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Organoclay bentonite for Grease Lubricant with good dispersion

Today, one of our Argentine grease end-user told us that our Organoclay for Grease Lubricant are very successfully,it passed the experiment in the application of grease in their factory. He pointed out that our Organoclay for Grease Lubricant has a good dispersion and Thixotropic, the purity of the Organoclay exceeded their expectations.

Therefore, they decided to order our Organoclay starting from the second quarter of 2020. Here, we share with more grease factories that our Organoclay can be used for white oil system, synthetic oil system ,vegetable oil and diesel system of grease. If you are interested in our Organoclay for grease,

please tell us  belows infomation:

1),Whether you use propylene carbonate or ethanol as the activator?

2),Tell us about the base oil system of your grease.Is it white oil system, synthetic oil system or diesel system?

3), If you can tell us the grade of Organoclay bentonite you have used , this will greatly help us determine the best grade for you to use.

We look forward to working with more grease factories to provide our most cost-effective organoclay bentonite for grease lubricant.

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