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Camp Shinning , is a one-stop solutions manufacturer and supplier specialized in the field of organophilic clay bentonite, with 20 years’ experience in the industry of organophilic clay.

Camp Shinning has a very good and strong team with the world’s top equipment and technology. Our production of organophilic  clay throughout 

the world is the absolute domination of the organophilic clay bentonite industry. We guarantee that all products are manufactured strictly in accordance with ISO standards.Camp Shinning have been trying its best to offer much higher standard of services rather than expected.

Why Choose Camp Shinning

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

The Best Selling Organophilic Clay

Camp Shinning will help you choose the right grade of organophilic clay for your project. We will provide you with the technical data sheet and MSDS of the organophilic bentonite, as well as a quotation for the organoclay. We will also update the Latest market feedback instantly and inform you which model is the most suitable organophilic clay for your formula. We will always follow up from the time you place your order to the time of shipping and keep you informed of the status of your order. Most of the grades of organophilic clay are in stock, so don’t worry about the minimum order quantity, one ton is also the factory price.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Organophilic clay Use For Diesel oil

Organophilic clay also named organophilic bentonite which is a drilling chemical with unique rheological structure that suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength than conventional bentonite.Organophilic clay is highly effective in diesel oil fluids.  

Suitable For Base Oil :

Diesel oil based oil drilling fluids and fracfluids

Performance : Suspension ,Protect The Well wall, Return Cuttings, Cool The Bit,Thickening And High Temperature Stability.

Advantage :

  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Organophilic clay is easy to disperse and rapid yielding
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Organophilic Clay Use For Mineral Oil

Organophilic clay is an amine treated bentonite  which is a suspending agent for suspension.And improve the carrying capacity,it also addists in improvingfiltration control.

Typical Applications:

 Mineral oil based oil drilling fluids and fracfluids

Advantage :

1,  Improves filter cake quality for reduce fluids loss

2,  High performance viscosifier for all mineral oil fluids
3,  High viscosity and excellent thickening property over a wide temperature range.
4, Imparts particle suspension,  and increase viscosity for improve hole cleaning.
5, Organophilic clay reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Organophilic Clay Use For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic clay is an viscosifier used to impart viscosity and suspension properties to synthetic oil. As an organophilic bentonite typically yields faster than traditional  organophilic clay.It is stable to 180 Celsius.

Typical Applications:   Synthetic oil based drilling fluids and fracfluids

Advantage :

Organophilic clay could improve hole cleaning during drilling and workover operations.  provide thixotropy, prevent  settling during storage, improve flowing and leveling, improve high temperature stability.

For long term suspension of weighting agents in packer fluids and casing packs.  

Packing:  Kraft complex  interior with PE.

The Weight:  25Kg/Bag, 22.68Kg/Bag(50lb) Or Customize.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

Organophilic Clay Use For Crude Oil

Organophilic clay is a suspension agent provides increased suspension of weighting agents and drill solids in invert emulsion fluids.

Organophilic bentonite is suitable for all conventional invert emulsion fluids in applications up to 350°F (175°C).

Typical Applications: 

  • All oil based drilling fluids
  • Invert emulsion fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Fracture fluids

Suitable For Base Oil : Crude Oil

Advantage :  Organophilic clay helps reduce sagging or settling in devisted or high angle wellbores. AnD improvesuspension qualities of invert emulsions and all oil drilling fluids.

Packing:  Kraft complex  interior with PE.  25Kg/Bag,22.68Kg/Bag(50lb) Or Customize.

Camp Shinning Will Be Your Organophilic Clay Factory

As a leading organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer in China ,we have a special inspection team to check whether the finished organophilic clay is in compliance. We will adjust the formula of our organophilic clay according to your special application and and guide you how to use organophilic clay to reach your ideal dosage. We hope that more people will know that we are a truly professional supplier and manufacturer of organophilic clay.

thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay
thixotropic additive
organophilic clay

Advanced Equipment Test Organophilic Clay

  In order to ensure the stable quality of each batch of organophilic clay , Camp Shinning has purchased a lot of advanced testing equipment.

Especially the testing equipment for organophilic clay used in the oil field. Camp Shinning has almost led the production market in China.

 This is why Camp Shinning can maintain the stability of the quality of each batch organophilic clay and protect the distributor’s advantage  of organophilic bentonite price in the market.

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-982 Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

Organophilic Clay is a moderate temperature performance amine-treated Bentonite. It is a cost-effective drilling additive, particularly in all-oil, invert diesel

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-2 Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

In diesel oil based fluids,organophilic clay viscosifier CP-2 are used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-992 Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil

Organophilic Clay is a wet process improved viscosifier and gelling agent.It is an easy dispersing, rapid yielding organoclay

organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer

CP-150 Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic Clay unique rheological structure suspends weighting materials and other solids with less increase in viscosity and gel strength

Organophilic Clay Certification

In order to ensure the quality stability and price advantage of the organophilic clay produced by Camp Shinning in the market. In the past few years, Camp Shinning has won many certificates. ISO Certification, Audited Supplier, Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods,


Auditor Supplier​

The certified supplier issued by the website of Made-in-China.com is the best recognition of Camp Shinning. It represents that Camp Shinning is a trustworthy Chinese organophilic clay supplier and manufacturer.


Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods

Camp Shinning has Certification For Safe Transport Of Chemical Goods​. This means that the organic soil produced by Kangbaixin is allowed to be freely transported by sea and air, and is a non-hazardous product.


ISO Certification

The ISO certificate means that the organoclay produced by Camp Shinning is strictly regulated and produced in accordance with ISO standards. ​



The strong R&D capabilities enable Camp Shinning to have its own technology patents, which is also the best proof of Camp Shinning's market competitiveness.We will continue to research and develop more market-efficient organophilic clay with good price.

Organophilic Clay Suppliers & Manufacturer

Camp Shinning is a professional organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer in China, specializing in the produce and export of organoclay with 20 years experience.The application covers different industries, oil drilling, paint & coating, grease, lubricant inks and fracking fluids.

All products from Camp Shinning are produced and sold in strict accordance with ISO standards. At present, Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay  has been certified by the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and has obtained the certificate of safe transportation for air and sea transportation.

Camp Shinning have own bentonite mine with excellent quality of ore,which ensure the long term stability of our quality,delivery and organophilic clay  price.

The annual output of organophilic clay is 20000 metric tons,while refined bentonite is 15000 metric tons.

  The branch company of Camp Shinning include: Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Materials Co.Ltd,Hangzhou Camp Shinning Co.Ltd, Zhejiang Camp Shinning Electric Co.Ltd and Chaoyang AutoFull Bentonite Co.Ltd. As a professional organoclay supplier and manufacturer , each company plays an important role in the technical development, production and sales of organophilic clay.

Our aim is to provide stable organophilic clay and continuously develop new grades to ensure the competitiveness of our organophilic clay prices,pls inquire us now.

Organoclay supplier and manufacturer
Oilfield chemicals
organoclay supplier

Organophilic Clay  Exhibition

The exhibition is the best channel for buyers to understand the professionalism of Chinese organophilic clay suppliers & manufacturer. Every year, Camp Shinning recommends the best selling organophilic clay and new products to professional buyers, so that buyers can clearly understand the professionalism of our production and the unique organophilic clay price in the exhibition.

The exhibitions we participate in includes OTC USA,Global Petroleum Show and China Coat Show etc.

Inquire Organophilic Clay Now


What is organophilic clay bentonite ?

Organophilic clay bentonite Cas Number is 68953 – 58 -2 ,Organophilic clay bentonite HS Number is 3824. Organophilic clay bentonite is an amine treated bentonite clay.When organophilic clay used in oil field drilling, which have excellent suspension effect. Aids control of fluid loss to the formation. Organophilic clay bentonite is widely used in diesel oils,crude oils,mineral oils,synthetic Oil and alpha Olefins etc.

What are the main applications of organophilic clay bentonite?

Organophilic clay bentonite is mainly used in oilfield drilling,invert emulsion fluids,workover fluidsl,completion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,fracturing fluids.Therefore, our organophilic clay bentonite can be widely used and accepted by end users in oil drilling mud.

What are the technical advantages of Camp Shinning organophilic clay bentonite?

The most obvious technical advantage of Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite is its strong stability under high temperature and high pressure.Suspension is another characteristic of Organophilic clay.And the rapid dispersion and wide range of apply in different base oil, such as mineral oil, diesel oil , synthetic oil and so on. 

How many types of organophilic clay bentonite can be classified?

The organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning can be divided into many types. When  organophilic clay are used in oilfield drilling, they can be divided into high pressure and high temperature organophilic clay. Deep sea organophilic clay. Organophilic clay for diesel oil, organophilic clay for mineral oil and organophilic clay for synthetic oil.

 How to use Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite ?

Firstly, recommended Level of Camp Shinning organophilic clay bentonite are typically 0.2% to 2.0% of the weight of the system.

When organoclay is used in formulation, polar activator is needed. Polar activator is acetone/water(95/5). The dosage of activator is 20%-30% of the weight of Camp Shinning organoclay. And also high shear can promote the dispersing of organophilic clay bentonite.

Adding procedure as follows:

If condition permits, heat the base oil to 60~70℃

Add organophilic clay bentonite while stirring, addition level is 7%-10% of the total formulation. Stir  5~10minutes

Add polar activator, addition level is 2%-3% of the total formulation. Then add other additives, stir 25~30minutes.

Use pump to help it pass colloid grinding and homogenizer. Deair, filtrate, pack.

Note: With High-speed dispersant of grinding machine, and properly prolong the dispersing time, better gelatin performance can be reached.

The formulation which uses organophilic clay bentonite as thickener will own high dropping point, thus can be used under high temperature and presents good impermeability and water resistance.

Is it necessary to use activator when use Camp Shinnings organophilic clay bentonite ?

Some of the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning do not need to add polar activator, but we suggest to use activator for most organoclay bentonites, which can better promote dispersion.

When using organophilic clay bentonite , which activators are recommended?

The following polar activators are recommended:

Propylene carbonate/H2 O (95:5) 25-40%, based on Camp Shinning organoclay 

Ethanol/H2 O (95:5) 40-60%, based on Camp Shinning organoclay 

Methanol/H2 O (95:5) 25-40%, based on Camp Shinning organoclay 

How to store organophilic clay bentonites?

Camp Shinning organophilic clay bentonite has a shelf life of 2 years, and should be stored in ventilated cool and dry place.

What is the appearance of organophilic clay bentonite ? What are Typical Properties?

The composition of organophilic clay bentonite is organophilic phyllosilicate.Its appearance is white powder.


Composition                      Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                       Fine powder, light yellow

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)            34%-36%

Bulk density                       0.42g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)               ≥98%

How to choose the right grade of organophilic clay bentonite applied to different industrial fields?

How to choose the right type of organophilic clay bentonite applied to different industrial fields, First of all, we need you to tell us what is your application? Is it paint,coatings,inks ,grease or oil drilling mud?

Secondly, you can also tell us which grade of organophilic clay bentonite do you used, and we will recommend similar organophilic clay bentonite grades to you according to the grade and specification you told us.

Furthermore, you can also tell us your formula and your test procedure.Our engineers will recommend an organophilic clay bentonite suitable for your overall needs in our laboratory according to your formula.

What kind of industrial paints and coatings can organophilic clay bentonite be used in?

Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite can be used in the following paints and coatings. Architectural coatings ,Industrial coatings ,Protective coatings ,Wood and furniture coatings ,Printing inks ,Powder coatings ,Coil coatings etc

Can organophilic clay bentonite be used in water based paints?

Yes. Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite can be used in the water-based system, theorganophilic clay bentonite in the paint is also commonly known as the inorganic system, which is applied to the inorganic system of paint.

 What is the main function of water-based organophilic clay bentonite applied to water-based coatings?

  • High gelling effectiveness, water based organophilic clay bentonite can form gel even at 2% in water
  • Easy dispersing.
  • Gel is transparency and of light color
  • Prevents pigment Settling
  • High thixotropy, Good anti-sag property

  What kind of ink can Camp Shinning produce organophilic clay bentonite be applied to?

The organophilic clay bentonite produced for Camp Shinning can be used in newspaper ink,lithographic ink,letterpress and gravure ink etc.

Which base oil can thickening organophilic clay bentonite be used in oilfield drilling?

When Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite were applied to oilfield drilling mud, different base oils decided that we should choose different organophilic clay bentonite.CP-992 can be used in mineral oil-based system, also known as white oil. In synthetic oil, coul select CP-250A organophilic clay bentonite which produced by Camp Shinning  .These different types of organophilic clay bentonite play a prominent role in suspension and protect well in different base oils.

What are the main advantages of organophilic clay bentonite in oilfield drilling?

The organophilic clay bentonite in the oil field has played an outstanding role. The following are the most obvious points:

  • Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range
  • Eliminates need for chemical activators
  • Is easy to disperse and rapid yielding
  • Suspends weighting materials and other solids
  • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range

What is the role of thickening organophilic clay bentonite in fracturing fluid?

The effect of organophilic clay bentonite used in fracturing fluid is similar to that used in Oilfield mud.In a wide range of temperatures, it can play a better suspension function.Under high temperature and high pressure,organophilic clay bentonite always show excellent performance.Rapid yield is also a bright spot of organoclay bentonite.

What markets are the organophilic clay bentonite thickeners produced by Camp Shinning used in oilfield drilling?

At present, the most used markets are Russia, Mexico and Canada, which have great recognition for Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite in the field of oilfield drilling.Moreover, UAE, Brazil and other countries also have relatively good sales.

Does organophilic clay bentonite thickeners have other chemical names?

Organophilic clay bentonite has many chemical names. It is also called rheological additive, organo clay,organophilic bentonite,rheology modifier,rheology agent,Suspending agent, thickening agent, rheological agent, etc.

 What kind of drilling fluids can the organophilic clay bentonite thickener produced by Camp Shinning be applied to?

Camp Shinning ’s organophilic clay bentonite can be used in the following drilling fluids.

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:

  • All oil based drilling fluids
  • Invert emulsion fluids
  • Workover fluids
  • Fracture fluids


1, As a manufacturer, what is Camp Shinning’s main products?

Answer: Camp Shinning’s main products include organophilic clay, organoclay rheology agent, matting agent, emulsifier and organophilic lignite. Among them,organoclay bentopnite rheological additive and matting powder are mainly used in paints,coatings, inks and greases, while organophilic clay bentopnite , emulsifier (Primary and secondary emulsifier) and organophilic lignite are mainly used in oilfield drilling mud and fracture fluids

2,What is the price range of organophilic bentonite clay produced by Camp Shinning?

Answer: There are many kinds of organophilic clay bentonite. According to the different raw materials and application fields, the price of organoclay is based on the principle, and the range is very wide. Generally, the price of organoclay bentonite in oilfield mud is from USD1.5/kg to USD2.7/Kg.

And for paints,coatings, greases and inks, the organophilic clay price range is from US $1.7 to US $2.4, which is only a rough range, depending on different application fields and raw materials.If you want to get the specific organophilic clay price, you need to tell us what is your application, or what kind of similar organophilic clay bentonites you used in the past, which will directly and effectively help us recommend similar quality organophilic clay bentonite rheological additive to you.

3,What is the minimum order quantity of Camp Shinning’s organophilic bentonite clay?

In order to support our customers to vigorously promote our organophilic clay bentonite, our minimum order quantity is 500kg.It’s just a pallet.

4, What is the payment method of Camp Shinning for all orders?

We accept payment by L / C at sight and 30% TT in advance and 70% against copy B / L for all organophilic clay bentonite rheological additive bentonites exported from Camp Shinning.

 Of course, for some old customers, we also accept payment CAD through bank.

5,What is the delivery time of the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning?

Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite usually takes 7 to 10 working days to deliver, which originates from the fact that Camp Shinning owns its own bentonite mine. It plays a great role in this process, greatly saving the time of delivery and preparation of raw materials, as well as Camp Shinning’s advanced production equipment and skilled technology. It plays a comprehensive role in the delivery.

6,How long does it take for Camp Shinning to produce organophilic clay bentonite ?

 Like the above answer, the production cycle of organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is 5-10 working days.

7,What’s the packaging method of Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite ?

The organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is packed with paper bag lined with PE film.Can greatly play the role of moisture-proof. Usually, our packing methods are 25kg, 50LB and 1 metric tons. We can also customize according to customers’ requirements.

Generally, 20 FCL can hold 16 tons with pallet, 40 fcl can hold 22 tons with pallet.

8,How long is the shelf life of the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning?

 Generally, the shelf life of Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite is 24 months, if it is stored in strict accordance with the Camp Shinning requirements.

9,What is the CAS number of the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning?

Organophilic clay bentonite Cas Number is 68953 – 58 -2 ,  Because it is a kind of amine treated bentonite clay.

10,What’s the HS number of organophilic clay bentonite ?

HS number of organophilic clay bentonite in China, we mainly use 3824, but some abroad customers use 2508.Therefore, you can verify the correct HS number according to the specific situation of your country.Basic chemical name is modification bentonite.

11,Does Camp Shinning provide free samples of organophilic clay bentonite ?

In order to support all potential customers to vigorously develop organoclay bentonites, Camp Shinning provides free samples for testing before big order., organophilic clay bentonite samples are free, but the freight should be borne by customers themselves.

12,How to get the quotation of Camp Shinnings organophilic clay bentonite quickly?

Normally,  Camp Shinning ’s quotation requires a reply within 8 hours. If you are in a special emergency, you can call the sales staff of Camp Shinning directly or send an email to the sales team of Camp Shinning . They will give an emergency reply as soon as they receive your inquiry.

Organoclay sales email:  [email protected]

Cell(Whatsapp): +86-13185071071

13,What are the transportation modes of organophilic clay bentonite ?

The main modes of transportation for exporting organophilic clay bentonite are air transportation, sea transportation and railway transportation. Generally, in most countries, most customers choose by sea. For some urgent orders and small orders, customers will choose by air.

However, in Russia, many customers also choose railway transportation, Can greatly save the cost of the carrier.

14,How to solve the organophilic clay bentonite after-sales problem?

Camp Shinning requires all after-sales problems to be answered in time within 24 hours, because Camp Shinning have keep each batch samples before delivery organophilic clay bentonite, so that when there is a quality problem, they can track the quality at the first time and give the customer a definite reply.

 15,How to find a reliable supplier of organophilic clay bentonite ?

How to find a reliable supplier of organophilic clay bentonite is a very complex choice. According to our experience in exporting  organophilic clay bentonite for many years, we give the following suggestions. First, it needs to have good qualifications, such as ISO certification and whether it has technical patents. Whether we have advanced production equipment, because this can ensure whether the organophilic clay bentonite can be produced in quality and quantity.Do you have a first-class technical team to provide formula adjustment and improvement, as well as technical training before sales. And we need to see if the factory has strict production process arrangement, such as inspection before delivery, including organoclay sample preservation, after-sales tracking, and whether there are strict processes to support and sell the market.

16,Where can I buy high quality organophilic clay bentonite ?

There are many suppliers of organophilic clay bentonite in China, so where can I buy high quality organoclay bentonites? I think the answer is that it’s a correct way to contact Camp Shinning Co., Ltd. Because Camp Shinning is a high-quality supplier and manufacturer of organophilic clay bentonite.

17, What’s the reasons for choosing Camp Shinning as an organophilic clay bentonite  supplier?

Why we choose Camp Shinning as the supplier of organophilic clay bentonite? The answer is the same as the above. First of all, we see that Camp Shinning has ISO certification and technology patents. He has his own unique method and experience in basic production. At the same time,  Camp Shinning’s R & D team is also very first-class, They have their own unique ways to develop new products and improve the quality of old products. Camp Shinning has its own bentonite raw ore is also a bright spot.Therefore, it is a correct choice and decision for you to choose Camp Shinning as your supplier of organophilic clay bentonite.

 18,As a well-known supplier of organophilic clay bentonite , what are the advantages of Camp Shinning?

We can list the advantages of the Camp Shinning as follows.Camp Shinning own their own bentonite raw ore .Camp Shinning has a first-class R & D team.Camp Shinning have advanced production equipment. Camp Shinning do strict pre shipment inspection and sample retention for each batch of organophilic clay bentonite export.

19,What countries and markets does Camp Shinning export?

So far, Camp Shinning has export organophilic clay bentonite to more than 20 countries, including the United States, Russia, Canada, Abu Dhabi, Ukraine, Mexico, South Africa and so on. Among them, in Russia, the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is very popular in the oil field.

20,What certificates does Camp Shinning have as a professional organophilic clay bentonite manufacturer?

 As a professional manufacturer and supplier of c bentonite, Camp Shinning has ISO certification and certification for safe transport of chemical goods , which greatly ensures that the  organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning which is produced in strict accordance with the ISO requirements, and it proves that Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite are safe and reliable, and can be safely exported and transported.

21,What kind of professional organophilic clay bentonite exhibitions does Camp Shinning participate in?

As the organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning can be applied to different industrial fields, Camp Shinning  will participate in professional exhibitions in different industrial fields. For example,Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay bentonite can be used in paints and coatings. We are participating in China coatings Show. For example, our  organophilic clay bentonite can be applied to oil field mud. We are participating in OTC USA.Abu Dhabi oil exhibition, Canadian oil exhibition and Russian oil exhibition.  




1. What is organophilic clay?

Organophilic clay is a modified bentonite mineral that’s used as an additive in oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids. Organophilic clay acts as

rheology modifiers for oil drilling and fracturing fluids. 

2, What are the applications of organophilic clay?

Organophilic clay is primarily used for oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids. They serve as rheology modifiers, suspension, and thickening agents in oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids. When used as additives in oil drilling muds, organophilic clay makes oil muds flow effectively; this helps to increase the efficiency of oil drilling.

3, Why is organophilic clay used for oil drilling mud?

  • Organophilic clay is used for drilling oil mud because of its thixotropic property.

Thixotropy is also called gel strength. When organophilic clay is used for oil drilling fluids, it acts as a thixotropic additive and suspending agent. The thixotropic property of organophilic clay helps oil drilling fluids to suspend rock cuttings produced during oil drilling. It ensures these rock cuttings are moved to the surface and prevents them from falling back into the drilling shaft when drilling stops.

The suspension ability of organophilic clay in oil drilling muds prevents tools from sticking in the oil well. It also reduces the collection of solid materials at the bottom of the hole.

Organophilic clay helps oil drilling fluids to lubricate and cool drilling tools effectively. It also protects oil drilling tools from rusting.

  • Organophilic clay improves the viscosity of oil drilling fluids.

Viscosity is the resistance of a fluid to flow. Organophilic clay enhances the viscosity of oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids for high drilling performance.

Oil drilling muds should have a low viscosity to ensure efficient drilling. Low viscous oil muds make oil well stable and control fluid loss. It also helps oil drilling fluids to clean drilling bits effectively.

 On the other hand, high viscous or thick muds are suitable for removing coarse rocks from the drilling hole.

  • Organophilic clay controls fluid loss in oil drilling.

The ability of oil drilling muds to reduce fluid loss in oil drilling operations is called filtration. During drilling, organophilic clay accumulates solid oil muds on the walls of the oil well. This helps to control fluid loss in the drilling process.

4,What are the manufacturing processes of oil drilling organophilic clay?

Organophilic clay can be manufactured in a wet environment or under dry conditions. To produce organophilic clay under dry conditions, dry bentonite is reacted with dimethyl dihydrogenated ammonium chloride at 65 °Celsius.

The wet organophilic clay manufacturing process also involves reacting bentonite with a quaternary ammonium salt. The dry bentonite is broken down and mixed with 4-6% concentrated phosphate dispersant water. The bentonite is purified by sedimentation.

When the purification process is complete, bentonite clay is reacted with a quaternary amine to form an ion-exchange reaction to produce organophilic clay. The organophilic clay is collected from the water, dried, and ground into a fine powder.

5,What is the best organophilic clay supplier for my oil drilling fluids?

If you are looking for the best organophilic clay supplier, look no further than Camp Shining.

Camp Shining supplies you super quality organophilic clay that gives you efficient oil drilling.

To help us serve you with the right grade of organoclay for your oil drilling and fracturing fluid, we will first ask you for your base oil. Knowing your base oil for drilling will help us supply you with the best grade of organophilic clay for your oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids.

6, What types of organophilic claydoes Camp Shining produce for oil drilling muds?

As a leading organophilic clay manufacturer, Camp Shining produces 6 grades of organophilic clay for oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids.

Our 6 series of organophilic clay are CP-250, CP-982, CP-992, CP-169, CP-EZ, and CP-150.

Depending on the base oil you use as your drilling fluid, Camp Shining can offer you a suitable organophilic clay grade to help you get the best drilling results. Our organophilic clay can be used for mineral oil, crude oil, synthetic oil, and diesel.

The table below shows you Camp Shining’s grades of organophilic clay and the best base oil it matches best.

We recommended our CP-250A and CP992 for diesel, synthetic oil, and mineral oil. Our CP-169, CP-EZ, and CP-982  are recommended for diesel applications. For an economical-grade diesel, CP-169 is suitable for you.

If you looking for self-activated organoclay, our CP-EZ and CP-982 are the ones you have to look out for. We recommend using these grades when diesel-based drilling mud has no water.

7, What are the benefits of using Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay for my oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids?

Camp Shining’s organophilic clay provides you the following massive benefits when used for your oil drilling and fracturing fluids.

  • It acts as an excellent thixotropic additive that makes your oil drilling mud suspend rocks and other solids materials effectively.
  • Camp Shining’s organophilic clay is a high-performing suspension agentfor your oil field fluids. It helps your oil drilling fluids to maintain suspension over a wide temperature range.
  • Our excellent grades of organophilic is a super quality rheological modifier for all your oil drilling fluids, giving your fluids excellent flowing capability.
  • Camp Shinings make your oil drilling mud disperse easily and yield effectively.
  • When you use Camp Shining’s organophilic clay for your oil drilling muds, you won’t need any chemical activator.


Well, that is a part of info you need to know about organophilic clay bentonite.

With this information, I hope that you can now understand what is organophilic bentonite without any fear or worries.

As you do this, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Camp Shinning is here to offer you guidance and assistance every step of the way.

Our Sales Dept:  

[email protected]

Cell(Whatsapp) :+86-13185071071