Organophilic clay | Organoclay with Useful Whiteness

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Organophilic clay | Organoclay Minerals

organophilic clay | Organoclay with Useful Whiteness,organically modified is a modified mineral bentonite.In oil drilling mud,organophilic bentonite clay has excellent thickening, property and thixotropy, and settling resistance.Suspension performance is also one of the biggest advantages of organobentonite.

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Organophilic Clay | Organoclay : You Should to Know

Organophilic clay | Organoclay minerals are typically added to drilling fluids after being treated with a chemical that renders them oil-dispersible. Organophilic clay | Organoclay such as bentonite and hectorite, which have the shape of plates, and attapulgite and sepiolite, which have the shape of rods, are manufactured with oil-wetting agents added during the manufacturing process so that they can be used as oil-mud additives.

Because of its high surface area and the hydrophobic chains that extend from the clay’s surface, Organophilic clay | Organoclay is an effective oil removal agent. Both oil-based drilling fluids and paint formulations make use of it as a viscosifier, and it is also a component in paint formulations. Within the realm of polymer chemistry, Organophilic clay | Organoclay is useful in the capacity of a nucleating agent.

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