Organoclay organophilic clay use for paints coating inks grease and oil drilling mud

China organoclay | organophilic clay. No matter where the market you currently serve is in Russia, United States, UAE, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iran, Libya, etc. Camp Shinning's organic bentonite clay is your best choice.

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Organoclay organophilic clay produced by the manufacturer and supplier Camp Shinning. At present, it has been successfully exported to different countries in the world, and its application fields involve oil field drilling, paints, coatings, greases, inks, adhesives, cosmetics, etc. 

Among them, the organic bentonite clay used in oil field drilling is welcomed by oilfield mining countries in the world. So far, CP series organoclay | Organophilic clay has been widely exported to Russia, United States, UAE, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kuwait, Brazil, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iran, Libya, etc.

Once again, it has been proved that China organoclay | Organophilic clay has excellent suspending properties and the role of protecting wellbore in oil drilling fluids.

Organoclay Organophilic clay

CP-982 For Diesel Oil

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

CP-180 For Diesel Oil

As a professional fracking chemicals, organophilic clay bentonite has a good suspension effect in diesel oil.

CP-992 For Mineral Oil

When the base oil is mineral oil, organophilic clay bentonite has good viscosity and rheology as a fracking chemicals, which can effectively reduce the filtration.

CP-150 For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic clay bentonites are used as fracking chemicals in synthetic oil, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

Organoclay Organophilic clay

 At present,  Camp Shinning’s   organic modified bentonite clay exported to Russia is mainly used in oilfield drilling and fracturing fluid, and the largest export grades are CP-2, CP-1 and CP-992. Of course, in Russia, CP-982 or CP-982s is also written on the outer package of our export.

If you are from Russia and need to purchase modified bentonite clay, please contact us.

In Russia, many customers call our products organobentonite.

China Oilfield additives, The United States | USA is one of China’s earliest export markets. We exported to this market 15 years ago. Our main model is CP -1 exported to the United States. This grade has strong price advantage and quality stability.

At the same time, Camp Shinning has rich experience in cooperation with some of the world’s top oil service companies. If you are a purchaser of oilfield additives from the United States ( USA) and you are eager to purchase rheology modifier with stable quality and competitive price, please contact us. We are the supplier you really need.

 Furthermore, United Arab Emirates | UAE, especially in Abu Dhabi, China’s modified bentonite clay is very popular. At present, in oil drilling mud, the main base oil in this market is diesel,  Although many end users show the demand for organic bentonite for mineral oil and synthetic oil in the document requirements provided. In fact, in the whole market of United Arab Emirates | UAE, the main base oil is still diesel. Therefore, organoclay CP-1 is very suitable for diesel, and it has the dual advantages of price and quality.

 In Canada, Camp Shinning We have a lot of export experience in oil field drilling, and we have cooperated with a very large oil service company in Canada for many years. Our exports to this market are mainly organic bentonite clay in mineral oil and synthetic oil used in oil field drilling. They have only special requirements for YP value and ES value. At present, our CP-150 is mainly exported to the Canadian market, If you are particularly demanding on the indicators of rheology modifier bentonite, you can contact us. Our high-end specifications will meet your needs in your work.

 Exported to Argentina, the main models are CP-2 and CP-1. In oil field drilling, these two models are mainly used in the formula of talent system.

In the Argentine market, we cooperate with the world’s top 5 oil service companies. Our product quality has been welcomed and recognized by them, and our price is extremely in line with their strict requirements for procurement.

If you are a user from Argentina, we will help you save the procurement process and help you select the most direct and best organoclay bentonite for your formula.

 In the Mexican market, Camp Shinning’s biggest empirical conclusion is that the Mexican market has very strict requirements for the price of organoclay bentonite.

Therefore, their main base oil is still focused on diesel, but the demand for organophilic clay of Mexico is very, very large. Basically, when people export it once, the amount is about five 40 foot containers, which is about 100 tons.

If you are a purchaser from Mexico, Camp Shinning is willing to share our experience in the Mexican market with you.



In Brazil, Camp Shinning’s Organo clay organophilic clay exported to the Brazilian market is not only applied to oil drilling mud and the fracking fluids, but also exported to the Brazilian market in the application of paint, coating, ink and grease. Brazil’s requirements for organo bentonites are still very strict and sensitive.

Therefore, if you want to know which correct model should be selected in the Brazilian market in the shortest time, you can contact Camp Shinning which is the biggest shortcut.

 Kuwait is an export market that has cooperated with Camp Shinning for many years. Kuwait is very strict about the basic price, and they also attach great importance to the stability of quality.

Of course, the demand for basic in the Kuwaiti market is extremely large. Every time Camp Shinning exports Organoclay organophilic clay to Kuwait, the single export volume is basically more than 100 tons.

Ukraine, the basic requirements of Ukraine and Russia are very similar. Basically, their base oil is still diesel. They also have special requirements for the stability of organo bentonite at high temperatures and high pressure. Camp Shinning export organophilic bentonite from Ukraine, which has been recognized by many end customers. In many years of export, They also put forward requirements for the quality of our products and some specific indicators.

At present, Camp Shinning’s rheology modifier have increasingly strong competitive advantages, especially in the Ukrainian market. Because all this has been helped and supported by Ukrainian customers.

Nigeria, A country from Africa, when in drilling oil fields,They have very high quality requirements for organoclays bentonite. Of course, they are also particularly sensitive to price. At present, the organo bentonite newly exported by Camp Shinning to Nigeria is mainly CP-1 and CP2. To be exact, Camp Shinning exports Nigeria through some Chinese and international distributor.  Therefore, if you are a dealer or end user from Nigeria, you can directly contact us, which will be a great benefit in terms of price.

 Iran, This is still the main export market of organoclay bentonite  exported by Camp Shinning to oil field drilling. Due to the payment problems currently faced by Iran, much cooperation has been affected, but the Iranian market’s favor for Chinese organophilic  bentonite is very clear and obvious.

If you are a purchaser from Iran and you have no problem with payment, it is your best choice to choose to cooperate with Camp Shinning.

Saudi Arabia,requirements for organic bentonite are very special. They require that Chinese organo bentonite must comply with API standards. Camp Shinning’s organic bentonite has been tested many times in the Saudi market and has been confirmed. Therefore, if you are a purchaser from Saudi Arabia, please contact our sales department directly, We will directly give you the model you need to help you save the procurement time and process.

 Iraq is a market with great demand for rheology modifier bentonite. Because of its rich oil field reserve resources, many developers need to purchase Chinese Organoclay organophilic clay for exploitation.

Please contact us directly. Let’s cooperate in Iraq market.


 The Oman market has a certain amount of procurement for Chinese China Organoclay organophilic clay, but Camp Shinning also found that in the Oman market, especially in the process of experiment, the market R & D personnel lack certain initiative in the formulation of fracturing fluid or oil-based mud, and often choose very expensive models to use, All this stems from an impact on the experimental environment.

Libya Organoclay organophilic clay, Due to the abundant oil reserves in this market, the drilling and fracturing fluid workers in Liberia have special expectations and requirements for China’s organo bentonite clays. Therefore, Camp Shinning’s bentonite will be your choice. Whether your base oil is mineral oil, synthetic oil or diesel, please contact us more, our R & D personnel and. The staff of the export department will work together with you to make products suitable for your mining needs, adjust its formula, and accumulate a lot of rich experience and save costs for you. 


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25Kg/bag or customized Kraft complex interior with PE
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800Kg/Pallet or 1MT/Pallet Wood Pallts or Plastic Pallets

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