Drilling Mud Bentonite

Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay CP-982 is a kind of drilling mud additive that is only used in the oil based of mineral oil. It also has good suspension performance and the ability to protect the wellbore in some hydraulic oil.

The application of bentonite organophilic clay system in drilling includes hydraulic oil drilling at the drilling site of oil and gas wells. When exploring oil and natural gas deep wells, the hole will be constantly filled with flowing mud, mud suspended cuttings, and bring them to the ground. When organic bentonite is applied to drilling mud, it can play this role, that is, when circulating through the desander or filter screen, the can be well removed. At the same time, organic bentonite can effectively help the mud to cool and lubricate the bit to reduce the loss of mud fluid.

Drilling Mud Bentonite

When we use Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay, our goal is to keep the mud with enough density to prevent the wall from falling off or collapsing, so it must have a very strong viscosity to maintain the suspension performance of the clay, and this viscosity is enough to bring some out of the well during the suspension process. Your yield stress must be high enough to suspend the sand particles, and these characteristics are after the use of Drilling Mud Bentonite Organoclay can be realized.

Organophilic Clay For Diesel Oil CP-982

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

Organophilic Clay For Mineral Oil CP-992

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic clay bentonite has good viscosity and rheology as a fracking chemicals, which can effectively reduce the filtration.

Organophilic Clay For Synthetic Oil CP-150

Organophilic clay bentonites are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

Drilling Mud Bentonite

 Compared with other additives in oilfield drilling, it has many advantages, Cp series organic bentonite can form slurry stably, and form a specialty with higher gel strength and better suspension capacity.

Drilling Mud Bentonite

Drilling Mud Bentonite

Compared with other conventional Drilling Mud Bentonite organoclay or thickeners used in oilfield drilling, the difference is that the new CP series organic bentonites produced by Camp Shinning can show extremely strong stability under high temperature and high pressure, which also makes many customers use our organic bentonites as the main raw materials in mud.

Of course, compared with most thickening rheology agents, the common advantage of CP series and organic bentonite is that they have extremely strong suspension performance and can effectively lubricate and cool the bit in oil based mud. So whether you are carrying out deep well operation or conventional land drilling, our organic bentonite can meet your requirements for thickening rheology.

 In Russia,As for the organic Drilling Mud Bentonite used in the fracking fluid, we put forward strict requirements for suspension performance and thixotropic performance. The CP-982 rheological modifier produced by Camp Shinning is far higher in stability than similar products, and its suspension performance is welcomed by many fracturing fluid users. At the same time, our addition is also relatively low, and the competitive advantage of price is in the current market. A very prominent competitive advantage, so if your fracking fluid also needs to use our Drilling Mud Bentonite organophilic clay, please contact us now.

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