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Organoclay Activator | Organoclay Polar Activator

You should be noted that adding a small amount of organoclay activator when using a low-polarity system can achieve a better dispersion effect. It has excellent thixotropy and anti-sagging properties in the system.

Organoclay Activator , in the medium and high polarity systems,it need not any activator. Fast shearing can be dispersed.

Organoclay is directly put in dry powder before adding pigments and fillers. After the addition is complete, high-speed shearing or grinding is required. Adding an organoclay polar activator to a specific system will greatly improve the gel effect. The amount of organoclay polar activator added can be adjusted according to the system, generally 20-40% of the weight of organoclay.

In oil drilling mud, Propylene carbonate is our first recommendation.

A chemical polar activator may be needed in some systems to ensure full development of rheological properties. In invert muds, where water is present in the mud, it acts as the activator, and a separate activator is not needed.

The following Organoclay activators have proved effective for our oil drilling grade organoclay rheological additive.

Organoclay chemical activators Use level as percentage of organoclay weight
Methanol/water (95/5) 30 %
Propylene carbonate 30 %
Propylene carbonate/water (95/5) 30 %

The level of use depends on the rheological properties needed, and on the type of base oil being used. Pilot trials are recommended to optimize performance before field use.

All Oil Mud Performance:

Brookfields and Yields will increase if an activator is used.

Sometimes,our testing properties developed in formulations without an organoclay polar activator. 

The step of adding organoclay activator is required.

Some end users have used our recommended activator, the experimental results are still not ideal. Many people speculate that there is a problem with the amount of organoclay activator added.

In fact, the addition step of the organoclay rheological additive activator is a key factor in the experimental results.
Because our organoclay rheological additive is covered with a layer of film, if the organoclay activator and organoclay rheological additive are added to the experimental procedure at the same time, the organoclay activator can produce an ideal chemical reaction with the organoclay rheological additive.

But if our organoclay rheological additive is added, other paints additives or grease additives or oil drilling additives are directly added instead of the activator, then the other activators will react with our organoclay rheological additive and destroy the film on our organoclay rheological additive. When the organoclay activator is added again, the activator cannot produce the desired effect with the organoclay rheological additive.

Therefore, we suggest that when adding the organoclay activator, we must add our organoclay rheological additive at the same time, and do not let other additives mix into this step.

Packaging, storage and transportation:

The outer packaging is kraft paper bag, the inner packaging is double-layer packaging of polyethylene film bag, or the valve mouth paper bag packaging.

The weight is usually 25±0.25kg or according to user requirements, stored under dry conditions, the temperature is 0℃~30℃,  The validity period is 12 months.

The above article clearly recommends which organoclay activator should be selected when organoclay is used in paints, greases, ink and oil fields? And the step of adding organoclay activator.

If you have more questions about the application of organoclay rheological additive, please contact us now. Our technical department will give you the most beneficial help.

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Organoclay Activator | Organoclay Polar Activator

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