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Organic Bentonite | Organoclay for oil drilling mud

Rheology modifier Organoclay bentonite for oil-based drilling mud . Tetraallkyl Ammonium Bentonite CAS: 68911-87-5  H.S.: 38249999

Rheological additive Product Descriptions:

1, Good suspension, thixotropy and stability in crude oil, diesel and synthetic oil systems

2, Easy of incorporation, No need for polar activator or making pre-gel.

3, Furnish the drilling mud (fluid) with good suspension, wall-protection and anti-filtration properties.

4, Maintain stable physical performance under the high pressure at the temperature of 230℃.

Technical Specification:

Item Index              Appearance        Free flowing

powder Color        Light yellow          Density 1.7g/cm3

Moisture (105℃,2hrs)      3.5% max

Particle size (pass 200mesh)    98% min Rate of colloidal 95% min

Heavy metal (as Pb) 15mg/kg max As content 5mg/kg max


Oil-in-water oil drilling mud Oil based stick free drilling mud

Packing & Storage: 25kg PP bag with PE liner

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