Organoclay Bentonite Material Use in Oil Drilling Mud

Bentonite Material  : Camp Shinning is a world leading manufacturer of organo clay bentonite Material. Its suppliers are mainly used in the field of oilfield drilling. Whether your base oil is white oil, synthetic oil or diesel oil, we have corresponding models applied to various oil based  to help you realize the maximum price advantage and formula matching.

In the years of providing organophilic clay bentonite material, we have cooperated with a large number of world-class  oil service company which has cooperated and completed many large projects.

We believe that our organophilic clay Bentonite Material  in your oilfield drilling formula can help you better realize the dual advantages of stable quality and outstanding price. Please contact us now.


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Bentonite Material

Organoclay Bentonite Material Use in Oil Drilling Mud

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic clay bentonite has good viscosity and rheology as a fracking chemicals, which can effectively reduce the filtration.

Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic clay bentonites are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

Organophilic Clay Bentonite Material Use in Oil Drilling Mud

In the upper part of this page., we introduce the bentonite material models used in oilfield drilling. These models are the ones that we sell very well in the world.

They can be used in the white oil, diesel system and synthetic oil system respectively. Most of the time, we suggest customers test these three models at the same time. Our goal is not only to provide you with goods, We also hope to help you find the most cost-effective organophilic bentonite through testing, so as to establish our long-term partnership.

In the lower part of this page, we will explain how to identify high-quality organo bentonite materials when you choose organic rheology modifier bentonite for oilfield drilling.

 We will tell you from the following aspects to identify high-quality organophilic clay bentonite material and apply it to your oilfield formulation system.

1), Distinguish from the appearance

 As we all know, the organoclay applied to oilfield drilling system is usually white or gray white flowing powder.

Of course, the color of organophilic clay bentonite is fundamentally related to the color of raw ore it uses. At present, the most mainstream color in the market is white or  off white powder.

Of course, we want to emphasize that the color and formula of bentonite will not have any impact on the performance of oil-based mud, which is our understanding. Of course, for you, all decisions will be based on your experimental results.

2), Moisture content.

In our product technical indicators, we have given a clear range. The Moisture content is generally between 2.5% to 4.5%, while the test results of most of our products are about 3%.

This is a numerical range for your reference, because the Moisture content will affect whether the organoclay bentonite has good dispersibility when applied to your oil based mud and whether it can be under the shear force. You need to be sufficiently decentralized to meet some performance requirements.

3), Particle size, % Thru 150 Mesh

In our indicators, it is technically clear that this number must be greater than or equal to 95%, while most of our test results are basically between 98 and 99%, so we have done a good job in this number.

4), Specific Gravity

Many customers put forward very clear requirements for the proportion. Within the scope of our indicators, our requirements are between 1.6 to 1.8, while the test results of most of our models are basically 1.7. 

 Therefore, the result of specific gravity is very important for whether the organophilic clay bentonite material can be successfully applied to oilfield drilling and whether it can match the requirements of such a base oil. We must evaluate whether this product is feasible as an important data.

5),  Loss on ignition.

  Loss on ignition, Whether the organophilic clay bentonite material can reach the standard in the oil based mud is an extremely important indicator.

After testing, many customers found that other data are very good, but the Loss on ignition has special required.

We can adjust the loss on ignition of our products according to the special requirements of customers.

Generally, our data is required to be between 27% to 31%,the  loss on ignition of organoclay bentonite in diesel oil system will be lower compared with organoclay bentonite used in white oil.

organoclay bentonite material CAS No.: 68953-58-2

What we want to emphasize again is organophilic clay bentonite, which is a kind of drilling chemicals, also known as drilling additives. As a gelling agent use for oil drilling fluids.

When you find a high-quality supplier of oilfield drilling additives, the above mentioned factors will help you solve one by one. What we want to tell you is that Camp Shinning, as an organoclay bentonite company in China with more than 20 years of experience, has the experience of cooperating with many world-class oil service companies in this regard, which will open up a better way for your project.

In addition to the above indicators, which are important for the performance of organoclay bentonite in the oil based system, there are also two data which are also important. For example, under the conditions of Φ600 mpa.s and Φ300 mpa.s, the data that appear respectively are very important.

Today, we will not expand here. If you want to know more about the application of organo clay bentonite material in the oil based drilling mud, please contact our sales, We will help you make a correct recommendation according to your actual application and the use of your base oil.

If you have a better understanding of this product, please let us know. Thank you for reading this page. 

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