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Bentonite organoclay-Drilling bentonite selection skills

Bentonite organoclay is a special soil that solidifies walls or tunnels during drilling or through the process of special drilling. Bentonite organoclay main function is its role in adsorption and condensation and condensation. However the wall collapse will oftencause many problems in the daily use, or the solidification of the wall is not strong. People are very headache for that troubled things.

How do we solve and discover problems when they occur?

(1) In what ways is it best to begin with an analysis of geological composition before using. Due to different geological conditions and different layers of sand, the using method is different.

(2) The amount of reticular bentonite, 200 mesh is quite different from 325 mesh. From the point of view of drilling hole, different pore size leads to different adhesion rate and curing rate. (3) Whether the product purchased is a drilling grade product.


  • Recommend: When using Bentonite organoclay drilling mud, it is recommended to use double bottom sand drilling tools. Simultaneously, following three principles of slowness (slow drilling, slow drilling, slow drilling)  as entrying into the sand. Bentonite organoclay will help to ensure the wall effect without collapse phenomenon. In the construction, the basic thing is to take care of the mud pond. Because no matter how many piles, the mud pool will not have a large amount of sand, there is no need to clean, especially for the limited municipal pile construction.


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Bentonite organoclay — Drilling bentonite selection skills



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