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Clay Thickened Grease, How To Choose it?

Clay Thickened Grease, How To Choose it?

Maybe you always ask yourself this question. Selecting a grease thickener is very very important to your grease application.

Firstly, we have to define what a grease thickener is. Here, we say the lubricant grease thickener is Bentonite organoclay. It is modified bentonite, as a grease additive.

Clay Thickened Grease
Clay Thickened Grease

Clay Thickened Grease : Grease thickener types

Grease thickener types include organic bentonite clay and Inorganic bentonite clay in lubricant grease.

organic bentonite clay is a solvent based organoclay which uses for solvent based grease, Inorganic bentonite clay is a water based organoclay bentonite that is used for water-based grease lubricant.

  •  Inorganic grease thickeners,It is mainly used in the water-borne system.

The advantage   

  • Its gel is transparent and of light color
  • Prevents pigment settling
  • High thixotropy, Good anti-sag property
  • High gelling effectiveness, CP-EW can form gel even at 2% in water
  • Easy dispersing

Clay Thickened Grease : Properties

Fineness (<74μm, %)           ≥98%
Composition      Inorganic modified montmorillonite clay
Viscosity, 3% in water, mPa.S   ≥1500
Bulk density     0.40~0.60g/cm3
Moisture content (105℃,2hr)  ≤10%
Appearance   Fine powder, white

Lubricant Grease thickener is “the solid particles,  it is uniformly dispersed to form the structure of lubricating grease.

Lubricant Grease thickener also could use for water-borne sealant, adhesive.

  • Bentonite thickener grease | Organic grease additives
    Bentonite thickener grease CP-720A is a kind of treated bentonite , purified and modified organoclay rheological additive, designed especially for use in Grease.
  • Properties
    Composition Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay
         Fineness (<74μm, %)           ≥98%
    Bulk density     0.42g/cm3
      Loss on ignition (1000℃)       34%-36%
         Appearance     Fine powder, light yellow
            Moisture content (105℃,2hr)            ≤3.5%


  • High efficiency
  • The gel is of light colour and high clarity
  • Easy to use, no need to pregel
  • Eliminate polar activator
  • Consistent development of rheology
  • Can be used to post correct


Organic Bentonite thickener grease CP-720A is used in the following applications:

  • Grease Lubricant(the base oil is synthetic oil such as middle-high viscosity petroleum, mineral oil, diester oil, polyester oil, vegetable oil etc.)
  • Wood coating

The base oil of bentonite grease


When our Clay Thickened Grease use for synthetic oils, such as vegetable oil, polyester oil.The grease will has high gelling efficiency, fine thixotropy, and perfect anti-settling.

Mineral Oil, Our CP-250A could use for it with good thixotropy, and perfect anti-settling.

Diesel oil, Our Bentonite thickener grease CP-40 could use for diesel oil. It has good dispersibility, thixotropy, and anti-settling, the gel is colorless and of high clarity.

When it is used in Grease Lubricant, polar activator is needed. Polar activator is acetone/water(95/5).

The dosage of activator is 20%-30% of the weight of CP-720A. And also high shear can promote the dispersing of CP-720A.

The procedure of Adding Clay Thickened bentonite grease are as follows:

  1. If condition permits, heat the base oil to 60~70℃
  2. Add Clay Thickened Grease while stirring, addition level is 7%-10% of the total formulation. Stir  5~10minutes
  3. Add polar activator, addition level is 2%-3% of the total formulation. Then add other additives, stir 25~30m
  4. Use pump to help it pass colloid grinding and homogenizer.
  5. Deair, filtrate, pack.

Note: With High-speed dispersant of grinding machine, and properly prolong the dispersing time, better gelatin performance can be reached.

The Lubricating grease which uses organoclay as grease thickener will own a high dropping point.

thus can be used under high temperature and presents good impermeability and water resistance.

So, why we always say that selection of a grease thickener is so important . A grease thickener can improve your grease’s quality and operating temperature, l and material stability.

Thus, it is key you determine which grease thickener is best suited for use in your specific application bentonite grease.

Organically bentonite Clay Thickened Grease can produce high – temperature resistance.

It affects good working stability and water resistance to the greases. And it gives improved metal adhesion and bleeds resistance.

The basic oils grease will determine which types of bentonite organoclay should be selected.


What is Bentonite Grease Used for?

Organoclay is a type of clay that has been treated with quaternary ammonium groups or long-chain fatty acids.

It is used as a thickener in cosmetics and paints, coatings, inks, and grease, as well as an additive in drilling mud to reduce fluid loss.

It can be used to thicken water-based paints without making them less transparent. It can be used as an ingredient in drilling fluids in the oil industry (mud).

The addition of organoclays reduces the permeability of low porosity rocks by blocking pore throats caused by swelling in response to hydrocarbon fluid contact.

This property makes them useful for wellbore sealing applications, where they are commonly known as “drilling mud additives.”

They are also known to help stabilize emulsions like crude oil/water mixtures. When used in hydraulic fracturing, organoclays have been shown to be effective at removing pollutants from soil and groundwater (“fracking”).

When these Clay Thickened Grease come into contact with oils or organic solvents, they swell, making them ideal for absorbing spills of these materials on land or water surfaces.

When mixed into paints, they increase opacity while allowing light transmission, resulting in brighter colors that last longer than traditional paint pigments alone.

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