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Bentonite Hectorite, Camp Shinning is a Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay supplier worldwide. We customize according to your specification; we can assist you with all aspects of product research and development to production.

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Drilling Fluid Chemicals Applications

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Rheology modifier is a drilling fluid chemicals,to improved drilling fluid rheology , viscosity, suspension properties, thixotropy and stability to synthetic muds.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Camp Shinning's drilling fluid chemicals has good drilling mud rheology in oil based drilling.It is a kind of drilling cement additive.
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Drilling Cement Additives

Drilling cement additives has good thixotropic flow behavior, and therefore results in significant improvement to the drilling fluid rheology properties while at the same time maintaining good suspending agent for suspension.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Drilling fluid chemicals manufacturer & supplier Camp Shinning's rheology modifier also optimizes storage stability, and prevents pigments and fillers from settling.
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Drilling Mud Rheology

Drilling Mud Rheology is a rheology additive used to increase the melt viscosity of Inks. Even at low dosages, the viscosity of the melt during extrusion and during the cross-linking reaction is increased.

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Drilling Fluid Chemicals rheology modifier used to thicken solvent and oil systems. Drilling Fluid Chemicals organophilic clay is also used to stabilize fracture fluids.
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Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacturers

Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacture Camp Shinning is a high efficiency hectorite bentonite clay noted for impacting superior heat stability, providing viscosity and suspension properties to high pressure high temperature (HPHT) oil-based drilling fluids. 

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier Camp Shinning supply rheology modifier is an easy to disperse, rapid yielding, economical organoclay used to impact viscosity and suspension properties to oil-based drilling fluids.
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Why Camp Shinning is Expert in Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay Manufacturing

Camp Shinning has extensive experience manufacturing Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay. We make a concerted effort to provide end user worldwide with the highest quality services. Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide a variety of benton ite hectorite organoclay. We can provide you with the most widely used quality Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay . Depend on Hectorite at all times. Possibly, if you require an Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay. Contact us now! You can make to hectorite gel.

Benefits of Bentonite Clay

    • Cost-effectively builds viscosity and yield point

    • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range up to 400F

    • Improves cuttings carrying capacity and hole cleaning

    • Increases emulsion stability

    • Aids control of fluid loss to the formation

    • Confers temperature stability to the fluid

    • Is not harmful to the environment

anti settling agent

Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay

Camp Shinning is a manufacturer and exporter of Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay. Camp Shinning Benton ite Hectorite gel Organoclay produce over 60 countries worldwide. We have the expertise to R & D a reliable and long-lasting Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay that is perfect for your projects, as well as any Hectorite clay replacement .

Camp Shinning is a custom Benton ite Hectorite clay suppliers & manufacturer. Our factory provides a variety of Hectorite and applications for this Benton ite Hectorite Organoclay. Send me your comments and inquiries, along with the type of bentonite clay specification you require.

anti settling agent

Drilling Cement Additives

Camp Shinning offer drilling cement additives organophilic clay for fracture fluids and oil drilling mud.

Drilling Mud Additives

Highly efficient organo bentonite based on a drilling mud additives especially for medium-polarity to high-polarity systems to generate anti settling and thixotropic flow behavior.
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Camp Shinning- The Ultimate Supplier of Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay

Do you need a high-quality Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay? Camp Shinning is your best option. We are a company specializing in Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay, research and development, manufacturing, and sales. We distribute in all of the world’s major markets, not just China. Hectorite uses is suitable to many different industries.

Camp Shinning Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay, alternatively referred to as a hectorite, is a kind of organoclay.

Camp Shinning Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay is widely used in a variety of applications, depending on what you desire.

Above is a list of Camp Shinning Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay; you can contact us directly if you need your company or upcoming business. Camp Shinning may be able to assist you. We have the best engineer and technical team with a combined 20 years of experience, and they know the necessary to guide you toward the best Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay. Camp Shinning is a one-stop-shop; you save time and money by not having to look for another supplier. You can get the best Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay at low cost, stable and long-lasting.

We use the most efficient manufacturing Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay. Camp Shinning Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay is checked and tested thoroughly. Since Camp Shinning is ISO Certified And passed the appraisal of safe transportation of goods. We can guarantee you the excellent function of the   Camp Shinning Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay. We aim that every customer we cater they are satisfied and has no regrets in partnering in Camp Shinning.

One more thing Camp Shinning has modern and advanced technology to sustain your needs in the Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay. To satisfy and ensure our customer’s requirements. We can personalize your Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay with your needs, tell us your applications, specifications and the grade of your use, etc. We are to help you. We are a 24/7 online customer service you can ask anything about Bentonite Hectorite Organoclay and other related products. Terms of delivery, we secure the products and safely handle them.

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anti settling agent

Bentonite Hectorite | The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Hectorite is an important clay mineral, It has a unique structure that allows it to expand into thick “sheets” or layers with water. Bentonite is a commercial term used to describe many different types of clays and although bentonite hectorite is very similar in composition to commercial bentonite, there are some small differences. Bentonite hectorite provides exceptional swelling characteristics at any temperature up to 350°C. This property makes it useful in industrial applications as well as cosmetics .

Hectorite has many unique properties that make it ideal for use in industrial products such as paint, emulsions and cosmetics . Hectorites ability to expand into thick sheet.

Hectorite uses are widely to paints,grease,inks,oil drilling mud and fracking fluids.

Hectorite is a type of Bentonite. Bentonite, commonly referred to as Bentonite organoclay or Bentonite clay , an aluminosilicate mineral that lacks the layered crystal structure typical of clays and other phyllosilicates.

Bentonite is the active protective layer of geosynthetic clay liners. Bentonite can be used as a primary or primary and secondary liner in municipal and industrial landfills, Bentonite also has several other conventional uses such as: oil well drilling mud constituent, paper industries uses, mine reclamation processes, etc.


Drilling: Bentonite is a key ingredient in almost all types of drilling fluids that are designed to facilitate penetration through various media under different conditions. Bentonite’s capabilities include sealing the borehole wall against loss of drilling fluid into porous ground formations, suspending cuttings from the bit at any water depth or pressure up to its collapse point

Hectorite is a clay mineral of the smectite group. Bentonite is also a clay mineral but from a different group known as montmorillonite clays. Bentonite typically contains more iron, titanium and alumina than hectorite. In addition bentonite has greater cation exchange capacity than hectorite. Hectorite also has a higher magnesium content compared to other smectite-group minerals while bentonite typically does not have high magnesia content compared with some other montmorillonites.


The difference between hectorite and bentonite clays come down mainly to their compositions and their properties.

 Hectorite is most commonly chosen to be used in cosmetics because it is natural and makes the texture of your cosmetics feel smooth. Hectorite is an amazing absorber and purifier, which also makes it a great material for using on your skin. Most people describe hectorite as a white, somewhat greasy clay. Many Bentonite makeup brands use hectorite clay instead of other Bentonite clays or Bentonite clay altogether because Bentonite clay generally has harsh effects on skin that are not felt with hectorite Bentonite.

Bentonite Hectorite

Bentonite (montmorillonite) is a form of Bentonite, Bentonite Hectorite forms through heat treatments Bentonite Bentonite can be used as Bentonite organoclay.

Bentonite Slurry
thixotropic agent
thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive
thixotropic additive
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