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Organic derivative bentonite clay is an rheological additive.It designed for low to intermediate polarity organic systems.

Organic derivative bentonite clay is off-white to white powder.the moisture is 3%(max),the density is 1.7g/cm3.

Properties of organic bentonite clay include increases viscosity ,provides thixotropy, improves flow and leveling and prevents syneresis in thixotropic systems.

Application of organic bentonite clay include dip coatings, adhesives , greases,paint stripper pastes,printing inks,wood preservatives and finishing systems and anti-corrosive paints.It also could use for road marking paints and bituminous compositions.

Rheological Additive for Low to mediate Polarity Organic Systems.

Storage recommendations stored in  a cool, dry location.

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We also produce organophilic clay , organophilic lignite and Emulsifier | Primary  Emulsifier , Secondary Emulsifier .

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