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Organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive is utilized in solvent based systems,It including low to inter mediate to higher polarity range of organic liquids.

organoclay bentonite is  a thixotropic agent and thickener,

It is in paints, inks and adhesives and grease lubricant.

Applications: Rheological additive can be used in inks, paints ,sealant and adhesives, cosmetics and grease and replacement of fumed silica.  

Advantages :

  • High gelling efficiency,
  • Easy dispersing,
  • It produces reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range Impart sparticle suspension
  • preventing hard settling of pigment 
  • Fillers Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder system.

Typical Properties

Composition                                         Organic derivative of bentonite

Color very light cream                            Form Free flowing powder

Loss on Ignition, (LOI)%                            37 Max

Fineness, through No. 200 sieve %           99 min

Specific weight g/cm3                                1.7

Moisture Content, %                                   3.5 Max

Storage stability:

24 Months,two years if stored dry in unopened original packing at temperature between 0°C-30°C.

Organoclay (bentonite) rheological additive can be incorporated into organic liquids using either high shear or high speed dispersing equipment.

The polar activator,we recommend  propylene carbonate,methanol/water (95/5), ethanol water (95/5), or acetone.

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