Organophilic Clay Drilling Grade

Organophilic Clay is widely used in oil based drilling fluids ,invert emulsion fluids workover fluids,completion fluids,casing packs,packer fluids,spotting fluids.CP series organo clay could improves cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity ,suspends weighting materials and other solids.

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If you are looking for China organophilic clay suppliers for drilling fluid. As a well-known manufacturer and supplier, organoclay supplier camp shinning is your reliable partner & factory in China. Whether it is the manufacturing process, price or organoclay uses, organo clay bentonite is very popular in the market. Its composition is bentonite. We must make it clear that our Chinese organophilic bentonite is not liquid, it’s powdered.

At present, organophilic clay type include: Wet process and dry process.

  • More than 20 years of R &  manufacture experience.
  • ISO certified.
  • Experience in cooperation with the top 10 oil service companies in the world.
  • It has its own raw bentonite ore.
  • Fast delivery time.
  • Provide free sample testing

Organophilic Clay in Drilling Fluid

Organoclay Bentonite For Diesel Oil

Our organoclay bentonite in diesel system can maximize its suspension performance.

Organoclays For Mineral Oil

In the mineral oil system, CP series organoclays has high temperature and high pressure stability, can effectively reduce the filtration.

Organophilic Bentonite Clay For Synthetic Oil

Organophilic bentonite clay can be used not only in oil drilling fluid, but also under fracking fluids, It can effectively prevent the well wall collapse.

Organophilic Clay Suppliers & Manufacturer in China

More than 20 years of experience in R & D, production, and export is the biggest competitive advantage of Camp Shinning in the market. So far, CP series organophilic clays have occupied a leading position in drilling fluid. In terms of the manufacturing process, organoclay supplier Camp Shinning’s manufacturing process adopts wet and dry manufacturing procedures. It brings an organoclay uses value and price advantage to help our end users occupy absolute competitiveness in the market.

If you want the excellent function of China organo clay, competitive price, and wide application range, please contact us, and our export department will email you with our MSDS, HS code, and price.

organophilic clay suppliers and manufacturers

Organophilic Clay

Organophilic Clays is a wet procedure enhanced viscosifier and also gelling representative. It is a simple spreading, rapid yielding organo clay that shows high performance efficiency in diesel oil, petroleum, Reduced BTEX base oil, mineral oil and artificial including base fluid formulation. It is secure as well as has good suspension and also thixotropic features.

Advantages of Organo clay | Organophilic Clay Manufacturers

  • Good Suspending effect
  • Gelling ability is used to seal rock fractures
    in the bore hole
  • Economical grades for different base oil
  • Increases the yield point and low
    shear viscosity of the fluid
  • Improve hole cleaning capacity
  • Controls the settling of solids in
    oil-based drilling muds and other drilling fluids

When people’s R & D team, production department and overseas sales team will gather all the experience to help you solve all the problems encountered in application, help you save costs and obtain greater production benefits.

Organophilic clay hs code : 2508

MSDS / SDS, we will send to you by mail once we receive your inqury.

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organophilic clay for drilling

Organophilic Clay Drilling Grade | Specialty organophilic clay product

Organophilic Clays is a drilling grade organo clay,it’s mainly use for diesel oil ,

Synthetic oil and mineral oil. Organophilic Clay is amine treated bentonite clay. 

HS Code : 25 081 000  |  China OrganoClays  

Packaging  : Jumbo Bags or 25Kgs/Bag or 22.68kg(50lb)/Bag. 16MT/20FCL with pallet. 22MT/40FCL with pallet.

ItemPropertiesUnitsSpec. Values
1Physical AppearanceOff white / Gray powder, Dry  
2Moisture contentwt %5.0  Max.
3Specific Gravity @ 68 °Fg/cc1.57- 1.70
4Solubility in waterInsoluble
5Dispersibility in Organic solventDispersible
6Decomposition temperature°F> 200
7Particle Size Distributionwt %100

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Specialty organophilic clay product

  organoclay rheological additive

1, What is an organophilic clay?

China Organophilic clays minerals whose surfaces have been coated with a chemical to make them oil-dispersible

 Organophilic clay | organic clay is an additive that can be used in the oilfield to help with drilling muds. It’s a type of clay that has been chemically treated so it disperses easily in water. This makes it easier to use when you are trying to drill through rock or other hard surfaces.

 The process of adding organo clay complex into your drilling mud helps make sure the well gets drilled as efficiently as possible while also protecting against corrosion on equipment like pumps and valves. 

If you want more information about how this works or if you have any questions about what kind of additives might work best for your specific situation, check out our website today! We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have about this product or anything else related to the oilfield industry!

In other words, the surface of organic bentonite is coated with chemicals to make arcilla organofilica   dispersive.

3, What is Organoclay Used For?

Organo clay is a great solution for this problem. It can be used in polymer organophilic clay chemistry as a nucleating agent  to remove oil from water, and it’s also applied as a component in paint formulations or as a viscosifier for oil-based drilling fluids. You won’t find another product like it on the market today. It’s not just an amazing product but also an incredible experience you can have every day of your life!

Organic clay powder can also remove oil from water because of its large surface area and hydrophobic chain from the clay surface(It means organoclay water treatment). It can also be used as a component in coating formula or as a thickener of oil-based drilling fluid. It can be used as a nucleating agent in polymer chemistry.

arcilla organofilica clay | organic clay powder in China.

organoclay water treatment

The density of  organophilic clay is 1.6-1.8 g/cm3.

What is Organoclay Made of?

 Organic clay powder is a chemically modified type of clay. It is widely used in the formulation of paint and coating, grease, oil field drilling and ink. It is also used in wastewater treatment in many fields. Bentonite is a clay formed from volcanic ash and contains mineral montmorillonite.

That said: Organoclay is a type of clay that can be used to treat wastewater and water. It consists of bentonite, which is a clay formed from volcanic ash that contains the mineral montmorillonite.

Is Bentonite an Organoclay?

Bentonite was converted to organoclays. Bentonite is a clay that can be intercalated with cationic surfactants into its interlayer space.You will find out how these two types of organoclays are different in their morphology, surface chemistry, thermal stability and adsorption properties.

In recent years,The organophilic clay bentonite used in the new high performance drilling fluid produced by organophilic clay supplier Camp Shinning has been jointly developed by the new R&D department and the technical department of Camp Shinning, and has been recognized by North America, the Middle East, Russia and other regions.

Organoclay has played an active role in oilfield development, and its performance in the oil system has reached the international leading level, providing active and practical support for the exploration and development of unconventional oil and gas in the world.

 We all know that organophilic clay bentonite is a very important chemical component in drilling fluid, and it is also the most basic oilfield additive, which is equivalent to the core component of our entire formula.

The use of organo clay bentonite newly produced by Camp Shinning can make your drilling fluid have good rheology and reducing the filterability in order to bring the rock chips out of the ground, while completing the function of wall building and plugging, and equalizing the pressure with different strata to ensure the safety of drilling. Ensure the safety of the whole well.

Organic clay bentonite is the most basic oleophilic colloid in oil-based drilling fluid, and is an indispensable additive in oil-based drilling fluid, which can improve the viscosity and shear of drilling fluid, and also reduce the filtration loss of oil based drilling fluid. 

In the process of long term production and export of organophilic clay bentonite, our technicians found that formations containing

unconventional oil and gas such as shale gas are organic mud shales, which are prone to hydration and swelling during drilling, destabilizing the well wall and causing collapse.

Camp Shinning’s new CP series organoclay bentonite shows extremely high performance in drilling fluid, especially its surface viscosity, dynamic shear force, filtration loss and other key indicators, which are comparable to foreign leading products.

A large number of customers told us that when our cp series organo clay bentonite is used in drilling fluid, its rheological property reduces filtration loss and sand carrying capacity, which exceeds their expectations, In addition, our cp series organic bentonite has good compatibility with their drilling fluid treatment agents, which can meet the requirements of shale oil and gas and other unconventional energy development.

  Organoclay bentonite is a kind of inorganic non–Metallic mineral.

Through the analysis of the mineralization performance of more than 100 kinds of organo bentonite clay, we have screened out the minerals suitable for purification, processing and modification, developed organic bentonite with good performance, and completed the process from laboratory to industrial production.

The organophilic clay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning has many advantages when used in drilling mud, such as fast dissolution rate, good suspension performance, strong flowing ice performance, high slurry forming rate, good lubrication performance, small friction coefficient, etc.

The mud produced by Camp Shinning has a strong role in carrying colleges and protecting the well wall, and   with certain mechanical strength formed on the hole wall has the characteristics of protecting the stability of the hole wall and resisting permeability.

The ideal mud material for exploration and piling projects, especially in recent years, drilling bentonite, has shown extremely high efficiency and has won the welcome of many well known oil service companies and users in the world.

As we all know, organic clay powder drilling bentonite organoclays is an indispensable raw material in the process of drilling construction, and its use varies according to different types of projects.

In essence, drilling organo bentonite clay | arcilla organofilica is divided into organic and inorganic types. Many people are familiar with inorganic drilling bentonite in the production process of these two types of products, but they may not know much about the production of organophilic clay.

Therefore, we will explain the specific introduction of organic bentonite for drilling.

A,   First, let’s talk about the production of endless drilling mud and bentonite.

In many production processes, each step is very important, such as beneficiation, chemical drying and purification, grinding and packaging, etc.

From the above processes, you can see that the production process of bentonite from stepless drilling mud is relatively simple, but in terms of beneficiation alone, it is extremely important to select high–uality calcium based bentonite as raw ore.

 It is relatively thorough, and the production efficiency is high. There is no additive relief in the production process, which has a great relationship with the characteristics of drilling mud bentonite.

B, Production process of organophilic clay bentonite.

 1, Dry method is used to produce organo clay bentonite

 which is a basic method for dry preparation of modified bentonite. It is to directly mix the bentonite with organic modifier and then heat it.

After mixing and extruding, organic modified bentonite is directly prepared or dried and crushed into powder products or directly dispersed in organic solvent to make gel or latex products.

The organoclay bentonite produced by Camp Shinning is white powder, which has the advantage of simple process.

The disadvantage is that it needs to be carried out under high pressure or surfactant dissolution temperature, with huge energy consumption and can not guarantee the uniformity and stability of the obtained products.

2, Organic modified bentonite | arcilla organofilicawas prepared by wet method:

This is the new organic bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, and most of the models are produced in a wet process. The wet synthesis of bentonite is to make slurry from crushed and dispersed bentonite minerals in water, then add organic modifier, and react under fully stirred conditions to achieve the goal of organic modification.

 Advantage:    Organic modified bentonite is synthesized wet in the solution state with sufficient stirring to make the bentonite and surfactant fully mixed. When the reaction time is long enough, the adsorption of surfactant on the bentonite can reach equilibrium. The organic modified bentonite with uniform shape and stable performance can be obtained.

 As a professional organo clay bentonite manufacturer and supplier, the overview of drilling bentonite production is roughly as above. How should we choose a professional manufacturer as your drilling bentonite supplier, so that people can help you.

Camp Shinning has been engaged in the development and production of organophilic clay bentonite for more than 20 years.

Whether it is bentonite beneficiation or advanced production technology, as well as pre sale and after sale services, we always put product quality first, and take your technical guidance as our first service principle, which is why our cp series of bentonite can be accepted and trusted by many markets.

We sincerely welcome you to use our products and test our products in the. In practice and testing, to prove that our products have the dual advantages of price and quality, we are also willing to provide you with free samples to test, and give you technical guidance. Thank you for using our organoclay bentonite.

How do You Make Organophilic Clay?

Organophilic clay is reacting dry process bentonite with dimethyl dihydrogenated tallow ammonium chloride by mixing the bentonite with about 15 to 55% by weight of the clay of the ammonium.

 It is widely used in mineral oil, drilling fluid, paint and lubricants, such as mineral oil.

It is to fully mix an organic amine salt with a specific amount of anhydrous clay.This premise is that the organic ammonia salt and dry clay must be violently mixed at a temperature higher than the melting point of the organic amine salt to remove any liquid and produce a drying reaction.

 Organo clay bentonite are a type of smectite that have been modified with organic cations such as alkyl ammonium, quaternary ammonium or protonated amine groups. They are used in drilling muds and oil well treatments. These types of clays can also be used for water treatment and other industrial applications. If you’re curious about how to make hectorite organoclay, then keep reading!


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Organophilic Bentonite For Oil Drilling

Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay could widely use for different base oil. Including diesel. mineral oil and synthetic oil. It shows excellent suspension and stability properties under the high temperature and high pressure.

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