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 Suspending agent for suspension is an important topic that you are most concerned about when you use organophilic clay bentonite as your suspending agent. The suspension performance determines the quality of the thickening agent in suspension, so you choose Camp Shinning’s organophilic bentonite clay which is a correct decision.

Camp Shinning is a leading  suspending agent for suspension manufacturer in China that you can trust.   We offer a wide range of organophilic clay as your suspending agent to different base oil.

  • ISO 9001 Certified company
  • Provide free sample for testing.
  • Provide professional technical guidance and formula adjustment.
  • Provide the most cost-effective organoclay and maintain the most stable quality.

Organophilic Clay CP-982

Organophilic Clay is a moderate temperature performance amine-treated Bentonite.

Organophilic Bentonite CP-992

Organophilic bentonite is a wet process improved viscosifier and gelling agent.

Suspending Agent for Suspension CP-150

Suspending Agent CP-150 is an easy dispersing, self activating organoclay that exhibits high performance efficiency in diesel, and synthetic base fluid.

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Why Choose Camp Shinning for Your Suspending Agent for Suspension

  If you want to find a professional suspending agent for suspension manufacturer from China, it is a wise decision to choose Camp Shinning, because Camp Shinning have accumulated a lot of technical experience with more than 20 years of R & D and production experience. In the process of marketing, All the first-hand information from the market helped us most directly and fed back to our technical department to improve product quality and show cost performance.

 Therefore, all rheology modifier in your hands not only has stable and efficient quality standards,  and the price has more market advantages.

Camp Shinning has strong technical R & D capability and has achieved a world leading reputation in the R & D, production and sales of suspending agent .Our organophilic clay bentonite is widely used in different base oil systems such as diesel, mineral oil and synthetic oil, including crude oil . Different models can meet your different index requirements to achieve the best YP and ES value, etc.Especially under high temperature and high pressure, the suspension performance of organoclay bentonite  produced by Camp Shinning is outstanding.

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Your #1 Suspending Agent for Suspension Supplier – Camp Shinning

 Camp Shinning is a famous suspending agent for suspension manufacturer and supplier in China. Choosing Camp Shinning as your suspending agent manufacturer is a wise decision and choice, and is committed to providing customers with high-quality thickening agent in suspension. It has a history of more than 20 years.

 Camp Shinning’s suspending agent is widely applied to oil drilling well and fracking fluids, this is an important additive that can play a role in suspension. When you use the suspending agent produced by Camp Shinning, it can effectively improves cuttings carrying, and improve hole cleaning capacity. At the same time, the yield point and gel strength will increase greatly.

 Camp Shinning’s suspending agent for suspension can not only be used in oil field drilling and the fracking fluids, but also be widely used in the fields of adhesives, paints, coatings, inks, greases and so on.

 Camp Shinning has its own bentonite raw ore, which also makes the Camp Shinning have enough space to produce syocks to meet the needs of some urgent orders. At the same time, all production is produced and tested in strict accordance with ISO900 standards.

It is worth sharing that the suspending agent produced by  Camp Shinning is also called thickening agent and organoclay rheology agent is also called anti settling agent. Among the many types of organoclay bentonite of  Camp Shinning, the additive used for water based paints and coatings, that is, water based organoclay rheological additive has great competitiveness in Camp Shinning products, and has dual advantages in both price and quality. 

If you have the requirements for the color of the organoclay rheological additive bentonite, then the organoclay bentonite of the Camp Shinning will be adjusted when choosing raw materials. The final color will turn white to meet your requirement for transparent color of the colloid. This is a requirement, especially for the lubricant customers.

In any case, we will adjust our formula according to your application field, your requirements for product color, and some requirements for YP value and ES value in oil field drilling, so as to meet your requirements as much as possible.

Whether you are a distributor or end-user,Camp Shinning are your first choice in China. We will provide reliable suspending agents and organoclay bentonite in other related application fields all over the world to meet your specific needs anytime and anywhere. In order to support your business, we are willing to provide free samples for you to test, And accept your minimum order to help you start your business in thickening agent in suspension.

If you want further information, you can immediately send us information and leave a message, and our sales team and technical department will give you the most accurate reply and quotation at any time.

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