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Organic modified bentonite clay for diesel based invert drilling fluids

Organic modified bentonite clay is suitable for drilling fluids with a continuous phase of diesel or crude oil. Organic bentonite clay imparts to the formulation the temperature stable rheology characteristic of organoclays. Ideal for well site application.

Organic bentonite clay is a most cost-effective organobentonite viscosifier and suspending agent for oil–based invert emulsion drilling fluids.

organobentonite viscosifier drilling fluids based on:

Diesel oil

Crude oil


Cost-effectively builds viscosity and yield point

Suspends weighting materials and other solids

Improves cuttings carrying capacity and hole cleaning

Increases emulsion stability

 Packing:  25Kg/Bag, 22.68Kg(50lb)/Bag, 16MT/20FCL with pallet. 22MT/40FCL with pallet.

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