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 Organic Bentonite used to waterborne coatings 

Thickener organoclay  can increase the viscosity and improve the rheological properties in water based coatings, which is essential in the production of coatings. Each kind of coating has its requirements of convective denaturation. For example, in storage , the emulsion paint should have a high viscosity to prevent stratification and precipitation; in the construction stage, the emulsion paint is subject to the external force of high shear rate, which requires a low viscosity. It is not dragged when brushing, and it is well atomized when spraying, and there is no splash when rolling. After coating, the shear disappears, and the viscosity recovers but not too fast, so that it has enough leveling time. This requires a suitable thickener to change the viscosity of the paint. Organic Bentonite, as an inorganic thickener, has a certain degree of application in the coating production. Its characteristics are significant thickening effect and suspension, which can make the coating thixotropic, easy to store and construction.

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