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Organoclay manufacturers and exporters—- Organoclay rheological additive, Organic Bentonite Clay,modified bentonite,organophilic clay.

Our product range includes : 
ORGANOCLAYS : These are superior and established import substitute rheological additives, gellants and thickeners equivalent to internationally  organoclay rheological additive for all solvent borne systems and water based oils where thickening, gelling, anti setting, anti sagging, body, tack and viscosity controlling characteristics are desired.

The full Organophilic Clay range performs effectively across the aliphatic and aliphatic/aromatic blend of solvents, including low, low – medium, medium – high polarity range with activation as in conventional organoclays and without activation for super and easy dispersion as in 2nd generation organoclay bentonite. Incorporation is simplified to yield consistency and uniformity in major formulations with simple mechanical action (milling / shearing / grinding) and with or without chemical activation (polar solvent) as desired.

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