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Organoclay | All You Need To Know About Organoclay

What Is Organoclay?
Organoclay is a chemical modified rheological additive.Organoclay uses bentonite as raw material. Organic bentonite can form gel in various organic solvents, oils and liquid resins, and has good thixotropic and thickening, suspension stability, high temperature stability, lubricity, film formation, water resistance and chemical stability. It has important application value in the coating industry. It is also widely used in paint, ink, petroleum.

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Smell: tasteless

Solubility: soluble in hydrocarbon solvents, plus a small amount of polar solvents such as methanol, ethanol, acetone, etc., can make the quaternary ammonium hydrocarbon chain between the montmorillonite layers be bridged by hydrogen bonds to achieve effective solvation, so that the interlayer expansion and dispersion, and form thixotropic gel of the card roof structure, so as to prevent the precipitation of inorganic filler.

Toxicity: non toxic

Application: used as thickener, thixotropic agent and stabilizer of solvent based adhesives and sealants, with reference dosage of 5-10 phr. Organic bentonite was added directly, and a small amount (2% ~ 3%) polar solvent (methanol or ethanol, etc.) was added after stirring for 1 h.

It is widely used in paints,coatings,grease lubricant and oil drilling fluids.

As an organo clay thickener,Its appearance is fine powder with light yellow.In our production, we can control the color of organoclay bentonite according to the needs of customers, because many end user request white organoclay.
Of course, only paint and coating manufacturers have requirements for the color of organoclay, and users in oilfield drilling have no special requirements for the color of organoclay bentonite.


How to improve the dispersibility of organoclay rheological additive?
Dispersibility is an important indicator of organoclay bentonite.It could pass 325mesh.
Organobentonite is rich in hydrogen bonds and hydrogen and oxygen groups, which can form hydrogen and oxygen bonds and form an independent network structure, giving paints and coatings a certain degree of thixotropy and structural viscosity.

When there is a shear force, the hydrogen bond opens and the viscosity decreases; when the shear force disappears, the hydrogen bond recovers and the viscosity increases. Adding CP series organobentonite dispersant helps to open the hydrogen bond-easy to disperse. The use of high-boiling aromatic solvents is also a good choice.

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Organic bentonite is a kind of organoclay bentonite with good dispersion and high thixotropy, which is modified by special treated process. The product is suitable for low, medium and high polarity systems. In the medium and high polarity systems, there is no need for activator and can be dispersed by rapid shearing. It should be noted that adding a small amou


nt of activator in low polarity system can achieve better dispersion effect. It has excellent thixotropy and anti sagging property in the system.

Types of organoclay?
In the process of modifying organo clay gels, due to different systems and different needs, different types of organic amine salts can be used for modification, so that the organoclay rheological additive can be applied to systems with different polar solvents and different dispersing performance requirements. For example: CP series of organoclay can provide a variety of products for customers to use according to their different solvent polarity requirements.

In paints and coatings ,types of organoclay include water based organoclay and solvent based organoclay.
We also divide them into easily dispersible type and pre-gel type.Our CP-40,CP-180,CP-34 are pre-gel grades. Our CP-10,CP-10A,CP-APA are belong to easily dispersible grades.

Organic bentonite can be divided into functions and components:

High viscosity organoclay bentonite
Easy disperse organoclay
Self-activated organoclay
High purity organoclay
Various types of organoclay bentonites are divided into three types: low polarity (type I), medium polarity (type II) and high polarity (type III) according to the hydrophilic and lipophilic balance of intercalation surfactants.


High-viscosity organoclay bentonite: In the applicable solvent, high-speed shear dispersion and addition of dispersing agents such as ferment activators are required to form a high-viscosity gel.

Organobentonite refers to the replacement of exchangeable cations in montmorillonite with organic ammonium cations, covering the surface of montmorillonite, blocking the adsorption center of water, causing it to lose water absorption and becoming hydrophobic and lipophilic organic bentonite Complex.
Easy to disperse organoclay rheology agent: it does not need high-speed shear dispersion in the applicable solvent, but needs to add a small amount of dispersant such as alcohol activator to form a thixotropic colloid.
Self-activating organoclay chemistry: It is organic bentonite that can form a uniform dispersion without high-speed shear dispersion and the addition of dispersing agents such as alcohol activators in the applicable solvent.

Organoclay where to buy?


There are many organoclay suppliers in China. Whatever organoclay supplier india or organoclay in italiano or organoclay manufacturers in china. The most important thing is to provide good organoclay price and stable quality organo bentonite.
In the north of China, there are a large amount of rich bentonite ore. So if you want to compare the price for raw bentonite, you can look for bentonite supplier in North of China.

If you want to look for supplier of modified bentonite, a treated bentonite organoclay,In southern China could meet your requestment.
Especially in Anji Huzhou, Zhejiang is a base rich in modified bentonite. The production of organoclay supplier Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd is a professional . In the near future Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd will realize organoclays buy online. The CP series organoclay has export over 20 years, We mainly cooperate with the world famous paint manufacturer, coating manufacturer, ink manufacturer, grease lubricant manufacturer and drilling oil service company.

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Packaging, storage and transportation:
The outer package is kraft paper bag, and the inner package is double-layer packaging of polyethylene film bag or valve mouth paper bag. The weight is usually 25 ± 0.25kg or stored under dry conditions according to the user’s requirements. When the temperature is 0 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, the quality validity period is 12 months.

In addition, When you inquires, pls inform us your application, If you can tell us what grade of organoclay do you used in the past, it will help us to recommend the corresponding model to you.If you have special requirements in the application, please let us know.

We look forward to receiving your inquiry.
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All You Need To Know About Organoclay – CP Organoclay

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