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Camp Shinning is a leading drilling fluids chemicals manufacturer and supplier. The main products drilling fluids chemicals rheology modifier organophilic clay 

with reliable and high-performance / high yield .Camp Shinning has a wide variety of chemicals manufactured in our plant by using lots of local raw material. 

Drilling fluid chemical’s quality is essential to reach good oil-well cementation levels and we strongly assure to have what is necessary to guarantee such 

high quality of drilling fluid rheology (drilling mud rheology).

Drilling Fluid Chemicals Applications

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Rheology modifier is a drilling fluid chemicals,to improved drilling fluid rheology , viscosity, suspension properties, thixotropy and stability to synthetic muds.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Camp Shinning's drilling fluid chemicals has good drilling mud rheology in oil based drilling.It is a kind of drilling cement additive.
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Drilling Cement Additives

Drilling cement additives has good thixotropic flow behavior, and therefore results in significant improvement to the drilling fluid rheology properties while at the same time maintaining good suspending agent for suspension.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Drilling fluid chemicals manufacturer & supplier Camp Shinning's rheology modifier also optimizes storage stability, and prevents pigments and fillers from settling.
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Drilling Mud Rheology

Drilling Mud Rheology is a rheology additive used to increase the melt viscosity of Inks. Even at low dosages, the viscosity of the melt during extrusion and during the cross-linking reaction is increased.

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Drilling Fluid Chemicals rheology modifier used to thicken solvent and oil systems. Drilling Fluid Chemicals organophilic clay is also used to stabilize fracture fluids.
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Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacturers

Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacture Camp Shinning is a high efficiency hectorite bentonite clay noted for impacting superior heat stability, providing viscosity and suspension properties to high pressure high temperature (HPHT) oil-based drilling fluids. 

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier Camp Shinning supply rheology modifier is an easy to disperse, rapid yielding, economical organoclay used to impact viscosity and suspension properties to oil-based drilling fluids.
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Advantage Of Drilling Fluids Rheology | Organophilic Clay

    • Cost-effectively builds viscosity and yield point

    • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range up to 400F

    • Improves cuttings carrying capacity and hole cleaning

    • Increases emulsion stability

    • Aids control of fluid loss to the formation

    • Confers temperature stability to the fluid

    • Is not harmful to the environment

anti settling agent

Drilling Mud Rheology

Camp Sinning is a well-known Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers organophilic clay in China. With more than 20 years of experience. All production of drilling fluids chemicals is strictly in accordance with ISO standards to ensure the stability of product quality.

On the basis of a lot of experience in serving paint, coating, ink and grease manufacturers, especially the cooperation with some of the world’s top paint and coating manufacturers, Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers Camp Shinning has accumulated reliable experience in producing high quality drilling fluids chemicals organic bentonite clay .

Camp Shinning’s drilling fluids chemicals rheology modifier , special for solvent based paints and water based paints could control of dosage, cost, color, viscosity, thickness, anti settling, anti sagging and other properties.

Our aim is to help more paint manufacturers to achieve a leading position in the market by improving the thixotropy, thickening, sagging resistance and sedimentation resistance of paint.

anti settling agent

Drilling Cement Additives

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers Camp Shinning offer drilling cement additives organophilic clay for fracture fluids and oil drilling mud.

Drilling Mud Additives

Highly efficient organo bentonite based on a drilling mud additives especially for medium-polarity to high-polarity systems to generate anti settling and thixotropic flow behavior.
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Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers

 Drilling Fluids Chemicals is an anti settling agent for solvent based paints , designed especially for use in solvent based system including intermediate and low polarity polarity range organic liquid.

Anti settling agent in paint is an improved organo bentonite . It is more fine, and easier to be dispersed compared with traditional anti settling additive  

Organo bentonite anti settling agent for water based paints  is also used in water borne system. Compared with traditional anti settling additive has better performance of thixotropy, transparence and dispersion.


  • Exerts gelling efficiency over a wide range of intermediate and low polarity
  • Easy dispersing
  • The gel is colourless and of high clarity
  • Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range
  • Imparts particle suspension, sag resistance without impairing flow and leveling, preventing hard settling of pigment and filler
  • Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems


 Anti settling agent is used in the following applications:

  • Anti settling agent for solvent based paints

  • Anti settling agent for water based paints

  • Transparent coatings

  • Lubricant Grease, ink, sealant
  • Cosmetic
  • Nano-composite
  • Replacement of fumed silica 
  • Package

    Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized. 25kg/bag or 22.68kg/bag or customized

    Anti settling agent in paint

    Anti settling agent for solvent based paints

anti settling agent

Anti Settling Agent For Solvent Based Paints

Anti settling agent is a kind of Organo bentonite , because it has its own limitations. Camp Shinning is a  Drilling Fluids Chemicals suppliers that has outstanding advantages in anti sagging, anti settlement and thixotropy.

Four points for attention in the use of organo bentonite anti settling agent
In the process of coating production, organo bentonite anti settling agent should be used. The correct use of organo bentonite anti settling agent can reduce the production cost.


1. Advance pulping: before using the special anti settling agent for coating, pulping should be carried out. Water about 3 times of the anti settling agent organo bentonite should be added according to the dosage, and the pulping should be soaked, and then put into use.


2. Function: Anti settling agent organo bentonite plays the role of thickening, suspension, adhesion and anti settlement in waterborne coatings. Correct use of bentonite can give better play to its performance. 


Anti settling agent organo bentonite must be soaked in water before pulping to effectively absorb water and expand. It must not be added together with inert fillers such as light calcium and double fly powder.

In this way, it can not effectively play the active role of Anti settling agent organo bentonite . Most of bentonite can not play the role of thickening, suspension and bonding, but can only play the role of general fillers, which increases the cost.


3. Usage: the correct usage should be soaking in advance, which can be placed in any container for more than 10 hours. The bentonite after soaking and pulping can be added at will according to the dosage in coating production, so as to maximize the performance of anti settling agent organo bentonite and achieve the purpose of saving cost and improving product quality.


4. Reference dosage: 2-3% of the total amount of coating.

Note: due to the excellent expansion performance of Anti settling agent organo bentonite for coating, a small sample test should be conducted when it is used for the first time to find out the difference in the amount of organo bentonite used with other brands, so as to prevent excessive expansion.


 The above is the use of bentonite coating four points for attention, I hope to help you.

Organo bentonite is a kind of anti settling agent, which is made from natural montmorillonite and quaternary ammonium salt.

anti settling agent, also known as organic bentonite clay and organoclay thickener, is used in various fields of industry.


In the application of paints and coatings,Organo bentonite are generally used as thickeners and anti settling agent to improve the sag resistance and anti settling functions of coatings. 


The mechanism of preventing sedimentation is to change the rheological properties of solvent based paints system and water based paints system to make them have thixotropy and anti settling properties, so as to prevent the settlement of pigments and fillers.

Organo bentonite, as an anti settling agent, can be divided into two ways, namely, pre gel and direct addition of powder.

No matter which method you use, the goal is to give full play to the activity of Organo bentonite and the thickening effect and anti settling ability of anti settling agent.


To enhance the activation of anti settling agent of Organo bentonite, polar additives such as methanol and ethanol with 5% water content are added.


 The polar additive can be solvated on the surface of the sheet covered by the organic cation which has not been replaced. 


So as to reduce the attraction between the sheets, and the polar additive can penetrate into the sheet by grinding, so as to reduce the attraction between the sheets.


At present, organobentonite is widely used in anticorrosive coatings and chlorinated rubber anticorrosive coatings.


 The results show that the coating has good leveling property, no sagging phenomenon and prolongs the anti settling time of pigment.


The application of Organo bentonite as anti settling agent in coatings can significantly improve the anti settling performance of coatings. 


The organo bentonite anti settling agent produced by Camp Shinning | Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers has outstanding effect in improving color, transparency and preventing brush marks.

In organic and inorganic solvents, through dispersion and activation, the expanded long chains are intertwined with each other to form thixotropic and anti settling structures, which play the role of thickening and anti settling.

When the shear force is applied, the winding will be pulled apart, the structure will be destroyed, and the viscosity will decrease; when the shear force disappears, the winding will be rewound again. This rewinding process is relatively slow, so the viscosity recovery is slow, allowing a longer flow time for leveling. Properly adjusting the dosage can make the coating still have better leveling and anti settling function at a certain thickness.

The organo bentonite anti settling agent produced by Camp Shinning is a valuable rheological agent and anti settling agent for thick coating. The main models are CP-34, CP-40 and CP-180 series organo bentonite produced by Camp Shinning .

organo bentonite anti settling agent is widely used in various coatings. It gives thixotropic structure and anti settling function, improves the suspension of pigments, controls sagging without sacrificing flow and leveling, improves the permeability to porous objects, avoids reaction with other components in coatings, does not affect its water resistance in organic system, and has no adverse effect on the durability of coatings,

The organo bentonite anti settling agent produced by Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers Camp Shinning does not turn yellow in the film, does not change its color and gives it storage stability.

The organo bentonite anti settling agent can be fully used to achieve the goal of dispersing and activating by using pre gel or direct dry powder added into the finished paint.

We must remind that Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers organo bentonite anti settling agent can be well used in aliphatic hydrocarbon weak solvent coatings, but when used in solvents such as xylene, there are high requirements for temperature control. If the temperature exceeds 35 ℃, it may dissolve and precipitate after cooling, resulting in “granulation” of the coating. Therefore, this kind of organic soil anti settling agent is not suitable for strong solvent system, and should be paid attention to in manufacturing, storage, transportation and coating.

Clearly, Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers Camp Shinning is a good producer.

All you should do is to understand everything I have highlighted in this guide.

From evaluating costs, knowing anti settling properties and choos correct modes for for solvent based paints and water based paints.

And more importantly, to contact Camp Shinning sales dept.

I hope this helps.

Also, I’d wish to hear from you – do you ever use anti settling agent in paint before ?

What was your experience?

Salse Dept: [email protected]

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