Rheology modifier CP-40

Rheology modifier CP-40
Rheology modifiers thickening agent CP-40 is an organo clay (modified bentonite), rheology modifier  bentonite designed especially for use in solvent based system. Rheology modifier organoclay can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.

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Rheology modifier CP-40

Rheology modifiers thickening agent CP-40 is an organo clay (modified bentonite), rheology modifier  bentonite designed especially for use in solvent based system. Rheology modifier organoclay can be used widely in solvents from low polarity to medium-high polarity.


Composition                              Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                                Fine powder, light yellow

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)       ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)            28%-31%

Bulk density                                0.53g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)                   ≥98%


  • High gelling efficiency,high viscosity
  • Wide application range, it can be applied in all low, middle and high polarity range
  • Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range
  • Imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers
  • Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems


Rheology modifier Viscosifiers CP-40 is used in the following applications:

  • Rheology modifierfor paint ,Marine paint, Industrial paint, heavy-duty,anticorrosion paint such as bituminous coatings, epoxy paints, chlorinated rubber paints 
  • Grease
  • Inks
  • rheology modifierfor OBM | Rheology modifiers oilfield | Rheology modifier in drilling fluids
  • Sealant


Rheology modifiers thickening agent CP-40 disperses under high shear and requires a polar activator for best efficiency. Heat is not required to obtain good dispersion. Addition levels are typically in 0.2%~2.0%. Polar activator (95% Ethanol or 95% Methanol) is needed. Normally addition level of polar activator is recommended to be 45%~60% of CP-40 in weight. If in xylene system, addition level of polar activator is about 30%-40% of bentonite rheology modifier CP-40 in weight.

Pre-gel is made as below procedure.

  1. Charge solvent to mill
  2. Slowly addthixotropicrheology modifier CP-40 (6-10% by weight of total pre-gel) to mill under agitation.
  3. Mix at high speed for 5 minutes.
  4. Add polar activator.
  5. Mix at high speed for 5 minutes


All safety information is provided in the Material Safety Data Sheets for manufacturer of Rheology modifiers Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.,Ltd.


Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized. 25kg/bag or 22.68kg/bag or customized


Rheology organoclay CP-40 has a shelf life of 2 years, and should be stored in ventilated cool and dry place.


The information on use is based on data which are believed reliable, but any recommendation or suggestion made is without guarantee or warranty, since the conditions of use are outside our control. Rheology modifier are sold on the conditions that purchasers shall make their own tests to determine the suitability of such products for their purpose and that all risks are assumed by user. We disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from careless or improper handling or use. Nothing herein is to be taken as permission, inducement or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.

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rheology modifiers in paints

Rheology Modifier

Rheology modifier is widely used in paints, greases, inks and drilling mud.Rheology modifier mainly plays a better thixotropic property,rheology , thickening and dispersion.

Rheology modifiers for waterborne paints

Rheology Modifier For Water Borne Paints

Rheology modifier is widely used in water-based system, also known as inorganic bentonite.In the inorganic system of paint, ink grease, the use of rheology modifier can play a better thixotropy and dispersion.

Rheology modifiers for solvent based paints

Rheology Modifier For Solvent Based Paints

Rheology modifier is used in solvent system paint, it mainly plays a good dispersion, anti settling and anti sagging performance. These properties play a very good role in the long-term storage of paint after the use of rheology modifier.

1,What Is Rheology Modifier? 

Rheology modifier is provided by Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd.It is made of amine treated bentonite with good thixotropic in paints and cosmetics,special for waterborne paint and oil which has good has good suspension and thickening.

 In industrial production, such as the production of paints, inks, greases and oil drilling mud, it is very challenging to make the products have better rheological | rheology properties and achieve the stability and suspension of the whole formula.We need to make the whole formula achieve a better suspension performance and a high degree of stability after the rheology modifier, which is our obvious requirement and goal in the operation. Achieve better dispersion is also one of our goals.


However, in the process of production operation, when adding rheology modifier, we need to be very careful to realize a problem, that is, adding rheology modifier at the same time to prevent high viscosity, because high viscosity will affect the construction operation, resulting in the whole formula can not be used because of high viscosity.


Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier plays a good role in a thickening agent and improving viscosity. Its role is far more than its own. It plays a role in rheological properties in the formulation,  Rheology modifier is also a good embodiment of the thixotropy in the formula. Therefore, the rheology modifier is sometimes called the thickening agent, also called ORGANOCLAY rheological additive. Its good performance of rheology modifier can build the stability of the whole formula, making it easy to flow and pour during operation.


  For example, when our paint or lubricant is stored for a long time, it is easy to precipitate. Then when we need to use it, it will cause too high viscosity due to precipitation, and it can’t be poured out, transported out, and operated well. But after using rheology modifier, Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier has an outstanding function in anti-settlement performance.


 Therefore, when developing the formulation of rheology modifier, Camp Shinning fully considered the role of rheological modifiers that need to be embodied, so that the structure of the whole formulation can effectively control the viscosity, making our customers soluble in water-based system and solvent-based system, easy to use our rheology modifier and providing better stability, rheological properties, and suspension properties.

2, What Are The Good Properties Of Rheology Modifier Used In waterborne paints?   

When rheology modifiers for waterborne paints,the properties includes are as follows:

  • High gelling effectiveness,  rheology modifiers can form gel even at 2% in water
  • Easy dispersing.
  • Gel is transparency and of light color
  • Prevents pigment Settling
  • High thixotropy, Good anti-sag property

3, What Products Could Enhance Rheological Properties Of Drilling Fluid?

  • Rheology modifiers could enhance the rheological properties of drilling fluid.
  • Rheologyadditive is used for drilling oil mud because of its thixotropic property.

Thixotropy is also called gel strength. When Rheology modifiers is used for oil drilling fluids, it acts as a thixotropic additive and suspending agent. The thixotropic property of Rheology modifiers helps oil drilling fluids to suspend rock cuttings produced during oil drilling. It ensures these rock cuttings are moved to the surface and prevents them from falling back into the drilling shaft when drilling stops.

The suspension ability of Rheology modifiers in oil drilling muds prevents tools from sticking in the oil well. It also reduces the collection of solid materials at the bottom of the hole. 

4, What types of rheology modifier does Camp Shining produce for oil drilling muds?

As a leading Rheology modifiers manufacturer, Camp Shining produces 6 grades of Rheology modifiers for oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids.

Our 6 series of Rheology modifiers for oil are CP-250, CP-982, CP-992, CP-169, CP-EZ, and CP-150.

Depending on the base oil you use as your drilling fluid, Camp Shining can offer you a suitable Rheology modifiers grade to help you get the best drilling results. Our Rheology modifiers can be used for mineral oil, crude oil, synthetic oil, and diesel.

The table below shows you Camp Shining’s grades of Rheology modifiers and the best base oil it matches best.

We recommended our CP-250A and CP992 for diesel, synthetic oil, and mineral oil. Our CP-169, CP-EZ, and CP-982  are recommended for diesel applications. For an economical-grade diesel, CP-169 is suitable for you.

If you looking for self-activated organoclay, our CP-EZ and CP-982 are the ones you have to look out for. We recommend using these grades when diesel-based drilling mud has no water.

5, What are the benefits of using Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay for my oil drilling muds and fracturing fluids?

Camp Shining’s organophilic clay provides you the following massive benefits when used for your oil drilling and fracturing fluids.

  • It acts as an excellent thixotropic additive that makes your oil drilling mud suspend rocks and other solids materials effectively.
  • Camp Shining’s organophilic clay is a high-performing suspension agentfor your oil field fluids. It helps your oil drilling fluids to maintain suspension over a wide temperature range.
  • Our excellent grades of organophilic is a super quality rheological modifier for all your oil drilling fluids, giving your fluids excellent flowing capability.
  • Camp Shinings make your oil drilling mud disperse easily and yield effectively.
  • When you use Camp Shining’s organophilic clay for your oil drilling muds, you won’t need any chemical activator.

Rheology Modifier is an organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for solvent based systems of low to medium polarity. Rheology Modifiers offers high gelling efficiency, high viscosity, excellent thickening properties, and particle suspension properties. This kind of rheology modifier is recommended for adhesives and sealants, anti-corrosion paints, container paints, bituminous paints, and printing inks.

Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a professional manufacturer and trader which combines the high tech research and development of organic bentonite clay and other non-metallic minerals, large-scale series production and equal emphasis on domestic and international trade. Camp Shinning has a strict production management, and is authenticated by ISO 9001 International Quality System.

6, What is Water Based Rheology Modifier?

At present, the water-based rheology modifier is a popular and widely used thickener in the market. Rheology modifier is widely accepted by the public because of environmental protection.Water based rheology modifier, also known as additives of inorganic system.When the water-based rheology modifier is applied to the water-based system of paints, lubricants, inks, etc., the formulation can play a good rheological role, greatly improve its thixotropy. The raw material of water-based rheology modifier is bentonite clay. After improvement, the end-users really need the additives of water-based system.Rheology modifier is a white powdery chemical.  The advantage of water-based rheology modifier is that it is very easy to use, and has high stability and environmental protection performance. It can maintain and improve stability and suspension performance at the same time, and it can be easily stirred into the formula without Pre gel expansion. At the same time, rheology modifier can still show better performance under high temperature and high pressure.

Rheology modifier is one of the most common rheological additive. Rheology modifier has a colloidal structure.After using activation, it disperses and has more outstanding performance.  Our common activators are methanol, ethanol and propylene carbonate, some users regard water as an activator, which is a good recommendation.

In the process of our research and development of the modified rheology modifier formula, we are also interested in comparing with other modifiers with the same performance. In the comparative test, our rheology modifier formula has higher      effective control of viscosity,better storage stability and suspension performance.

 Therefore, our organic bentonite formula has those advantages, Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier is a kind of modified bentonite which is very popular and widely accepted in the market.

With the leading technology and unique formula expertise of Camp Shinning in the industry for many years, our incomparable additives and rheology modifier can help our customers obtain the best rheological properties and thixotropic properties in their formulas, so that our users can produce the best products.

7, What are Rheology Modifiers Used for?

 Rheology modifiers are very important additives that must be used in paints and coatings. To achieve the rheological properties you need for its specific application, under normal circumstances, while solving its rheological properties, our users also expect to see better performance of anti sagging after using rheology modifier.Are you looking for the most suitable rheology modifier for your paints or coatings, inks or greases? By learning the experience accumulated by our rheology modifier factories over the years, I believe it will be helpful for you to choose the right rheology modifier suppliers.

8, What should be paid attention to in the selection of Rheology Modifiers?

 As we all know, rheology modifier are very important to your entire production formula. You need to choose the correct rheology modifier and use them better, because in paints and coatings, the storage, manufacturing, application and silent process of rheology modifier, its fluidity and deformation characteristics will have a certain impact on the entire formula.

 Rheology modifier, It is the most effective paint additive.that can affect the formulation of the anti sagging, anti settling, its viscosity, and its stability. Therefore, in the coating production process, rheology modifier help to obtain the best thixotropy and rheology.

We suggest that before you purchase a large number of rheology modifier, the supplier of  rheology modifier should ask for samples for testing. If the test results can meet your demand for the whole formula in terms of rheological properties, thixotropic properties and dispersion, then compare the prices and payment method.

9, Rheology Modifiers for Solvent-based Coatings

Rheology modifiers are hydrophilic and must react with specific organic amine compounds to have better anti sagging and anti settling properties, and maintain fluidity and leveling properties, especially in industrial area protective coatings and automotive coatings.The main raw materials of rheology modifiers are montmorillonite bentonite clay, especially bentonite, which represents the most widely used in solvent based coatings.  

Is Rheology Modifier the Main Product of Camp Shinning?

The answer is yes. Rheology modifier has always been Camp Shinning’s main product. In the past 20 years, Camp Shinning has produced high-quality rheology modifier for different suppliers all over the world, mainly including paint and coating manufacturers, grease manufacturers, drilling oilfield service companies and ink factory etc.

What is the Market Price of Rheology Modifier?

 There are many basic market prices for rheology modifier, especially in China. The prices of many suppliers depend on their supply chain, that is, their raw materials and different grades are applied to different fields, and the prices are also different. For example, the cost of raw materials is greatly reduced due to the rheology modifier produced by Camp Shinning, which has its own raw materials.

Here we can give a price for your reference, but against the will of the price, the general application of ink the price of rheology modifier about 1.5 U.S. dollars to 2.3 U.S. dollars per kg . Applied to oilfield drilling, the price is 1.6 ~ 2.7 US per kilogram.Then applied to paints and greases, their price range and used in ink prices are similar.

Do You Have Any Requirements for the Minimum Order Quantity of Rheology Modifier?

We know that many rheology modifier suppliers in China have strict requirements on the minimum order quantity. However, in order to support our end-users and our dealers, Camp Shinning vigorously develops our rheology modifier Market. As long as the minimum order quantity of Camp Shinning is 500kg, we can accept your order.

Is There Any Special Requirement for Payment Method of Rheology Modifier Sold by Camp Shinning?

In the conventional trade, for most of our users, when purchasing our rheology modifier, the payment method we adopt is relatively simple. The usual payment methods are LC at sight,30% TT in advance and 70% against copy BL, For some customers, we also adopt CAD through the bank. If the quantity of your order is very large, we can also discuss a new payment method for your rheology modifier order.   

How Many Days is the Order Delivery Time of Conventional Rheology Modifier?

In different seasons, the delivery time of rheology modifier is different. Most of the time, our regular sales time, production time and delivery time are generally 7-10 working days.In the peak sales season, our delivery time of rheology modifier is generally extended to 10 ~ 15 working days.Of course, We have a large number of rheology modifier models in stock, because we have our own bentonite raw ore, which is very important in terms of delivery time. We give priority to other China suppliers.

What is the Packing Method of Rheology Modifier?

Generally speaking, we accept customized packaging from customers, that is, OEM cooperation, for all our rheology modifier models. In our company, our packing method is divided into 25kg per bag,50lb bag,22.7kg per bag.We also have one ton per package.In this way, under the premise of pallets, a 20 fcl can load 16 tons.40 fcl can load 22 tons. If there is no loading capacity of some countries, there is no limit, then a 40 FCLcan hold 24 tons.

What is the Shelf Life of Rheology Modifier?

Generally speaking, the shelf life of rheology modifier is 24 months. From the date of production, it must be kept in a cool and dry place.

What is CAS Number of Rheology Modifier Used in Paints, Inks, Greases and Oil Drilling?

Rheology modifier used in paint,grease,coatings,inks and oil drilling mud, its CAS number is 68953 – 58 -2.

What’s the HS number of Rheology Modifier ?

HS number of Rheology Modifier in China, we mainly use 3824, but some abroad customers use 2508.Therefore, you can verify the correct HS number according to the specific situation of your country.Basic chemical name is modification bentonite.

Can We Get Free Rheology Modifier Samples for Marketing?

Camp Shinning supports to provide free rheology modifier samples for our dealers and end users to test. Only after passing the sample test can we promote our cooperation.

Can Camp Shinning Provide Technical Training for Their Own Rheology Modifier ?

Camp Shinning provides technical training for self-developed rheology modifier. Through technical training, we help our users and dealers better communicate with the market and promote our cooperation.

How to Get the Price of Rheology Modifier Quickly?

If you want to get the quotation of rheology modifier quickly, you can contact us online. We can also call our sales department or email our sales staff directly. We will give you the most timely quotation for rheology modifier in the first time.

Organoclay sales email:  [email protected]

Cell(Whatsapp): +86-13185071071


What are the Transportation Modes for Exporting Rheology Modifier?

In the past 20 years of exporting rheology modifier, Camp Shinning mainly used general by air ,by sea and railway transportation to transport rheology modifier to foreign markets.

If it is to be exported to Europe,South America. and North America, we suggest to use sea transportation, which will be more economical and cost-effective.If it is exported to the Asia Pacific region and Russia, we suggest using railway transportation, which not only has prominent advantages in transportation cost and transportation time.

How Many Hours Can We Get the Solution to the After-Sale Problem of Rheology Modifier?

Camp Shinning’s sales team requires that in case of quality problems of rheology modifier, our R & D department and technical department should give basic solutions and reply within 12 hours.Because when Camp Shinning exported each batch of rheology modifier, it made sample preparation for each batch of samples.

How to Judge Whether a Supplier of Rheology Modifier is Reliable or Not?

 Judging whether a Chinese supplier of rheology modifier is reliable or not, from our past experience.First of all, we need to see how many years this rheology modifier supplier has produced.Do they have rich production experience?Whether they have professional certificates of rheology modifier, such as ISO certificates, such as patents, etc.We can also judge whether the supplier is professional from some details, such as whether they have made sample preparation for each batch of rheology modifier .In order to provide a way to track the subsequent quality problems.On this issue, there are many small details to prove. If you need to find a professional and reliable rheology modifier supplier, please contact us in time. Our Camp Shinning sales team will contact you, and the specialty of Camp Shinning will be your best choice.

 Where is the Supplier of High Quality Rheology Modifier?

In China, the main suppliers of rheology modifier are concentrated in Zhejiang, where Camp Shinning is a major producer of rheology modifier. Of course,The raw ore of rheology modifier is mainly located in the north of China.  

What are the Main Advantages of Camp Shinning’s Export of Rheology Modifier?

Camp Shinning has a significant advantage in exporting rheology modifier.First of all,  Camp Shinning have their own raw materials, so it is very convenient to save the cost of raw materials and transportation time.At the same time, Camp Shinning has a professional technology patent in the production of rheology modifier, which is a special advantage among other peers. Camp Shinning also has its own ISO quality certification, all production in strict accordance with ISO requirements and standards to produce.In  Camp Shinning, the average working years of both technical team staff and sales staff are more than 15 years. Therefore, we say that Camp Shinning is an absolute, professional and reliable supplier and exporter of rheology modifier.

In Which Countries are Camp Shinning’s Sales of Rheology Modifier Particularly Large?

When carnation rheology modifier are used in paints and coatings, our biggest export markets are in Asia, such as Vietnam and Philippines.Thailand. Etc.When Camp Shinning’s  rheology modifier is applied to oilfield drilling, our main markets are Russia, Canada and Mexico.However, the biggest export market of rheology modifier applied to grease lubricant is in Germany.


What is the Most Outstanding Technical Advantage of Camp Shinning’s Rheology Modifier from a Technical Point of View?

Camp Shinning rheology modifier is used in oil and gas drilling mud.The main role is to have a better suspension and the role of protecting the wellbore, and to prevent the imminent loss.When rheology modifier is used in paint, its main functions are anti settling, anti sagging, thixotropy and better thickening.

What Kind of Certificates do You Have to Prove That Camp Shinning are a Professional Supplier in Rheology Modifier.

First of all, the Camp Shinning have a box of professional technology and patent in the field of rheology modifier, which proves some unique characteristics and characteristics of our rheology modifier production.Camp Shinning also has the certificate of safe transportation of rheology modifier, which proves that Camp Shinning’s shipping is safe and can be safely transported with customers from all over the world.Therefore, whether it is the transportation of rheology modifier, by sea, by air or by railway, our certificates can be provided completely.

What Professional Trade Fairs does Camp Shinning’s Rheology Modifier Mainly Participate in?

Intuitively speaking, Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier are mainly used in China Coat Show when they are used in paints and coatings. Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier can also be used in drilling and fracturing. They are mainly used in USA OTC., Abu Dhabi oil exhibition, Canadian oil exhibition and Russian oil exhibition.In a word, through participating in different professional exhibitions, we push our rheology modifier to a more professional market and help more users.


Well, that is a part of info you need to know about rheology modifiers.

With this information, I hope that you can now understand what is Rheology modifiers without any fear or worries.

As you do this, remember that you don’t have to do it alone. Camp Shinning is here to offer you guidance and assistance every step of the way.

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