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Lignite Powder Suppliers | Organophilic Lignite

Lignite Powder Suppliers Zhejiang Camp – Shinning New Material Co.Ltd supply Organophilic Lignite. Lignite powder is an amine treated lignite powder.

Lignite Powder Suppliers Organophilic Lignite
Lignite Powder Suppliers Organophilic Lignite

 Organophilic Lignite For Oil Drilling Fluids

Organophilic Lignite is used for filtration control in oil based drilling fluids with good thermal stability and compatibility, effectively controlling filtrate loss, thus reducing costs.

Items Specification
Appearance Black Powder


Lignite powder supplier
Lignite powder supplier 

Usage & Dosage

  1. Organic Lignite is used for filtration control mainly in oil based drilling fluids, and is compatible with other oil drilling additives.
  2. Suggested dosage is about 3.0-5.0%.


1.Organic Lignite is usually kept in a compound or multi-wall bags, with each net weight 25kg,22.7(50lb), 14MT/20FCL with pallet. 
2. Special packages are available based on customers’ requirements.
3. Every 20-feet container can hold 12-14tons.


  1. Organophilic Lignite should be kept in shady, dry and ventilated warehouse whereenvironment temperature is controlled below 60 centdegree and relative humidity is under50%.The expiration period is 12 months.

2.Organophilic Lignite should be prevented from sun and rain, and positioned in some place away from heat and fire; the recommendation for bag piles is no more than 8 layers.

  1. Safety
  2. Avoid contacting with eyes, skin and clothing. Otherwise, wash with a flush of water.
  3. Refer to Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete handling and hazard data.


The information on use is based on data which are believed reliable, but any recommendation or suggestion made is without guarantee or warranty, since the conditions of use are outside our control. All products are sold on the conditions that purchasers shall make their own tests to determine the suitability of such products for their purpose and that all risks are assumed by user. We disclaim any responsibility for damages resulting from careless or improper handling or use. Nothing herein is to be taken as permission, inducement or recommendation to practice any patented invention without a license.

Organophilic lignite

Organophilic lignite that has been coated with a lignite chemical that renders it dispersible in oil. Sometimes, the treatment is accomplished with a kind of quaternary amine compound.

  • Advantages of organophilic lignite powder:

  • Provides emulsion stability at high temperatures
  • Controls HTHP filtrate
  • Increases the stability of drilling fluids to temperatures above 380 F

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