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API Bentonite is a nontreated bentonite clay. Our bentonite clay also named  montmorillonite clay. montmorillonite clay content reach to > 70%. API Bentonite is a sodium bentonite.The humidity of bentonite clay is within ≤10. Bentonite used for drilling when it meets water. It can increase the viscosity of suspend fluid.

Montmorillonite content > 70%
Tatal sand content 5% max
Humidity 10% max

Bentonite CP-DRI for waterproofing is made of natural clay , whether or not have pollution in water environment, bentonite have a very good waterproof seal performance, expandable run after the soil water volume is 10-15 times as the original. Bentonite is a very tough material to soften the emulsion and can seal cracks in the soil, our bentonite waterproofing powder will not lose its performance by repeated cycle of hydration and frost heave .


  • Good suspension
  • High thixortopy
  • Little filtrated volume
  • Excellent capacity of making mud


CP-DRI is suitable for all type of waterproof.

CP-DRI can also be used as a seal for earthen structures, slurry trenching, tunnel boring and foundation drill.


Kraft paper bag with PE liner 1MT/BAG

 We also produce modified bentonite | organophilic clay,  if you are interesting organoclay, pls mail us.

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