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Organoclay Cas Number 68953 – 58 -2

Organoclay is a treated bentonite, The organoclay Cas Number 68953 – 58 -2 .

Many end user are looking for China organoclay, they always ask one question, what is organoclay Cas Number ,even what is organoclay HS code. 

 Because these numbers are closely related to the import duties that customers need to pay when they clear customs.

Therefore, they will be very concerned about these numbers and the tariffs that these numbers extend.

As a organoclay supplier , our suggestions are as follows:

1) First, ask the organoclay suppliers to provide the organoclay related technical data sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet.
2) Based on the information provided by the organoclay supplier and the actual situation of the destination country, please carefully study whether this product meets the organoclays CAS number provided by the supplier.
3) Please confirm with the customs clearance agent of the destination country whether the organoclays CAS number you provided is correct ?

Here, we copy a part of the description of the organoclay CAS number on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

1  Identification of the substance and of the company/undertaking

1.1 Product identifier:

Identifacation on the label/Trade name:        Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium Bentonite

Additional identification:                   RHEOLOGICAL ADDITIVE  

Identification of the product             CAS #68953-58-2; EC#273-219-4

Index Number:                                Not available

REACH registration No.:                 Not available

  • Relevant identified uses of the substance and uses advised against:

1.2.1 Identified uses:

Used as Rheological additive.

3  Composition/information on ingredients

    Substance/Mixture:      Substance


Chemical Name Registration No. CAS No. EC No. Concentration
Alkyl Quaternary Ammonium Bentonite N/A 68153-34-4 268-880-0 ≥99%
Quartz(Crystalline silica) N/A 1408-60-7 215-684-8 ≤0.5%

Organoclay HS Code :   38249999.99   (Commodity code )

product description:

The declaration elements are as follows:
1. Chinese name:  organic bentonite | Organoclay
English product name:  Organophilic Clay

Specification: CP series

For paints,Coatings:  Organoclay CP-34,  CP-40 ,CP-10 , CP-10A ,CP-APA , CP- 180, CP-180B , CP-MP, CP-MPB etc

Organoclay Grease : Organoclay CP-40 , CP-MPB , CP- 150

Organoclay Drilling Mud : Organoclay CP- 982 , CP-992 , CP- 150  ,CP-2E ,CP-4, CP-3 , CP-1

Water based organoclay : Organoclay CP-EW , CP-EWS , CP-EWB

2: Ingredient content:
Quaternary ammonium salt intercalation montmorillonite 95.5% crystalline silica 1.5% moisture 3%

3. Physical and chemical properties: off-white powder with slight odor. Slightly soluble in water, PH value: 5~6,

It is weakly acidic melting point: >300ºC, non-toxic, non-flammable and non-explosive, non-hazardous. From quaternary ammonium salt, Mongolia
The de-stone is made by dispersing, purifying, intercalating, filtering, drying and other processes in a ratio of 4 to 5.

4. The weight percentage of rare earth elements: 0%

5. Packaging: Kraft paper bag lined with film bag, 25 kg/bag, 160 bags in total,
A total of 5 pallets.

6. Uses: Used as a thickening rheological agent in coatings, used in water-based or oily systems. It has good thixotropy and can play a role in thickening, anti-settling, and anti-sagging.

7. Brand declaration:

8. CAS NO.:68953-58-2

9. Export benefits: uncertain

If you have any questions about organoclay Cas Number , pls do not hesitate to contact us now. We will mail you Technical data sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet . 

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Organoclay Cas Number 68953 – 58 -2

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