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Amine Treated Organophilic Hectorite Clay is our main products. It has another name: Organophilic Clay or Organophilic bentonite. Organophilic Hectorite Clay modified by Amine and use for oil drilling mud and fracturing fluids. 

CAS No. :  68911875

 loss on ignition 36, 5 39, 5 
Brookfield viscosity cp (2% in toluene@50rpm)  220 min 

 drying loss 01 – 3, 0 
Throught 200 mesh       % 95 min

 Organophilic Hectorite Clay is a moderate temperature performance amine-treated Bentonite.Organoclay rheological additive is a cost-effective product, particularly in all-oil, invert diesel and mineral oil based fluids, where sufficient shear is available to achieve full dispersion. Organophilic Hectorite Clay viscosifier is used to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties, providing support for weight materials and improved cutting removal.

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