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anti settling agent in paint

Anti settling agent in paint

Product Name :    Anti settling agent in paint

Color :                  Off – White Organoclay Powder

Application:        Thixotropic Uses Paints | Coatings | Grease | Oil drilling Mud   

Materials :            Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium bentonite

Certificate:           ISO 9001

Packing:               25Kg/Bag,22.68 (50lb)/Bag Or Customize  

                             16MT/20FCL With Pallet, 22MT/40FCL With Pallet.

Features :            Thixotropy, Thickening, Anti-Settling, Anti-Sagging,   

Sample Service : Anti settling agent in paint Sample Available.

Brand :                    Camp – Shinning Organoclay

Anti settling agent in paint 

Anti settling agent in paint also named paint thickening agent and organoclay rheology modifier.Anti settling agent for solvent based paints . Rheologieadditive could assist paint and pigment manufacturers to produce stabilized emulsions and anti settling solutions.

Anti settling agent also named paint thickening agent and thixotropic agent for epoxy (common name Organoclay ). 

In paint industry, organoclay could use for solvent based paint and water based paint. 

Rheologieadditive is adapted for aromatic solvent, ester, ketone, alcohol and resins in medium and high polarity such as two-component polyurethane, fluorocarbon coating, epoxy coating, zinc-rich coating etc.

Organoclay bentonite CAS :68953 – 58 -2

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How To Use Thixotropic clay

  1. Pre-gel method
  2. Polar activator is not necessary:
  3. Main solvent xylene: 95~92%
  4. Thixotropic clay :5~8%
  5. Dispersing 5-15min, gel is finished.
  6. Polar activator is necessary:
  7. In aromatic solvent, the recommend activator is methyl acohol/water (95%/5%)/ acolhol/water (95%/5%), the dosage is 33%-45% based on the weight of CP-720B.
  8. In mineral oil (such as 200#), white oil, diesel oil, the recommend activator is methyl acohol/water (95%/5%)/acolhol/water(95%/5%), the dosage is 33%-60% based on the weight of CP-720B.
  9. Procedure of adding gel:
  10. Charge solvent and resin to mill
  11. Slowly add the gel
  12. Dispersing 5-10min
  13. Wetting agent (if required)
  14. Disperse completely to desired fineness
  15. Dilute to desired viscosity
  16. Add directly with powder
  17. Charge solvent and resin
  18. Add Thixotropic clay slowly
  19. Disperse 10-15min

D .Add polar activator (if necessary)

  1. Disperse 10-15min at high speed
  2. Add wetting agent and other additive
  3. G.Grind and next procedure

It can be added directly in powder under high shear condition. The addition is recommended to be before grinding procedure to get the best effectiveness. Addition level is commonly 0.1%~2.0%. If add polar activator and make pre-gel, better efficiency can be achieved.

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