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Organoclay Manufacturers In China

Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material CO.Ltd is an Organoclay manufacturers in China. As an organoclay suppliers in China. We mainly produce organoclay rheological additive bentonite.

Some importer contact organoclay supplier india ,  to compare quality and price with Organoclay manufacturers in China.

Here 10 Tips To Help You Find Good Organoclay Manufacturers In China .

Based on our 20 years experience in the field of organoclay rheological additive bentonite.  We would like to give you the following suggestions, hoping to help more ORGAOCLAY bentonite purchasers.

How to choose organoclay supplier in China?
How to choose organoclay supplier in China?

Here we lists some suggestion to you for your reference. 

1), Your Organoclay manufacturers in China should have a long production history . For examples, Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Material CO.Ltd has 20 years experience in the field of organoclay.

In this relatively long history, our technical department has accumulated a wealth of practical experience. At the same time, in repeated market explorations, our customers have put forward many valuable opinions to us, which has improved our quality time and time again.

All quality improvements are based on our technical department, as well as a large number of repeated tests and organoclay uses of our products among end users.

2),Advanced organoclay rheological additive testing equipment is an important link. Through these equipment, we can effectively ensure that the quality of our organoclay is controlled within a reasonable range.

So Organoclay manufacturers in China need to have relatively complete testing equipment, such as testing yield point dispersion, viscometer, testing moisture, etc.

3), Rich experience is a symbol of the strength of Organoclay manufacturers in China.

When our importers demand , suppliers can provide the demand characteristics of this market at the first time, to help customers avoid unnecessary confusion.

Especially in the oil drilling field and fracturing fluids, Mineral oil, diesel oil and synthetic oil need different organoclay bentonite.

which can help customers shorten the selection time according to the experience of Organoclay manufacturers in China.


organoclays supplier
organoclays supplier


Because these world-class purchasers, to a large extent, help suppliers in the improvement of product quality.

4), Finally, we believe that good organoclay suppliers need to provide organic clay purchasers with every progress before and after delivery.

5),Your Organoclay manufacturer in China needs to make final inspection and retention samples for each batch of organoclay before delivery.

In order to maintain the consistency of organoclay quality in subsequent orders.

And at the same time, when product quality problems occur, the root cause of product quality problems can be found, rather than simply relying on speculation.

6),Your organic clay supplier needs to provide you with the quality analysis report for each batch of organic clay.

Provide the corresponding documents for the organic soil purchaser.

and provide theoretical support for the end buyer in the production of paint, coating, grease, ink, oilfield drilling.

7),Your organoclay suppliers need to offer you competitive prices to ensure that you can beat your competitors in the market competition.

8),Your organoclay suppliers needs to provide you with a better payment method.

So that you can provide better payment support to customers in the competition.

9),The delivery time of organoclay is also particularly important, especially in the peak purchasing season.

Punctual delivery time can keep terminal customers well.

10, Among all the elements, providing stable quality of organoclay is the first important factor.

  In this regard, many Chinese suppliers like to publicize that their factories are the best in China and the top in China.

In fact, we think that there is no grade of organoclay could say best.

To maintain the stability of organoclay quality and consistency are the primary goal whatever for organoclay supplier or organoclay buyer.


11, Good pre-sale and after-sales service is a strong guarantee for establishing a cooperative relationship. 

Pre-sale — You need suppliers to provide you with professional organoclays knowledge and analysis of different markets.

Especially in the application, we need to pay attention to the details in the test phase.

such as how to control the viscosity, how to improve dispersion, how to effectively replace the international well-known grades and so on.

12,One of the small tips is that the organoclay bentonite supplier is willing to provide you with free samples for end-user testing.

13),Whether your Chinese supplier has its own raw ore of bentonite , it is very important.

Because having its own original supplier can effectively guarantee organoclay quality and organoclay cost, and provide you with good organoclay prices, which is very important in your end market.

So if your Organoclay manufacturer in China has his own bentonite mine, which can effectively control the organoclay cost , the quality and delivery time of products for you.

For example, the production and to which step, such as delivery, the ship of ETD, ETA.

organoclay supplier

To : All organoclay importer,

Organoclay manufacturers in China , Zhejiang Camp-Shinning New Materials Co.Ltd as a professional organoclay manufacturer, we are willing to share with you all the information related to Organoclay manufacturers in China  .

If you have any question or suggestion,pls do not hesitate to contact us.

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Organoclay manufacturers in China

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