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Camp Shinning is a well-known drilling fluids chemicals suppliers. We offer a range of drilling fluids chemicals,such as organophilic clay,organophilic lignite,And emulsifier.

 In order to meet the needs of different customers, Camp Shinning has prepared a large amount of drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay to meet the needs of customers in time.

Camp Shinning’s drilling fluids chemicals is an organophilic clay used to impart viscosity and suspension properties to oil – based drilling fluids. Drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay viscosifier is also used to gel oil drilling fluids for long – term suspension of weighting agents in drilling and packer fluids.

Camp Shinning has made it easier for you to purchase drilling fluids chemicals with the experience of the past 20 years. Our organophilic clay has a high degree of stability, especially at high temperature and high pressure, more stability than similar products.

If you have any ideas on purchasing drilling fluids chemicals, you can contact Camp Shinning as much as you like.

Drilling Fluid Chemicals Applications

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Rheology modifier is a drilling fluid chemicals,to improved drilling fluid rheology , viscosity, suspension properties, thixotropy and stability to synthetic muds.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Camp Shinning's drilling fluid chemicals has good drilling mud rheology in oil based drilling.It is a kind of drilling cement additive.
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Drilling Cement Additives

Drilling cement additives has good thixotropic flow behavior, and therefore results in significant improvement to the drilling fluid rheology properties while at the same time maintaining good suspending agent for suspension.

Drilling Fluid Rheology

Drilling fluid chemicals manufacturer & supplier Camp Shinning's rheology modifier also optimizes storage stability, and prevents pigments and fillers from settling.
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Drilling Mud Rheology

Drilling Mud Rheology is a rheology additive used to increase the melt viscosity of Inks. Even at low dosages, the viscosity of the melt during extrusion and during the cross-linking reaction is increased.

Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Drilling Fluid Chemicals rheology modifier used to thicken solvent and oil systems. Drilling Fluid Chemicals organophilic clay is also used to stabilize fracture fluids.
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Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacturers

Drilling Fluid Chemicals Manufacture Camp Shinning is a high efficiency hectorite bentonite clay noted for impacting superior heat stability, providing viscosity and suspension properties to high pressure high temperature (HPHT) oil-based drilling fluids. 

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier

Drilling Fluids Chemicals Supplier Camp Shinning supply rheology modifier is an easy to disperse, rapid yielding, economical organoclay used to impact viscosity and suspension properties to oil-based drilling fluids.
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Advantage Of Drilling Fluid Rheology | Organophilic Clay

    • Cost-effectively builds viscosity and yield point

    • Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range up to 400F

    • Improves cuttings carrying capacity and hole cleaning

    • Increases emulsion stability

    • Aids control of fluid loss to the formation

    • Confers temperature stability to the fluid

    • Is not harmful to the environment

anti settling agent

Your Best Drilling Fluid Chemicals Suppliers

Drilling fluids chemicals suppliers & manufacturers,Camp Shinning,the raw material of organophilic clay is montmorillonite clay, which is mainly after adding quaternary ammonium salts and tertiary amines,Modified into organophilic bentonite clay.

organophilic clay viscosifier produced by drilling fluids chemicals suppliers which is usually preferred in diesel oil ,mineral oil and synthetic oil – based fluids. Drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay viscosifier is stable to 400º(204ºC).It should not be used in high-performance clay-free oil-based drilling fluids.

 We warmly welcome you to visit our factory while looking forward to cooperation in the near future.

Camp Shinning is your premier drilling fluids chemicals suppliers and manufacturers !

anti settling agent

Drilling Cement Additives

Camp Shinning offer drilling cement additives organophilic clay for fracture fluids and oil drilling mud.

Drilling Mud Additives

Highly efficient organo bentonite based on a drilling mud additives especially for medium-polarity to high-polarity systems to generate anti settling and thixotropic flow behavior.
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Drilling Fluid Chemicals

Finding a high-quality drilling fluids chemicals suppliers is the key to finding high-quality organophilic clay. As an drilling fluids chemicals suppliers with a history of more than 20 years, Camp Shinning will give you more guidance and help in this regard. Our organophilic clay is a suspension agent, also known as drilling chemical additive, which plays a wide role in oilfield drilling.

In this guide, we will present  how to find a high-quality drilling fluids chemicals suppliers?. Moreover, we will also give some  solutions for the drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay . So let’s begin.

anti settling agent

Anti Settling Agent For Solvent Based Paints

 What is drilling fluids chemicals?

The drilling fluids chemicals we are talking about today are the organophilic bentonite clay produced by Camp Shinning, a drilling fluids chemicals suppliers.

 It is a modified organophilic clay bentonite, also known as modified suspending agent. 

It plays a better suspension role in drilling and can effectively protect the well wall. Drilling fluids chemicals  are widely used in drilling oil fields.

 The drilling fluids chemicals produced by Camp Shinning can be used mineral oil,diesel oil and synthetic oil.

How to Find Quality Drilling Fluids Chemicals Suppliers?

We have some suggestions on how to select high-quality drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, that is, organophilic bentonite clay suppliers.

First of all, you can see how many years it has a history of producing and exporting drilling fluids chemicals.

In fact, you can know whether he has ISO Certification , and whether he has some other professional certificates, such as industry certificates.

At the same time, you can know whether they have done detailed testing for each production of  drilling fluids chemicals, that is organophilic clay, even before export. 

Of course, if you can know which famous customers they are cooperating with in some specific countries, drilling fluids chemicals will be a very good reference for you. 

We only mentioned some symbolic suggestions here. For more specific suggestions on how to find high-quality drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, you can contact our sales department directly.

 What Drilling Fluids Chemicals Does Camp Shinning Produce?

As a well-known drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, Camp Shinning produced several drilling fluid chemicals with relatively stable quality, among which organophilic clay bentonite,organophilic lignite and emulsifier. 

Emulsifier including primary emulsifier and secondary emulsifier.

What are the Specifications of Drilling Fluids Chemicals | organophiic clay?

Some of the specifications of using the drilling fluids chemicals include the following.

Composition                 organically modified clay

Color                       light yellow

Form                       finely divided powder

Specific                    gravity 1.7 g/cm3

Bulk density                0.6 g/cm3

Moisture                   5% maximum, as shipped

These are typical properties not to be used for specification purposes.

 How to Choose Drilling Fluids Chemicals | organophiic clay?

Before deciding on organophilic clay as the drilling material of your projects, you have to keep in mind the following factors.

Effectively suspends weighting materials and other solids

Controls settling with minimal increases in viscosity and gel strength

Reduces top separation of oil

Maintains suspension over a wide range of watercontents l

Maintains suspension over a wide temperature range

Increases the suspension of solids in fluids

Now, you have several basic factors that include these advantages. Now based on these factors, you can easily decide which drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay suits you the best for the drilling of your.

What are the Applications of the Drilling Fluids Chemicals | organophiic clay?

The application of drilling fluids chemicals has different application directions in different base oils and different drilling fluids. 

Here, we will list which base oil and specific drilling fluid the organophilic clay can be applied to, so that you can consider more factors when choosing our organophilic clay bentonite as your drilling fluids chemicals.

 Base oil:

Diesel Oils 

Crude Oils

Mineral Oils

Synthetic Oil

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:

Oil based drilling fluids 

Invert emulsion fluids

Workover fluids

Completion fluids

Casing packs

Packer fluids 

 What are the Benefits of Using the Drilling Fluids Chemicals | organophiic clay?

Here are some of the benefits of using the drilling fluids chemicals.

Effective viscosifier and gellant

Aids control of fluid loss to the formation

Increases emulsion stability 

Improves cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity 

Suspends weighting materials and other solids

Confers temperature stability to the fluid

Above we list some symbolic advantages of drilling fluids chemicals, which are some advantages. 

For our organophilic clay bentonite, if you want to know more, you can contact us or ask us for free samples to test and verify these advantages.

 What is the organophiic clay?

Drilling fluids chemicals organophiic clay are used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal. 

Organophilic bentonite also aids in filter-cake formation and filtration control.

Organophiic clay has many different names. It can also be called rheological additive,rheology modifier,organoclay rheological agent etc.

 What is the Purpose of Using the Drilling Fluids Chemicals in the Oil Drilling Mud?

 What is the purpose and role of drilling fluid chemicals in drilling oil fields? We mainly talk about the suspended performance of organophilic bentonite when it is used in drilling fluid. It can improve the stability of emulsion.

Improve the carrying and hole cleaning ability.At the same time, it can also give it temperature stability.   It can also help to control the loss of fluids in the formation.

 How to Choose the Right Drilling Fluids Chemicals for your Drilling Mud?

There are some factors to remember before selecting drilling fluid chemicals for your project. These involve the following:

 Check whether the organophilic clay has good stability at high temperature and high pressure.

Check whether the organophilic clay has good suspension function.

Check whether the organophilic clay can effectively control the loss of drilling fluid. 

These factors are listed for your most direct reference, which will help you choose the right drilling fluids chemicals for your project.

What are drilling fluid additives?

 Drilling fluid additive is a drilling fluids chemicals specially designed to meet the needs of drilling. It is an organophilic clay bentonite. 

Its main goal is to achieve the stability of high temperature and high pressure, and can effectively protect the well wall,  It can also be effectively applied to the pressure fracture fluids.

 What is the Package of Drilling Fluids Chemicals?

Organophilic Clay is packed in 50lb(22.7kg) or 25kg/bag or customized,multi-wall paper sacks or Kraft paper bag with PE liner or customized.

How to Store Drilling Fluids Chemicals Organophilic Clay Bentonite?

Drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay bentonite Store in a dry, well-ventilated area with temperature of 0℃-30℃.  Keep container closed. The quality guarantee period is 24 months.


Make sure you gather all the information about the drilling fluids chemicals organophilic clay before purchasing it. It is so that you choose the most suitable one for your application. 

In order to find the right drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, you need to read this guide carefully to help you avoid many problems in purchasing. 

If you want to consult more professional drilling fluids chemicals suppliers, you can directly contact the technical department or Sales Department of Camp Shinning,  They will share with you the knowledge accumulated over the years on drilling fluids chemicals. 

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Camp Shinning is a well know drilling fluids chemicals suppliers which mainly supply global drilling fluids and chemicals,such as organoclay,organophilic clay,organophilic lignite etc.


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