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Organoclay Bentonite Solvent Based Rheological Additive 

CP Series Organoclay bentonite Use Methods

CP series organoclay is made by excellent raw bentonite with the processing of highly purified, modified and exchange into organic covering additives, it is a sheet structure organoclay, if you want the organoclay bentonite  to play a better performance, you need to separate its sheet-structure as much as possible. This process usually needs to be provided with heat energy ,mechanical energy, and chemical Energy .

Use Methods

Dry powder method:

Dry powder method is that add the dry powder directly into the system during the production process.It doesn’t need the polar activator, such as CP-10, CP-APA, CP-MP10 ect

Pre-gel method :

For poor wettability resin systems (such as epoxy, polyester, short oil alkyd resin etc.) it is better to use CP series organoclay bentonite by pre gel.

  • Composed of pre gel: solvent 85%, organoclay bentonite 8-10%, polar activator 3-4 %.
  • Preparation of pre gel: solvent and organoclay bentonite(mixed 10min, fully wettability),then add the polar activator (stirring for 5 min,full expansion).

Moisture organoclay

Organoclay bentonite must have enough moisture to develop into a network structure pre gel, the water molecules forming a bridge for the network structure, so the organoclay bentonite should not be too dry, the general moisture content should be around 3.5%, polar additives should not use anhydrous, the suitable content of the polar additives is appropriate 95% (the moisture is 5%).

Activating agent

acetoneThe polar additive can help the sheet-layer structure Organoclay bentonite easily form a layer-sheet structure, thus formed a thixotropic gel,polar additives such as ethanol, methanol, , propylene, carbonate, the add amount of polar additives is generally 30%-50% of the organoclay bentonite.


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