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OBM Organophilic Clay Viscosifier For Slurry In Fracturing Fluids 

OBM Organophilic Clay Viscosifier can be used not only for slurry in fracturing fluids , but also for oil-based mud.Usually, our Organophilic bentonite is used in combination with guar gum and friction reducer in fracturing fluid. So organoclay is a slurry additive in fracking. To improves cuttings carrying and hole cleaning capacity , increases emulsion stability, aids control of fluid loss to the formation and suspends weighting materials and other solids .

In the process of modifying organoclay bentonites, different organoclay bentonite amines can be used to modify them according to different systems and requirements, so that they can be applied to different polar solvents and systems with different dispersion performance. OBM Organo clay Viscosifier CP series could be used in different system. 

Composition                                       Organically modified bentonite clay
Appearance                                        Off white to tan free-flowing powder
Moisture content (105℃,2hr)                 ≤4%
Particle size (150 mesh)                        ≥98%
Specific Gravity                                     1.7
Bulk Density, kg/m3                                     500
30% Diesel Oil Gel, 600rpm, CP            ≥30
30% Diesel Oil Gel, Yield Point            About 8

 Base oil:
Diesel Oils 
Crude Oils
Mineral Oils
Synthetic Oil

Viscosifying drilling Fluids:
Oil based drilling fluids
Invert emulsion fluids
Workover fluids
Completion fluids
Casing packs
Packer fluids
Spotting fluids

Fracking fluids

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