Rheology Modifier Organoclay

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Rheology Modifier Organoclay

Rheology modifier organoclay  is a widely used paint additive. It is widely used as a paint additive in a variety of advanced properties, or as a thickener for oilfield drilling. 

Camp Shinning has more than 20 years of experience in the market and produces and exports in strict accordance with ISO standards.

We believe that it will be your reliable supplier and manufacturer of organic bentonite.

Rheology Modifier Organoclay

Rheology Modifier Organoclay

Rheology Modifier Organoclay | Your China Suppliers

Rheology Modifier Organoclay : You Should to Know

Organophilic clay | Organoclay minerals are typically added to drilling fluids after being treated with a chemical that renders them oil-dispersible.

Organophilic clay | Organoclay such as bentonite and hectorite, which have the shape of plates, and attapulgite and sepiolite, which have the shape of rods, are manufactured with oil wetting agents added during the manufacturing process so that they can be used as oil-mud additives.

Because of its high surface area and the hydrophobic chains that extend from the clay’s surface, Rheology Modifier Organoclay is an effective oil removal agent.

Both oil based drilling fluids and paint formulations make use of it as a viscosifier, and it is also a component in paint formulations. Within the realm of polymer chemistry.

Rheology Modifier Organoclay is useful in the capacity of a nucleating agent.


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