Oil Drilling Chemicals

Organophilic clay bentonite is one of the most common oil drilling chemicals. Organoclay is also known as chemicals used in oil drilling and oil well drilling chemicals.

Oil drilling chemicals are added to drilling fluid to lubricate and cool cutting tools. When organoclay bentonite chemicals are used in oil drilling, the whole formula of oilfield drilling enhances the stability of one performance of other components, so this bentonite with thixotropy and rheological properties can prevent the stone from falling back into the borehole.

Oil Drilling Chemicals

Oil Drilling Chemicals

Oil drilling chemicals Organoclay bentonite can prevent caking and take salt shavings out of the borehole. It is a good additive for oil-based mud because it can prevent the bit from being stuck, effectively lubricate the bit and avoid borehole collapse. When the oil drilling chemicals is mixed with water, it can make the dispersion better.

The geological conditions of different types of drilling mud also determine that our users need to use different Oil drilling chemicals organophilic clay bentonite to increase their goal of quarrying.

At present, Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite has played an important role in oil field exploitation exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, Indonesia, and other countries.

In order to protect the trade secrets of our partners, we cannot disclose the names of the top companies in the world cooperating with us, but we can be very proud to say that we have a lot of cooperation with the world’s top high-quality drilling companies and service companies, and they also use Camp Shinning’s organoclays bentonite in large quantities, and this cooperation has lasted for many years.

Drilling Chemicals – Oilfield chemicals 

Es indicates that organoclay bentonite is a very important indicator, so adding an appropriate type of organophilic bentonite can effectively ensure that you can avoid the borehole from collapsing or the drill bit from getting stuck, and these problems can be effectively solved.

Of course, spraying is not only applicable to oilfield drilling, but also used in industrial fields such as oil drilling mud, ink, paint, and coating.

However, we can be proud to say that Camp Shinning’s oil drilling chemicals organophilic clay bentonite has been sold in the oilfield drilling market for more than 20 years. It greatly helps our users to improve the lubricity and strength of drilling mud. It can also be said that it greatly improves the productivity of drilling personnel.

Oil Drilling Chemicals: 5 Benefits From Organophilic Clay

Oil drilling chemicals that use organophilic clays can simulate the accumulation of drill cuttings, which is their primary advantage. Because of the limited electrical interaction between the particles, Camp Shinning has low viscosity when compared to water-based drill fluids. It is also possible to drill more efficiently because of the lack of viscosity. This feature is particularly useful when a high-pressure, high-temperature mixture is required.

The clays have excellent wet-process viscosity properties and can maintain suspension over a wide range of temperatures. Organophilic clays can be used as an additive in a variety of different types of oilfield drilling fluids due to their versatility. 


CP-169, CP-EZ, and CP-982 are the best clays to use depending on the geological conditions. The clay CP-250A can be added to either crude oil or mineral oil if a mixture of these clays is required.

Another advantage of using organophilic clays in oilfield drilling fluids is that they perform better in terms of viscosity and suspension than water-based drill fluids. 

In oilfield drilling fluids, clay is made up of a combination of several different minerals. Some are used as additives, whereas others are not used in this manner. This is due to the fact that each material has its own set of properties. As a result, different types of mineral oils and petroleum products require different types of additives to function correctly.

Oilfield drilling fluids containing these substances are used to help keep them suspended in the oilfield drilling fluids. In addition to being soluble in oil, they can be used in water.

Improved flow and lower production costs can be achieved by using organophilic clays in oilfield fluids. Aside from being a fantastic substitute for crude oil, it is also an important additive for synthetic and mineral oils, among other applications. There are numerous additional advantages.

Oilfield Chemicals Supplier | IZhejiang Camp Shinning

Zhejiang Camp Shinning is a very well-known supplier and manufacturer of oilfield drilling chemicals. It has accumulated a lot of market experience in application, R & D, and sales in 20 years of market experience.

Choosing high-quality Oil drilling chemicals organic bentonite clay is a very important point in drilling fluid, which will directly affect the stability of your whole formula.

Their environmental impact is also greater because they are not only less expensive but also more effective. In the oil drilling chemicals industry, many users use organophilic bentonite as their industry necessities. As an added benefit, they are more environmentally friendly.

Environmental protection and safety in the petroleum industry are two areas where they can contribute. They also contribute to the preservation of the reservoir’s structural integrity and integrity.

Organophilic clays are beneficial in a variety of ways when they are used in drilling fluids. The toxicity of these clays is low. As an added benefit, they reduce the need for lubricant and improve the flow rate of hydraulic fluids.. Improved production efficiency, lower costs, and improved reservoir quality are all possible outcomes of the use of organophilic muds in oilfields. It is advantageous to all parties involved in the construction of a well.

What is drilling mud additives?

Today, we use various additives added to oil-based drilling fluid, including clay polymer and dispersant. Although each mud may need different kinds of mud additives, they all help to improve the quality and productivity of the final product, especially the Oil drilling chemicals organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, which is more suitable for specific drilling applications, especially under high temperature and high pressure, making the whole formula extremely stable.

The most common and widely used drilling mud additive on the field is the organic bentonite produced by Camp Shinning. It is also called a rheological additive or suspending agent. It greatly improves the suspension capacity of the whole formula, plays an excellent role in protecting gold coins, and also performs well in lubricating drill bits.

Chemicals Used in Oil-Field Operations

Compared with the traditional organic mud, the organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning has high temperature and high-pressure stability, excellent suspension performance, and very good activation and dispersion performance. It is widely used in all kinds of salt water and fresh water mud.

Therefore, if you are looking for additives now, then the Oil drilling chemicals organoclay of generous people is a product you are very trustworthy and worth trying. He deserves your recommendation to your customers without any concern and helps them greatly improve their production capacity in production.

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CP series thickening and water retension agent used in dry mixing mortar is made from high grade natural bentonite( the main content is montmorillonite)

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Our CP series water-borne rheological additive is a kind of natural silicate which main ingredient is hydrophilic and high purified montmorillonite.For its good properties of thixotropy and perfect thickening ability,it can be widely applied to water based coatings,emulsion paint,toothpaste,construction mortar,cosmetic,putty etc.Some grades can also be used to replace HEC,CMC and reduce the cost.

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Organophilic clay for oil drilling field.

Organophilic clay oil drilling

Camp Shinning organophilic clay is a wet process improved viscosifier gelling additive.Organophilic bentonite as a thickening agent in suspension and oilfield chemicals,it could maintains suspension over a wide temperature range in the base oil of diesel oil, mineral oil based invert fluids and synthetic oil.

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