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Hectorite clay for oil based drilling mud | Fracturing

Hectorite clay has excellent suspension and thixotropy in aqueous solution, when the external mixing is applied, the suspension liquid of organophilic clay exhibits good fluidity. After stopping stirring, organophilic clay will arrange itself into a solid network structure gel without sedimentation and water separation. organophilic clay is especially suitable for oil based drilling mud. organophilic clay are the most basic lipophilic colloids and indispensable additives in oil-based drilling fluid, which can not only improve the viscosity and shear force of drilling fluid, but also reduce the loss fluid in oil-based drilling mud and Fracturing.

In order to recommend correct grade to end-user, to learn the base oil is very important. The base oil include diesel oil, mineral oil and synthetic oil .The mineral oil and synthetic oil also called white oil in the market. 

Secondary, the better to learn what grade of organoclay are they used by end-user? Because we have many different kinds of organophilic Hectorite clay to replace many famous organic bentonite grades in the world.

 Therefore, organophilic Hectorite clay is used in grease, oil drilling mud or fracturing, we need to know the above two points.

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