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Clay bentonite powder | Organoclay

Clay bentonite powder is an organic clay. Organoclay is suitable for drilling fluids with a continuous phase of diesel or mineral oil / crude oil. As suspending agent for oil–based invert emulsion drilling fluids.

 organoclay imparts to the formulation the temperature stable rheology characteristic of organoclays.  

Economical rheology modifier with good thixotropic

Economical rheology modifier is mainly applied for fracturing and oil drilling mud , the appearance is white free flowing powder ,Density: 1.7g/C3, Bulk density is 460g/m3.

Usually, 200# solvent oil , mineral oil or synthetic oil that require the polar activators will have good performance. The polar activators use in our rheology modifier which include water, methanol / Propylene carbonate and ethanol.

Rheology modifier is suitable for low- middle polar aliphatic and aromatic solvent system. In the midium-high polar solvent system ,it can work without polar activator.

Packing: 25Kg/bag, 22.68kg/Bag(50lb),16MT/20FCL with pallet,18MT/20FCL without pallet. 


Viscosifying emulsion drilling fluids based on:

Diesel oil

Crude oil | Mineral oil


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Clay bentonite powder | Organoclay

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