by Camp Shinning includes water based thickener and solvent based thickener. Solvent based thickener is mainly used in oil system, and water based thickener is mainly used in inorganic system.

The main raw material of Camp Shinning’s thickener is bentonite. Because Camp Shinning has its own raw bentonite, it can obtain raw materials with high purity and use them in our organic bentonite thickener.

A high-performance, low-permeability bentonite thickener, sodium bentonite is ideal for lining the base of a landfill. It also contains properties that protect against dissolved acids, making it an excellent choice for sealing subsurface disposal systems and waterproofing below-grade walls. To ensure maximum performance in all types of applications, it should be purchased from an authorized distributor.

Bentonite is a versatile material with a high surface area that serves a multitude of purposes.In oil field drilling and oil production.

it is widely used as a suspending agent and tackifier, which effectively helps the whole production process. It is also used as a filtration material for wastewater. Because it is a non-flammable, insoluble additive , it is a great choice for industrial and municipal uses.


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Camp Shinning is a leading bentonite grease suppliers.We produce acid thickening agent and gel thickener which as bentonite clay in cosmetics ( As cosmetic thickening agent) and thickening agent in suspension. Industrial thickener also is ink thickener,gelling agent,clay thickened grease and bentonite grease.

When you look for oil thickener or organoclay,organoclay supplier Camp Shinning is your best choice in mineral thickener and gel thickening agent.

We will guide and supply you more info on acrylic thickener uses.

In paint industry, it could as latex thickening agent to use.Most people called paint thickening agent.

We hope when you look for organic thickener,from many types of thickening agents,we will recommend you best thickener for oil.

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