What is the function of organoclay?

What is the function of organoclay? 

Many people apply organoclay bentonite to water treatment to remove oil from  water, but there are also many people who apply organophilic clay bentonite to paints, coatings, inks, lubricants, and oilfield drilling. In short, organic bentonite is a widely used chemical additive.He mainly used as a viscosifier in oilfield drilling.

What is the function of organoclay?

Oil drilling – rheology modifiers and suspension agents in drilling fluids

Bentonite is like human blood in the drilling industry, and its quality directly determines the success or failure of the entire configuration of oilfield drilling fluid.

As we all know, high-quality organo bentonite clay can produce high-quality yoga, which can effectively prevent wellbore collapse, protect tight closures, and directly cool the lubrication sensing and balanced surface pressure of the drilling tool, Improve his drilling efficiency. 

What is the function of organoclay? 

So organic bentonite is an ideal raw material in drilling mud, especially in coin making materials, and plays a very important role in various game drilling.

What is the function of organoclay? 

The most noteworthy aspect is organo bentonite, which plays a special role in protecting tight joints, as the high-quality organoclay produced by drilling can penetrate and consolidate the surrounding area of the wellbore, especially the sand and stone gaps that are prone to collapse, thereby achieving the effect of protecting the cervical spine and ultimately achieving the prevention of house collapse.

What is the function of organoclay? 

It can effectively increase cutting force. , as its potential value and viscosity index in drilling mud will be significantly improved.

He can achieve stable results.Bentonite forms a relatively thin mystery in mud drilling, especially around the wellbore. It can reduce the water content in the drilling mud, penetrate into the wellbore, and form a water barrier.    Anti-seepage wall prevents the phenomenon of wellbore expansion during drilling, thus playing a good role in stabilizing and protecting the cervical spine.

What is the function of organoclay? 

It can seal your home, because when a well is completed and in a landscape prone to collapse, using organic bentonite can achieve the most serious sealing. 

Organic bentonite can also balance surface pressure, as bentonite slurry can balance formation pressure and prevent accidents such as water seepage or permeability in wells.

By configuring oilfield drilling fluid, bentonite has good portability and rheological properties in the oilfield. High performance oilfield drilling fluid, water in oil and high-temperature resistant tower base are prepared, effectively improving the speed of oilfield drilling and reducing the occurrence of drilling accidents.

Organic bentonite can also serve as a lawyer in a relatively stable organic combination, effectively reducing the water content of the mud and improving the performance of the drilling fluid.

The cleaning effect is that when you use organic bentonite, the high viscosity bentonite is injected into the bottom of the well through the sensing hole in the mud, which can carry the salt in the bottom of the well first and exit the country, thus maintaining good cleanliness at the bottom of the well.

Reducing pressure is also a major feature of organic bentonite, as its strong lubricity allows it to reduce resistance during drilling.

The increase in the  pulp making rate rate that we mentioned earlier is also a potential contribution to breaking through the provision of high-quality organic soil, which can greatly improve the pulping rate of your diamonds.

Today we have provided a detailed introduction to the different roles played by organic bentodrilling well, and the stability of slurry production rate and performance, suspension protection.

What is the function of organoclay? 

well wall cooling occupation, and other performance advantages of organic bentonite.When applying organic bentonite to drilling mud, if your base oil is mineral oil, synthetic oil, and mineral diesel, our organic bentonite is very suitable. We will recommend the corresponding model to you for testing and ultimately obtain your ideal performance.

What is the function of organoclay