Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-10 For Paints Coatings

Organoclay CP-10 For Paints Coatings

Organoclay CP-10 is a kind of organo clay rheological additive. It is used in systems of non-polar to medium polarity aliphatic and other solvents (ketones, ester, ether esters, alcohols, aromatic).

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Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-10 For Paints Coatings

The application range of organoclay bentonite is wide, it can be applied to putty mortar, some water-based coatings, some solvent based paint coatings, ink lubricating grease, and oilfield drilling.

Organoclay CP-10 is a kind of organo clay rheological additive. It is used in systems of non-polar to medium polarity aliphatic and other solvents (ketones, ester, ether esters, alcohols, aromatic).

Organophilic clay
Organophilic clay

Organoclay Rheological Additive : Properties

Composition                      Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                       Fine powder,white

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)            30%-34%

Bulk density                       0.35~0.45g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)               ≥98%

Dispersion fineness (μm)            ≤40

Organoclay Rheological Additive : Advantages

  • High efficiency
  • The gel is of light colour and high clarity
  • Easy to use, no need to pregel
  • Eliminate polar activator
  • Consistent development of rheology
  • Can be used to post correct

Organoclay Rheological Additive : Application

Organoclay can greatly enhance rheological performance in small dosage. It effects perfect prevention of pigment settling and sag resistance.Storage stability is guaranteed even in high temperatures.

Organoclays also improves leveling during application and syneresis control

Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-10 is used in the following applications:

  • Paints
  • Sealants &adhesives
  • Inks
  • Cosmetic
  • Nano-composite


Organoclay Rheological Additive CP-10 can be added directly in powder without polar activator and making pre-gel. But better performance may achieve if polar activator is added and pre-gel procedure is affected.

The addition is recommended to be before grinding procedure to get the best effectiveness. Addition level is commonly 0.2%~1.0%.

Package of Organoclay Rheological Additive

Kraft bag or kraft complex interior with PE or customized


CP-10 has a shelf life of 2 years, and should be stored in ventilated cool and dry place.

We provide specialized Organoclay Rheological Additive for putty powder.It is a powder water thixotropic lubricant refined through multiple processes.It is obvious that its thixotropy, lubricity, and water retention are particularly prominent in the use of putty powder.

Applying organic bentonite to putty powder can effectively increase the construction and processing performance of putty, while possessing various properties such as good Thixotropy.

lubricity, suspension, and thickener properties. When it encounters water, it will produce these perfect properties.

Here we will particularly talk about the effect of organic bentonite on putty powder, and its characteristics are as follows.

1,Our organiclay bentonite has a strong water retention ability and can effectively prevent the problem of putty powder drying too quickly during the brushing operation.

2,The lubricity is particularly good. When organic clay bentonite is applied to particle separation, it can improve the lubrication effect of the putty, thereby achieving its smoothness during construction.

3,Organic bentonite clay can improve the motivational digging effect, and during the digging process, it can make the particle surface smoother, smoother, and fuller.

4, Organo bentonite clay has better economic benefits and better viscosity in the production formula, which can effectively reduce production costs, especially the proportion of its added usage, which can greatly reduce the cost of putty powder production.

The appearance of organo clay bentonite is a white powder, with a moisture content controlled within a fineness of approximately 12%. At a mesh size of 200, it can achieve a minimum of 95% and a surface viscosity of 60.

Our packaging and transportation methods are based on customer needs, using kraft paper bags or polyethylene woven bags for outer packaging, polyethylene film bags for inner packaging, double-layer packaging or punched tape packaging.

Usually weighing 25 kilograms per package.

We also customize according to customer requirements and store in dry and ventilated conditions. This is our suggestion for you. The validity period is up to 24 months.

Organophilic clay bentonite can also be used in drilling mud, referring to oil-based drilling mud.Organic bentonite plays a very important role in preventing wellbore collapse and plugging and is an essential and ideal basic material.

Its biggest characteristics are extremely high suspension, adhesion, wall hanging, lubrication, rheology, portability, and thixotropy. Small filtration loss, and the configuration is particularly convenient, making it very easy to adjust the proportion of drilling fluid.

  1. In oil-based mud drilling fluid, its biggest advantage is that organic bentonite has swelling properties, allowing for mid crystal suspension, preventing sedimentation, and ensuring normal operation during drilling.
  2. To prevent companies from exposing tight closures, it is used to underestimate the presence of fresh water slurry in the house. The collapse and blockage of the wellbore can serve as retaining wall.
  3. Moisturizing and lubricating drill bits play a role in emulsifying drilling fluids.

Other water-based organoclays bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, as a water-based thickening rheological agent, can be used in industrial anti-corrosion paint, ship paint ink, wood paint, adhesives, water-based coatings, construction mortar, petroleum drilling, daily chemical, and other fields.

Organo rheology modifiers bentonite is mainly modified and extracted from clay as the main raw material, and can be effectively dispersed in cold and hot water through surface treatment and processing.

Organoclay Rheological Additive’s most significant feature is that it has extremely high acute solvents such as alcohol ethers, which have significant thickening and suspension properties.

Organoclay Rheological Additive is suitable for various oil-in-water oil-in systems, especially under low speed dispersion conditions and can be completely dispersed.


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Packing Details

Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

Modified bentonite

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE

25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE
800Kg/Pallet or  1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

800Kg/Pallet or 1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet

16MT/20FCL with pallet 25MT/40FCL with pallet