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 5 ways to select organoclay

Organoclay  organophilic clay(here mainly means bentonite or hectorite) is inorganic minerals. After it is modified by quaternary ammonium salt or other organic compound, it become modified bentonite(rheology modifier) which can be dispersed in organic solvent. Due to its perfect thickening and rheology in solvent, it is widely used as rheological additive to effect anti-sag and anti-settling in paints and coatings formulations.


Every manufacturer may have several organophilic clay grades for customers to select. Different source of organoclay plus various ammonium and manufacturing technology give many grades of organoclay.

How to choose a proper grade of rheologiclay additive for your paint formulation? Below we list 5 factors for you to make a correct option.

  1. Which solvent is used in your formulation? Each solvent has solvent polarity, non-polarity, or low polarity,or medium polarity or high polarity. Each grade of organoclay has its suitable polarity range of solvent. For example, CP-180 and CP-10 are suitable for low polaritysolvent; and CP-27 and CP-27A are suitable for medium to high polarity. Customer may read TDS of organoclay to know its suitable polarity range and then select correct grade for your formulation.
  2. To make pre-gel, or add thixotropic agent directly in powder? If your manufacturing procedure in cludes pre-gel, you can select a conventional grade; but if your producing procedure requires to add organoclay directly in powder, you should select an easy-dispersing grade.
  3. Organoclay is thickener in paint formulation. But too high viscosity or too low viscosity is not good for paint. So, a grade of organoclay with proper thickening ability is suitable for your paint formulation.
  4. Polar activator. Normally, in low and medium solvents or solvent mixture, polar activator is required for conventional grades of organoclay to help dispersing. Even for some easy-dispersing grades of organoclay, a small dosage of polar activator is helpful for rheological additive to optimize best performance
  5. Some paints, like finishing, gloss paint, have very high requirement for particle fineness. In this case, you must choose a grade of modified bentonite with high dispersing fineness. Customers can check organophilic clay’s dispersing particle size and select a grade with enough particle fineness.

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 modified montmorillonite, designed especially for use in paints,coatings,inks,lubricant grease and oil drilling mud.

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