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Bentonite Clay Powder

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 As your final bentonite clay powder manufacturer and supplier, Camp Shinning provides you with a one-stop solution. In order to complete your project,   Camp Shinning organic benite clay are products with high quality and stability, which are widely used in paint, ink, grease and drilling oil fields.

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Bentonite Clay Powder CP-150

CP-150 Organophilic Clay is an easy dispersing, self activating organoclay that exhibits high performance efficiency in diesel, low aromatic mineral oil, modified vegetable oil and synthetic base fluid formulation.

Bentonite Clay Powder CP-27

organo clay (modified montmorillonite)CP-27 is an organo clay (modified montmorillonite), designed especially for use in solvent based system. It is used especially in solvents of high polarity.

Bentonite Clay Powder CP-10

CP-10 is a kind of organo clay rheological additive. It is used in systems of non-polar to medium polarity aliphatic and other solvents (ketones, ester, ether esters, alcohols, aromatic).

Why Camp Shinning is Expert in Bentonite Clay Powder Manufacturing

 Camp Shinning is an authoritative manufacturer and supplier of bentonite clay powder in China. You can obtain a large amount of 100 pure bentonite clay powder at a lower price without affecting the quality. All our organoclay bentonite clay ensure the stability of its quality. Therefore, we will conduct the final quality inspection before delivering the products. If you have special index requirements, Please send us your product specifications. We will produce and develop in strict accordance with your requirements.

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Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Bentonite Clay Powder

Camp Shinning is a leading manufacturer and distributor of bentonite clay powder

in China. In order to produce the product quality you want, we use advanced bentonita clay production equipment and machinery, as well as our professional knowledge and rich R & D capacity.

Our bentonite clay can be widely used in paint. The paint can be used as a thickener or in oil field drilling. As a suspending agent. Camp Shinning is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of production experience in China. We will sell our the best bentonite clay to customers all over the world. Please contact us immediately.

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Camp Shinning– The Ultimate bentonite clay powder Manufacturer and Supplier

Organic bentonite clay powder is a thickener, suspension agent can also be called rheological additives. It can be widely used in lubricating grease, oil field drilling, ink, paint and coating, organic bentonite powder, produced by Camp Shinning, stable thixotropy and rheology. It is widely used in different industrial fields.

Camp Shinning is an organic bentonite manufacturer and R & D organization with a long history, specializing in the production of about bentonite clay in different application fields. Its types include solvent organoclay bentonite and waterborne organoclay bentonite. Camp Shinning can produce different indicators according to your needs to meet the requirements of your different application fields.

 Therefore.If you tell us your application field and an ideal index you expect to achieve, or you can email us directly for the bentonite clay uses you have used, Camp Shinning will match an organoclay bentonite with the most cost-effective and stable quality to you according to the information you provide.

 The main reason why Camp Shinning’s organic bentonite clay powder can occupy the international market very well is that Camp Shinning has experienced engineers and its R & D ability is second to none in the world, which has a good leading role in the development of global organoclay bentonite clay.

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that it is a leader in the field of organophilic clay

Camp Shinning is committed to customer satisfaction, and the production and delivery of high-quality and stable organic bentonite.

 When people are your ultimate supplier of organic benite clay, with many years of experience and excellent performance in the organic bentonite powder Market, our company is gradually growing. We provide organoclay bentonite clay to meet the needs of the market and different customers. With our strict R & D ability and quality, Camp Shinning can provide you with the most ideal organic rheological additive, To ensure that you have a complete competitive advantage in the market.

 All our organic bentonita clay powder are produced in strict accordance with ISO quality standards, so that the quality requirements fully meet the requirements of industry standards. Camp Shinning is the best organoclay rheological additive manufacturer you can trust. For more information about our products, please contact us immediately.

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Camp Shinning supply best bentonita clay | bentonite clay, it is a kind of organic bentonite clay.

So when you want to buy bentonite clay, you must consider where do you buy bentonite clay powder or where can i get bentonite clay powder.

Here, Camp Shinning will be your best choice.

What is Bentonite Clay Powder? What is Bentonite Clay ?

About bentonite clay,bentonite clay uses is widely.It could use for paints,coatings,inks,grease lubricants and ol well.

Bentonite powder is white fine powder, difficult to burn and ignite, insoluble in water and organic solvents, can be absorbed in organic solvents and form stable colloids.

Non-toxic, odorless, non-corrosive and non-radioactive.Bentonite uses also a suite for fracking.

How to Use Bentonite Clay Powder?

When you use bentonite, the better to make pre-gel. It will help to disperse. We recommend that most of our bentonite make pre-gel.

Bentonite and montmorillonite is a normal raw materials when produce organoclay.

Bentonite clay in cosmetics, it also has good performance. Especially thickening and sagging resistance.

Some grades of benite clay could direct used into formulations.