Rheological additive CP-2 in oil fluids and drilling muds

Organoclay applications

Rheological additive CP-2 in oil fluids and drilling muds,Rheological additive CP-2 is an organoclay designed to act as a rheological additive in oil-based fluids and drilling muds.Rheological additive CP-2 will impart increased emulsion and temperature stability to drilling mud systems.

Rheological additive CP-2 is suitable for use in low aromatic oils as well as diesel-based formulations.

Organophilic clay is used to increase the yield point and gel strengths of an oil-based drilling mud, without significantly affecting the plastic viscosity.

Moisture content 3%  3% minimum to 5% maximum
PHYSICAL PROPERTIES Color Very light tan
Particle size (80% – 90%) passing a 75 micron

Organophilic clay as a form free flowing powder, specific gravity (Bulk Density) @ 20″C (0.75 – 0.9) gm/cm3 . 

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