Organoclay : 20 Yrs Experiences From Camp Shinning in China

Organoclay Supplier

If you are looking for a China organoclay supplier and manufacturer, and are eager to apply organoclay based products bentonite thickener to in paintproduction, grease and ink production, or your oil drilling mud, Coming here will be the right choice for you.

Camp Shinning will effectively provide you with high-quality and stable organo bentonite to help you greatly improve your thixotropy and thickening performance in production, Settlement resistance and sagging resistance,and high temperature stability.

The outstanding suspension performance is a bright spot in the application of hectorite organoclay bentonite drilling product aimed.

  •  Over 20 Years of Exporting Experience.
  •  Own Its Own Raw Bentonite Ore
  •  ISO Certified Enterprise.
  •  Professional R & D team.
  •  Rich Cooperation Experience With Industry Leading Enterprises. 

Organoclay Applications

Organoclay In Paints Solvent Based

CP 34, CP 40 and CP 180 are organoclay in paint systems. Hectorite organoclay includes low, medium and high polarity, easy to disperse bentonite and pre gel grades.

Water Based Paint Additives

In water based paints and coatings, this is an ideal water-based bentonite rheological additive. Its price is extremely prominent compared with other Chinese suppliers. CP-WBS,CP-EW,CP-EWS are product worth trying.

Organophilic Bentonite For Oil Drilling

Camp Shinning’s organophilic clay could widely use for different base oil. Including diesel. mineral oil and synthetic oil.Organoclay drilling product aimed shows excellent suspension and stability properties under the high temperature and high pressure.

Organoclay Bentonite Grease

High temperature stability is the biggest highlight when bentonite is applied to grease. At the same time, it also has good anti settlement performance and can always maintain good stability in long term storage.

Organoclay Uses for Cosmetic

Cp series additives are mainly used in nail polish. Thickening performance and thixotropy show very good stability in the application field of cosmetics.

Organoclays Use for Ink

Camp Shinning’s CP series organo clay rheology agent can be widely used in different kinds of inks, including Lithographic ink,news ink,letterpress and gravure ink,printing inks etc. It's a good ink thickener.


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Why Choose Camp Shinning As Your Organoclay Supplier

As a professional organic clay manufacturer, we not only have our own raw bentonite ore, but also have passed ISO900 certification for all organoclay based products.

We have an experienced technology R & D team. They have played an important role in the cost control of organic bentonite, and also played an absolute advantage in the research and development of some high-quality organic bentonite.

 We use advanced organoclay manufacturing process technology to produce high-quality organoclay bentonite.  

At the same time, we can provide free samples for you to test.

Inorganic Grease Thickeners
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Organoclay :The Ultimate FAQ Guide

In order to purchase efficient and stable organophilic clay,  Before deciding to purchase. You must face a lot of confusion.

For example, you want to know What is organoclay? How to make organoclay? What is the function of Organoclay?Organoclay Where to Buy and How to Use ? etc. 

Based on more than 20 years of production and sales experience, Camp Shinning is willing to share all the details and experience about bentonite products with you.

In addition to helping you better understand this product, Camp Shinning is also eager to find distrubitor and end users to better improve the quality and use effect of our products.

1,What is organoclay?

  Many people often ask this question. As a organoclay supplier,Zhejiang Camp Shinning would like to make an Introduction.for this question as follows.

 Organoclays are a type of clay that can be used as an organo clay thickener rheology agent in coatings,plastics, grease,inks,oil drilling mud and paint. They have the ability to absorb water and swell up to many times their original size.

 This makes them useful for making products with better coverage or adhesives with stronger bonding power.Chinese bentonite clay powder also helps improve the quality of  products like solvent based paints and water based paints by improving thixotropy and suspensibility during processing or use. These properties make organoclay bentonite very valuable to manufacturers who want to produce high-quality materials at lower costs.

You’re probably wondering how we can help you get your hands on some organoclay chemistry so you can start using them in your own products! Well, we produce directly with 20 years in China who specialize in producing these types of organo bentonite so they’re always available when you need them most – no matter what industry you’re working in!

 We offer competitive organoclay price on bulk orders as well as free samples if you just want to try out our product before committing yourself long-term. If there’s anything else we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

It is a kind of hectorite organoclay which through chemically modified by bentonite. It has a wide range of basic applications.

Organoclay uses are widely used in paints, coatings, inks, greases and oil field drilling. Its main component is bentonite, which is a raw material containing mineral montmorillonite.

The organoclays properties preparation and applications have been very mature in China, And widely accepted by foreign markets.

In terms of production and export experience, organoclay manufacturers, Camp Shinning have more than 20 years of experience in China.

The most obvious feature of rheology modifier is that it has high dispersion and mutation, and its rheological property is also a prominent advantage.

In grease, ink,oil drilling mud and paint, coatings, bentonite thickener is also used as anti settling agent and anti influenza agent. Therefore, they are another organoclay uses.

If you need more info about What is organoclay? you can contact our technical team directly, and we will send you the MSDS and CAS No.

2,How to Make Organoclay?

Hectorite thickening agent in suspension is created when clay minerals react with quaternary ammonium salts.Bentonite thickener has an exchangeable cation on both its top and bottom surfaces, making it similar to platelets in appearance.  

Anti sagging agent are a class of clay minerals that have been chemically modified with organic groups. They are used in the oil industry as well as other industrial applications. 

The most common use for bentonita organoclay chemistry is in drilling fluids, which must be able to carry out many functions during drilling operations, including suspending cuttings and preventing formation damage. Other uses include paper coatings, adhesives and sealants, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, paints and varnishes , water treatment (such as thickening agents).

 If you want to learn more about making rheology modifiers for waterborne paints hydrophilic then contact us now! We can help you understand everything there is about it!  

This is a more complex question to answer about the production of bentonite thickener. We are here to show you the organoclay manufacturing process and quality control process.

Here we would like to note that the raw material of organophilic clay produced for the Camp Shinning comes from our own bentonite mine.

First, we test the quality and composition of bentonite raw ore,

and then purification in water to turn it into bentonite slurry,further purification,That is second purified bentonite slurry,

then add some additives. Carry out the third modified bentonite slurry, then filter and press,

The next step is to enter the drying procedure, turn it into anti settling agent in paint.

After finishing the bentonite drilling mud properties preparation , we need  packaged into the final finished product, then tested, and finally samples were saved for each batch of hectorite organoclay.

Here we have a few points to note:

  • You need to test the raw materials before storage.
  • Purity inspection
  • Viscosity inspection.
  • Water content inspection.
  • Water content and viscosity inspection
  • Moisture content, Particle size,viscosity inspection
  • Technology index inspection before dispatching,keep the retention sample for each batch.

The above testing contents mentioned by us need to be strictly implemented by you as a gelling agent supplier and manufacturers,

so as to effectively ensure the quality of organic spraying, and we suggest that you strictly keep each batch of organic bentonite samples, so as to facilitate the follow-up tracking, investigation and verification of product quality.

All these steps will ensure that the oil thickener uses is fully reflected.At the same time, we believe that if you can strictly follow the above steps to produce existing products, the organoclay price will be more competitive in the market.

3, What Is The Function Of Organoclay?

Rheology modifier has special function. Such as thixotropy, suspension,thickening property, anti sagging and anti settlement, etc.

 Therefore, organo bentonite is widely used in various industrial fields, such as paints, coatings, grease,lubricant, ink, oilfield drilling, feed, casting, compound fertilizer, etc.

In the field of drilling and fracturing fluids, using organophilic clay’s Suspension performance,lubricity and its sealing thickening and gel effect to make mud.

In the field of coating or paint  applications , lubricant grease, cosmetics and waterproof materials, rheological additive is selected more because of its good thixotropic performance,and its excellent anti settlement and sagging performance.

  • , The requirements for anti-corrosion in ship coatings are particularly high. Generally, a large dosage of pigments and fillers will be selected to achieve better anti-corrosion effect.
  • Therefore, the selection of rheological additiveshould pay special attention to anti settlement and thickening performance.
  • In transparent wood paint, our standard organophilic bentonite is selected to meet the requirements of high efficiency dust prevention and transparency.It can effectively control the cost and is widely recognized by coating manufacturers.

4,Organoclay Where to Buy?

Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s a special kind of clay that can be used in many different industries. It has some pretty cool properties and it’s also really cheap! You should check out our website for more information on how this clay can help your business.

We have tons of great case studies about companies who use organic bentonite clay in their products. Plus, we’ll send you a free sample of this amazing material so you can see just how awesome it is yourself! So don’t wait any longer – click here to learn more about organoclay products today!

 Where to buy rheology modifier with stable performance, especially with high performance thixotropy, sagging resistance and settlement resistance,are the focus of many buyers.

As a professional and well-known rheology modifier supplier, we suggest that the buyer not only consider the above performance, but also consider whether it can provide good organoclay price.

Camp Shinning company is a organoclay manufacturer with its own raw ore bentonite, which can greatly help the buyer reduce the production cost. Effectively control the delivery time.

suspending agent properties preparation and applications is also a major advantage.

Usually, the raw bentonite ore with basic production is mainly concentrated in the north of China, similar to the bentonite mining and metallurgy of Camp Shinning, which is located in Liaoning Province of China.

 The basic R & D and modification of the main processes to produce it, the preparation process and so on are mainly concentrated in the south of China.

Part of the production of the Camp Shinning is arranged in factories in southern China.

Therefore, we suggest that if you need to purchase or are confused by this problem, you can directly contact Camp Shinning, and their sales team will provide you with organoclay MSDS and price.

On this issue, if you want to know more purchasing channels, we suggest that you can use the website of Alibaba, made in China, participate in some professional exhibitions, and search through Google.

which are the best ways for you to select organoclay products & producer.

5,What is Organoclay used for?

Organoclay minerals are a class of layered silicate minerals that have many uses. They can be used as  Thixotropic agent, thickener, suspending agent, anti settling agent and in the manufacture of cosmetics,paints and oil drilling well. The most common use for organoclays is to improve the properties of coatings,inks and grease products. It also has applications in water purification and oil recovery.

  With so many different uses, it’s no wonder why this product is becoming more popular every day! If you want to learn more about how this product can help your business or organization succeed then click on our website today! We promise you won’t regret it!

6,Organoclay How to Use?

In different application fields, the basic use methods are different. In order to help and guide more customers and buyers to use our organoclay bentonite, we usually ask several questions,

such as which industrial field it is applied to, what its test method is like, what its test steps are, etc.,

which will help us guide customers to effectively realize it, An ideal performance requirement for organoclay rheological additive.

Of course, if our user can tell us the model of organophilic clay he has used, it will also be greatly improved.

Help us understand your product and to choose a similar grade for you will become very easy.

Here we provide the following usage methods for our customers’ reference.

Precautions for adding activator :

There are two kinds of hectorite organo bentonite produced by Camp Shinning, one is easy to disperse, the other is pre gel type.

In general, for most bentonite thickener, we suggest using active activator.The most direct effect it plays is that it can have a better dispersion under high shear.

Now we will explain the addition steps of polar activator as follows.

At present, most factory are using acetone / water (95/5)as polar activator. The amount of activator is 20% ~ 30% of the weight of bentonite thickener.

First, heat the base oil or oil system to more than 60 ~ 70℃.

Add bentonite while stirring, with the addition amount of 7% ~ 10% of the total formula, and then stir for 5 ~ 10 minutes.

In step 3, we need to add polar activator. The amount of polar national flower is 2% ~ 3% of the total formula, and then add other additives and stir them for 25 ~ 30 minutes. We can discuss the speed in detail.

We recommend that you use a pump to pass the colloid grinding and homogenizer.

The last step is to degass and filter the packaged products to achieve the effect of physical fitness.


1), In order to obtain better gelatin properties, we suggest that the ideal gel performance can be achieved by using high speed dispersant in the lapping machine and prolonging the dispersion time properly.

  • When rheology modifier is applied to grease lubricant, especially at high temperature, it may have good impermeability and water resistance,
  • because the low point of organic bentonite clay as thickener in grease is relatively high.
  • If the addition amount of polar activation system in xylene system is 30 ~ 40% of the weight of organic bentonite clay, the consumption amount we recommend can be adjusted according to your experimental results.

8,Is bentonite an Organoclay?

 The answer may surprise you! Yes, it is. organo clay thickener complex Bentonites structure was converted to organophilic bentonite by intercalation of cationic surfactants into itsspace; two types were synthesized water based (Inorganic bentonite) and solvent based (Oil system).  determine their mineralogy – which can tell us more about them than just “Organocal”.

Attention: Do you know the difference between bentonite and organoclay?

Interest: Bentonite is an organo clay thickener that is used in many industries, including organoclay in paint, medicine, grease lubricant, inks, oil fluids, and agriculture. It has been used for many years to improve thixotropy and settlement resistance. 

Organoclay rheological additive on the other hand is a type of clay that contains organic compounds such as long-chain fatty acids or quaternary ammonium ions. The presence of these organic groups allows it to be more reactive than traditional clays like bentonite. This means it can be used in applications where its properties are beneficial such as oil recovery and polymer modification.

 If you’re looking for an alternative to brand bentonite with similar properties but greater reactivity then organoclays may be just what you need! Camp Shinning offers high quality organoclay drilling products aimed at competitive prices so contact us today if interested! We’d love to hear from you about your project needs!

9,What is organophilic clay?

Interest: Organophilic clay is a type of montmorillonite clay that has been modified with long-chain alkyl groups. It is used in oil drilling, cosmetics, paints, coatings and grease. The organoclay can be dispersed in water or organic solvents to form stable colloidal suspensions or gels. 

These materials have been extensively studied due to their unique structure and properties. Organoclay complex are also known as organophilic clay because they swell in the presence of both organic solvents (such as benzene) and oils (such as kerosene).

 Organoclay is a kind of new functional filler that has been widely used in various fields. It can be dispersed easily in water and oil, which makes it more suitable for the preparation of paint, coating, ink, and other liquid media. In addition to its excellent dispersion performance, hydrosil organoclay has high adsorption capacity due to their large specific surface area.

Therefore they are widely used as fillers in coatings industry. They also play an important role in improving the physical properties such as thickening, thixotropy, suspension of paints or coatings.

 Besides these advantages, properties of organoclay have good compatibility with organic polymers so they can improve the stability of polymer systems by forming a protective colloidal layer on polymer surfaces during processing or storage. This feature is very useful for preparing solvent-free paints or coatings with better anti-settling ability than conventional ones containing no clay at all!

10,How do you make organophilic clay?

The organophilic clay process is an exciting way to introduce elements from one material into another. In this case, the input (bentonite) has been given a new lease of life by being combined with dimethyl dihydrogenated tallow ammonium chloride!

organophilic clay has many uses in the oil and gas industry, such as drilling muds and well cementing. It can also be used to make paints and cosmetics. There are many other applications of bentonite too!

The reaction takes place at high temperatures in order for it be efficient enough but if you want your end result not only last longer but also provided some extra oomph then we recommend using our clays as they’re designed specifically for such applications where there’s demand on durability and strength without compromising on breathability or water absorption rates respectively .

11,What Does Organoclay Do?

In order to rid wastewater of unwanted organic molecules, organoclays are an effective tool. These clays have a special chemical compound added that can bind and remove up to 30-50% dry mass through ion exchange processes with surface bound surfactants called quaternary amines

Organoclay filter is an organically modified clay that has been used in the oil and gas industry as well as other industries. It’s a versatile material with many uses, including its use in drilling mud additives. If you’re interested in learning more about this product, we encourage you to contact us today!

 Camp Shinning is a leading organoclay manufacturer in China.  We understand how important it is to have quality materials that will work effectively within your business or organization so we only provide the best possible service and products available on the market today. Contact us now if you would like to learn more about what we do here at zhejiang Camp Shinning new material co., ltd/organoclay!

12,How to improve organoclay dispersion?

Organo bentonite is a promising material used in improving the performance of concrete and other drilling products. However, dispersion of organoclay particles remains an unsolved problem that negatively affects the quality and properties of concrete. There are two approaches that have been used to improve dispersion. 

The first approach involves improving the dispersant to either increase its ability to disperse the particles, or changing the polymer chain so the particle can associate with it more easily. The second approach uses additives to improve dispersion. One option is adding colloidal silica particles which are hydrophilic and have a high surface area, because their addition would cause clay particles to stay suspended in water longer.

  Do you want to improve the dispersion of your organoclay?

 If so, then you’re in luck! Camp Shinning specializes in improving the dispersibility of organoclays. We use a proprietary process that allows us to disperse even the most difficult organoclays into an easy-to-use slurry for customers. This is just one way we help our customers succeed with their products and processes.

 We also work on developing new materials that are better suited for specific applications than existing ones, which means we can help you adjust the formulation that you need. And if it doesn’t exist yet, we can create it for you!  Don’t wait – contact us today and see how we can make your production easier!

13,Which organoclay polar activator do you recommend?

Propylene carbonate is a polar activator. I recommend this polar activator because it will dissolve the organoclay and also be easy on the environment.

Propylene carbonate.





  • 14,Do you need to find an organoclay polar activator?

 We have organic clay polar activators on the market. Our products are made from high-quality ingredients that will help your product work better than ever before. If you’re looking for a way to improve your product, our organoclay polar activators are just what you need!

 You can choose between several different types of organoclay polar activators depending on which one is best suited for your needs.  

15,What is the price for organoclay?

The price for organoclay varies depending on the supplier and the quality of the product. Generally, though, the price is around $1600 per ton to $2700 per ton.

   Organoclay is a kind of thixotropic agent and suspending agent which has the features of high adsorption capacity, strong adaptability and long-term stability.

 It can be used as catalyst in petroleum cracking, chemical industry, environmental protection and organic synthesis. In addition to its excellent performance as an adsorbent material, organoclay also has good compatibility with various kinds of solvents. 

Therefore it is widely used in oilfield water treatment chemicals such as drilling fluid additives (weighting agent), fracturing fluid additives (thickening agent) and other functional fluids.  

  If you want to know more about our products or company information please contact us at any time! We look forward to your visit! Thank you very much! Welcome again!

16,What is the cost of organoclay

The cost of organoclay depends on the grade and purity of the product. Generally, cheaper grades and lower purities will incur a lower cost.

 Organoclay is an organically modified clay that has been used in the production of various materials. It’s unique properties allow it to be used as a filler, binder, and reinforcing agent in many different types of products. This includes paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, inks,grease and more!

 You can use our organoclay to produce high-quality materials at low costs. We offer free samples so you can see how great this product works before purchasing any large quantities. 

Our company also offers custom formulations if you need something specific or have special requirements for your project. Contact us today to learn more about all the benefits of using organoclay with your next project!

17,How does organoclay work?

Organoclay is a material that is used to improve the properties of clay. It is a type of inorganic polymer and organic bentonite that is used to thicken and stabilize the clay.

 Have you ever wondered what organoclay is?

 Organoclay is a kind of high-performance thickener, which can be used in paints, coatings, inks and greases. It has very good stability under high temperature and pressure. Therefore, they are also called suspending agent, thickener, anti sagging agent or anti settling agent. You can find out more about organoclay here!

 If you’re looking for an effective way to thicken your paint or coating without sacrificing quality or adding weight to the product then look no further than our organoclay products! We offer a wide range of grades that will suit any application from automotive refinish paints to industrial coatings. Click this link now to learn more about how our products work!

18,What is the organoclay applications?

 Organoclay has a wide range of applications. It can be used in adhesives, paints, rubber products and other industries. The main application areas are as follows: paint industry (paint), coating industry (coating), printing ink industry (ink), leather processing industry (leather) and papermaking industry (paper). In addition to these traditional uses, it also has new uses such as oil drilling muds and agricultural chemicals.

If you want to know more about our company or product information, please click here! We will provide you with detailed information about the organoclay market situation and future development prospects! You can also contact us for further details! Thank you for your support! Let’s work together to make this world better!

19,How to make organoclay density testing?

Do you want to know how to make organoclay density testing?

If so, then this article is for you! We’ll teach you everything from what an organoclay is and why it’s important, to the best ways of measuring its density. So buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Bentonite thickener are a type of clay that have been modified with organic molecules such as quaternary ammonium cations or long chain fatty acids. They can be used in many different applications including oil drilling muds, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, paints & coatings and more. The most common way they are measured is by their specific gravity (density). This means that we need a method for determining the weight per unit volume of our sample which will give us a value for its specific gravity. Let’s get started!

20,How does organoclay work?

  Do you know what is Organoclay?

  It’s a kind of functional filler which can be used in the production of paint, oil drilling,grease and inks. The product has many advantages such as low price, high efficiency and environmental protection. In addition, it also has some unique features like good dispersion performance and strong adsorption capacity for organic solvents. What’s more, it can improve the strength of coating film to make it have better durability against settlement resistance and improved thixotropy and levitation. You’ll find that Organoclay will become your best choice!

Desire: If you want to learn more about this amazing new material then click on our ad now! We promise you won’t regret it!

Organoclay supplier and manufacturer

In terms of organoclays properties preparation and applications, Camp Shinning have their own unique experience and methods. These experiences enable our products to play an unusual and denatured role when applied to paints, coatings, inks, greases, and oil fields.

Camp Shinning bentonite can be widely used in different base oils in oilfield drilling, such as mineral oil, synthetic oil, diesel oil, and so on. Grease and ink can also be widely used in these base oils. One thing we must point out is that different base oils have different targeted rheology modifier grades, which can play different functions and different usage requirements.

If it is used in paints or coatings, our bentonite can be widely used in different types of paints and coatings, such as powder coatings, wood paint coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, common coatings, etc. According to their different requirements for transparency and anti-corrosion, we have different models of hectorite recommended to them.

Generally speaking, in the paint industry, organo bentonite have solvent based and water based organoclay. This is also a popular and environmentally friendly product in the market.

  In terms of market experience, Camp Shinning has cooperated with the world’s top manufacturers to continuously improve the bentonite thickener performance and instructions.

We promise to give you a solution as soon as we receive your indicators and requirements, and assist you in completing the operation of the whole project to ensure the perfect display of your product quality.

 Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will provide you with more accurate information for your reference.

Organoclay is a kind of bentonite thickener and organo bentonite.Camp Shinning is a well-known organoclay supplier.In order to remove oil from water,you can contact us to supply you organoclay filter or organo filter. Camp Shinning will guide you how to remove oil from water,how to remove emulsified oil from wastewater.And teach you what is organoclay.In grease industry, Camp -Shinning is a bentonite grease suppliers.

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Camp Shining is one of your best and most famous hectorite organoclay manufacturers in China with good price and wide applications. We have more than 20 years of experience in hectorite production and sales, which makes us a leading organoclay supplier in the world.

If you are looking for a reliable and basic solution, Camp Shinning will be your first choice. We can meet your special requirements for organoclay composition application needs, Adjust the formula to meet your idealized requirements for performance indicators. Please contact us to get the organoclay sds ( MSDS ) and TDS if you want to buy organoclay.

Organoclay (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite ,Looking forward to your inquiry.


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