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Organoclay for oil drilling

Organoclay is widely used in oil drilling mud. It is the most basic lipophilic colloid in oil-based drilling fluids and an indispensable additive.Organoclay for oil drilling,  it can not only increase the viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid, but also reduce Filter loss of oil-based drilling fluid.

Organoclay for drilling mud has the characteristics of good suspension, thixotropy, low fluid loss and good wall-building performance. Organoclay is an ideal basic material for petroleum drilling engineering.


Advantage Of Organoclay For Drilling Mud

The main component of organoclay bentonite is montmorillonite clay, which has long been used as a slurry-making material for oilfield drilling fluids.

1),It can adjust density,

2),Improve fluid viscosity,

3),Carry and suspend drill cuttings

4),And stabilize well walls.

5),Cooling and flushing the drill bit.

In the rapid economic development, oil exploration and drilling work continues to deepen, and more and more deep wells and ultra-deep wells are encountered, and complex geological environments are emerging one after another.

Especially high temperature and high salt have always been problems that drilling work must face, and it is also drilling the key points and difficulties of the research on fluids.

For drilling operations under such geological conditions, it is more difficult to use the well-developed clean drilling fluid or solid-free drilling fluid system. Generally, the traditional water with organoclay bentonite as the thickening agent is used. Base drilling fluid.

organoclay bentonite

The main role of organoclay for drilling mud (oilfield drilling) engineering is to make slurry. The oilfield drilling engineering industry pays great attention to the slurry making rate of bentonite.

The organoclay produced by organoclay supplier Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material Co.Ltd can effectively increase the slurry making rate in the process of oilfield drilling.

Organoclay Used In The Oil Drilling Industry

Organoclay bentonite is a lipophilic clay made by the action of hydrophilic bentonite and quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant.

organophilic bentonite clay
organophilic bentonite clay

Organoclay for oil drilling mud is easily dispersed in oil to promote viscosity and suspend barite, which can make the mud have good suspending, layer-carrying, wall-protecting and anti-filtrate effects.

Usually adding 2g-3g of organoclay bentonite to 90ml – 100ml of drilling fluid can suspend about 195g of barite powder.

Organoclay bentonite CP-982 and organophilic clay CP-150 ,  for petroleum drilling mud (special for white oil | mineral oil and diesel oil )
It has good lubricity and prevents the shaft wall from falling off, collapsing and plugging and lubricating various shields such as tunnels.

NOTE: Petroleum drilling: Organoclay for oil drilling ,the bentonite is used in oilfield. It can be equipped with oil machine mud and auxiliary card agent to increase mud consistency and improve mud dispersion and suspension.

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Use Of Bentonite Slurry In Oil Drilling 

In the process of oilfield drilling, if the construction is performed in a large

wellbore over 290mm, we need to pay special attention. On the one hand, we need to control the formation of mud well and not make the content of organoclay bentonite in the drilling fluid too high.

On the other hand, the amount of additives should be appropriate. Avoid low organoclay rheological additive content, resulting in low viscosity and shear force of the drilling fluid, and weak suspension and carrying capacity.

If the drilling fluid engineer can well control the condition of the drilling equipment, fully understand the lithology of the formation, and master the time between the large cycle and the small cycle.

Prepare the drilling fluid in advance, so as to avoid the passiveness of the working procedures in the drilling, resulting in the performance of the drilling fluid not reaching the initial expectations.

Laboratory identification method of organoclay bentonite

 Add 5 grams of bentonite to 100 grams of distilled water and stir with a high-speed mixer 15min, without any treatment agent, test its performance to reach
The following standards
1), Plastic viscosity PV:       16mPas
2), Apparent viscosity AV:   19mPas
3),   Yield Point (YP):
4), Static cutting force G10s/10min:  0-13Pa
5), Filtration loss (1MPa, 30min):  15m
6), Density:   2.5g/cm3
7), Fineness (200 mesh sieve):

In the exploration area and the desert hinterland, shallow groundwater is relatively abundant, but most of the water , It is brine with a salinity greater than 5000~10000ppm.

CP series organoclay CP-992 has good performance in oil drilling mud.

Due to salt content higher, even with high-quality organoclay bentonite, a bentonite slurry with better performance cannot be made the on-site drilling fluid engineer must immediately take water samples for analysis and testing after arriving at the well site.

If the water has high salinity (generally the content is greater than 4900ppm), use
On-site water slurry distribution will be very difficult.

At this time, on-site drilling fluid engineers have two types Methods:

(1) Require relevant parties to send fresh water to prepare slurry;

(2) use salt resistance soil mixing slurry.

  • In the process of organoclay for oil drilling mud, in the oil field and the beach waters and other individual freshwater is lacking the general practice of drilling fluid during the drilling construction process:
    Use on-site water; if you need bentonite slurry, it is best to use fresh water with

    organoclay manufacturers
    organoclay manufacturers

    high concentration swelling
    The soil slurry is fully pre-hydrated and then added to the drilling fluid as needed to achieve to improve the performance of drilling fluid.

The Preparation Procedure Of Bentonite Slurry are as follows

(1) Determine what kind of organoclay bentonite to use.
(2) According to drilling fluid requirements , and organoclay bentonite types, use the following formula. To calculate the required amount of organoclay bentonite, water and soda ash required
(3) Put water into the container, and add the calculated amount first under stirring conditions soda ash

4),Then slowly add the calculated amount of organoclay bentonite, stir thoroughly
after the bottom, it can be aged for 20 hours.

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Organoclay for oil drilling

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