Thickening Agent In Suspension | suspending agent for suspension

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Thickening Agent Or Thickener

Thickening Agent In Suspension | suspending agent for suspension

Thickening Agent In Suspension also named suspending agent for suspension. Thickening agents organophilic clay are used to stabilizing suspensions.  Thickening agents organophilic clay has a high YP / PV ratio. It is effective in most base oils, such as diesel oil, mineral oil, or Synthetic oil.

suspending agent for suspension

suspending agent for suspension
suspending agent for suspension , Organophilic clay , Rheological additive

Alkyl quaternary ammonium bentonite clay

Application of organophilic clay

Diesel Oils 

Crude Oils

Mineral Oils

Synthetic Oil

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:

Oil based drilling fluids 

Invert emulsion fluids

Workover fluids

Completion fluids

Casing packs

Packer fluids

Spotting fluids

Properties of suspending agent for suspension

Composition                                   Organically modified bentonite clay

 Physical appearance                     Off white to tan free-flowing powder

Yield Point                                         About 17 LBS/100ft2

 Moisture content (105℃,2hr)           ≤3.5%

 Particle size (<76μm or 200mesh)    ≥95%

 Specific Gravity                                1.7

 Bulk density                                    About 520kg/m3

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suspending agent for suspension

suspending agent for suspension
suspending agent for suspension


  • , How to get a quick quote for organoclay bentonite rheological additive?

    How to get an thickening agent price?

Pls mail us:  [email protected]

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  • ,  Question:  What is the organoclay uses?

       Answer:  organoclay uses include oil based drilling fluids , paints,coatings,grease lubricant,inks, fracture fluids.

2), Question:  What Is Thickening Agent ?

Answer:  Organoclay is a modified bentonite clay. In another words,organoclay are produced by modifying bentonite clay with quaternary amines. Organoclay is derived from a naturally raw bentonite clay mineral. By exchanging the original interlayer cations for organocations (typically Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium Bentonite). As an organophilic bentonite clay, consisting of covalently linked organic moieties. (Quaternary amine is a type of surfactant that contains a nitrogen iron. the nitrogen and ion exchanges onto the clay platelet for sodium. The amines used are of the long-chain type with 12 to 18 carbon atoms, After 20 percent of the clay surface is coated with these amines if becomes the hydrophobic end, with certain amines organoclay.

  • , Question:  What are the types of thickening agent?

Answer:   Thickening agent types include solvent-based organoclay, waterborne organoclay, easy dispersing organoclay, Pre gel organoclay, paints organoclay, grease organoclay, drilling organically, inks organoclay rheological additive, coatings organoclay etc.

  • , What about the thickening agent price?

 organoclay price, There are many grades of organoclay, different applications,the organoclay price is different. If you want to get an organoclay price, pls tell us your organoclay applications.

  • , How to make thickening agent?

We hope the below photo could answer your question about how to make organoclay?

How to make organoclay
How to make organoclay
  • , How many days can we receive the organoclay in our destination port?

In general, we are able to make our shipments in 5-10days after getting the official order. And it can take about 7-30 days depending on the distance and transportation way to arrive at the final port. These days can show slight variations according to the season and organoclay.

  • , What is the min order amount that we can buy directly from China via vessel?

The total amount should be at least 1MT (one pallet). We are not recommending loading less than one pallet because of organoclay safety inside the container. If you need less than 1 MT, it’s better to make the delivery with air cargo.

  • , How many types of packaging methods are there for your organoclay bentonite rheological additive?

Packing of organoclay bentonite rheological additive : 25Kg/Bag,22.68kg (50lb)/Bag, 1MT/bag or 500kg/Bag. Kraft paper bag with PE liner or multi-wall paper sacks or customized.

  • , Which countries do your organoclay bentonite rheological additive sell particularly well?

Our organoclay bentonite (organophilic clay)sold very well in Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentia, UAE, Saudia Arabia, Canada, Nigeria, etc.They are mainly used for oil-based drilling mud and fracture fluids.

  • ,Are you able to produce or adjust specifically modified bentonite organoclay for our own formulation?

Well, our experienced technical team and high tech laboratories are able to check your special requests and we can produce many different modified organoclays for each different end user. Pls just contact with our sales representatived to get more organoclay info.

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Thickening Agent In Suspension | suspending agent for suspension

Gelling Agents

Thickening Agent In Suspension
We have our own bentonite mine

Thickening agent are used in coatings,inks,grease ,paints and oil drilling mud.As a thickener which could increase the ciscosity in those applicatoion and the properties without any changes.

Thickening agent also is a good gelling agents and thixotropic additives,to increase stability and improved the suspension in fracture fluids,oil drilling mud,paints, coatings and grease is the main performance.

 In application, we often use Thickening agent ( thickener ) as a suspending agent in industry. Our suspending agent is a powder which a solid substance can be held in suspension.

Since the particles of Thickening agent are linked together only loosely, they will not cake and maybe easily 

dispersion by shaking the suspension. Thickening agent  have approximately the same size particles; therefore a clear boundary is 

seen when the particles settle.

Thickening agent or thickener

In oil drilling mud and fracture fluids,Thickening agent or thickener includes guar gum,xanthan gum vegetable gums and organoclay rheological additive. But our organoclay rheological additive is not for food industries. It is a good gelling agents.

It is water solube and increase the viscosity and stability in emulsion.

Thickening Agent In Suspension

Thickening Agent Supplier & Manufacturer

Camp Shinning is a leading Thickening agent supplier $ manufacturer   with 20 years experience in China. As a gelling agents the application covers different industries, oil drilling, paint & coating, grease, lubricant inks and fracking fluids.

All products from Camp Shinning are produced and sold in strict accordance with ISO standards. At present, Camp Shinning’s Thickening agent has been certified by the Shanghai Research Institute of Chemical Industry, and has obtained the certificate of safe transportation for air and sea transportation.

Camp Shinning have own bentonite mine with excellent quality of ore,which ensure the long term stability of our quality,delivery.

The annual capacity is 20000 metric tons,while refined bentonite is 15000 metric tons.

  The branch company of Camp Shinning include: Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Materials Co.Ltd,Hangzhou Camp Shinning Co.Ltd, Zhejiang Camp Shinning Electric Co.Ltd and Chaoyang AutoFull Bentonite Co.Ltd. As a professional Thickening agent supplier and manufacturer ,  each company plays an important role in the technical development, production and sales .

Our aim is to provide stable quality and continuously develop new grades to  increase the viscosity and stability in suspension ,pls inquire us now.

Thickening Agent In Suspension
Thickening Agent In Suspension

Organoclay Thickener

Thickening Agent In Suspension is a kind of inorganic thickener,it also named water based bentonite thickener gelling agent which has the advantages of strong thickening, good thixotropy, a wide range of pH adaptability, and good stability.  But because bentonite thickening agent is an inorganic powder with good light absorption, it can significantly reduce the surface gloss of the coating film and act like a matting agent. Therefore, when using organoclay bentonite in bright latex coatings, pay attention to controlling the dosage.  Regarding the inorganic particles,  in high-build coatings, a high-viscosity organic bentonite thickener with greater thixotropy should be selected, which has certain advantages.

Thickening Agent In Suspension