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Amine Treated Bentonite | Viscosifier Gelling agent

Organoclay bentonite is a kind of amine treated bentonite. organic compound | organophilic clay are widely used in different industry, such as oil drilling fluid, lubricant and coating. It is a kind of organophilic clay, as organobentonite. If you  need treated organic bentonite, please contact us now.

Organophilic Clay Bentonite

Amine Treated Bentonite | Viscosifier Gelling agent

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic clay bentonite has good viscosity and rheology as a fracking chemicals, which can effectively reduce the filtration.

Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic clay bentonites are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

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Organoclay bentonite is a kind of amine treated bentonite. organic compound widely used in different industry, such as oil drilling fluid, lubricant and coating. It is a kind of organophilic clay, as organobentonite.

Our most common organoclay bentonite is basically made by amine treatment, the amine and reacting with bentonite. So we also call it modified bentonite.

The filed organo clay bentonite is typically used in drilling fluid, which is also called drilling mud for lubricating and cooling the bit. At the same time, it can also remove drilling cuttings and maintain the stability of the hole, which is to protect the well wall.

The organophilic clay bentonite after amine treated bentonite , when added to the drilling fluid, can effectively improve the rheological properties and increase its viscosity,and provide better lubrication.

Another most obvious application is the application of amine treated bentonite organo bentonite in lubricants.

Through this addition, a more stable lubricant formula is created and better protection is provided to prevent its wear and improve its thickening rheology.

So we often talk about the use of organic bentonite as a thickener. In the formulation of lubricant, it can effectively improve the lubrication of moving parts.

At the same time, the organophilic clay bentonite which has been treated safely can be used to manufacture paint and ink as a thixotropic agent or anti-settlement agent.

When amine treated bentonite is applied to paint coatings, it can improve the rheological properties of the liquid and improve the surface finish.

Of course, in some environmental remediation and some wastewater treatment, organobentonites | organophilic clay are also used as adsorbents in large quantities after dark treatment.

In general, treated organobentonites are multifunctional materials with many industrial and environmental uses.

Their unique properties can become a highly effective rheological additive, or anti-settlement agent, and are used in a wide range of products to improve their performance and efficiency.

OBM/SBM Viscosifier or a Gelling agent is a specially selected Amine Treated Bentonite. It is widely used in synthetic oil and mineral oil. It can improve the bearing capacity of suspension and help to remove some debris.

  1. It plays an obvious role in drilling coring operation and completion fluid.
  2. Its outstanding advantages are as follows.
    It can effectively improve the temperature and stability of lotion, so we usually say that it has stability under high temperature and pressure.
  3. It can effectively serve as a filter to continue to control and prevent filtering loss.
  4. It can promote wellbore stability.
  5. It can effectively improve the hole cleaning ability of its drilling fluid.

Amine treated bentonite organoclay, sodium based bentonite and calcium based bentonite produced by Camp Shinning are used as the main raw materials in paints,coatings,inks,grease and oil drilling mud.

After deep extraction and modification, a self prepared cp series rheological additive is applied to water based coatings too.

This rheology additive can be used in the coatings of oil based and water based from low polarity to high polarity.

Cp series Amine treated bentonite organoclay, as a kind of easy disperse powder is highly modified .

which can provide stable temperature control the rheology and give it good thixotropy. It is also particularly easy to work and operate during operation.

We recommend that you add it as a powder or 3~4% pre gel. Especially, it is widely used in adhesive ceramic glaze, anti settling primer, cosmetics, latex paint, water bag, oil lotion, paper, paint, polishing agent and cleaner.

This rheological additive with white powder appearance has a density of 2.5g/cc.

Painting in a lot of properties can ensure excellent thixotropy performance in your paint formula, film forming performance and sagging resistance.

If you need to keep it for a long time, the rheological property is significant.

Its main function is to have good PH resistance, uniform surface, and good stability under high temperature and high pressure.

However, it is shown as such in long–erm storage, and has good flatness when used to remove scars. Of course, rheologic and thixotropic properties are its biggest characteristics.

It can be widely used in the fields of coating lubricators, civil engineering drilling, especially oily drilling, ceramic ink, cosmetics and adhesives.

When the cp series of water based rheological additives newly produced by Camp Shinning are applied to water based coatings, as an rheology additive of water based coatings, its enthusiasm for the overall formula is trusted by the majority of users.

In other words, in the fields of cosmetics coating and construction, paint and coating industry foundries, cosmetics skin care products polishing and cleaning industry, adhesives and sealants, corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors, ceramic products, hair care and other fields.

our organic bentonite can be widely and widely used.

Your Best Amine Treated Bentonite Supplier in China

Your Best Amine Treated Bentonite Supplier in China

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