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How To Find A Good Organoclay manufacturers ?

Are you looking for an organoclay manufacturer ? Are you looking for organoclay manufacturers from China? What kind of organoclay manufacturers do you want to cooperate with?

As a Chinese organoclay manufacturer with more than 20 years of production and sales experience, we hope that the following information can give you some valuable support.

When you search for organoclay manufacturers on the Internet, the Internet will give you many recommendations for organoclay manufacturers. There are many organoclay manufacturers from China, and some organoclay manufacturers  are from India.

Here, we have a subject on how to find high quality Chinese organoclay manufacturers. Of course, this information is worth learning whatever you are looking for organoclay manufacturers in India or organoclay manufacturers from other countries in the world.

Many organoclay importers call organoclay bentonite rheological additive. In fact, bentonite is a big category. It includes untreated raw bentonite clay, as well as bentonite after organic modification and treatment.

This is what we usually call modified bentonite organoclay rheological additive, which is the thickening rheology after modification by the organoclay manufacturer.  

So, how to find organoclay manufacturers from China?

We believe that the following points can help many organoclay buyers and organoclay importers to find organoclay manufacturers in China.

1) To find organoclay manufacturers through professional exhibitions. Currently,  which exhibitions are professional and recommended by us?

According to the application of organoclay,currently bentonite rheological additive is mainly used in paint coatings,Inks,grease lubricants , oilfield drilling and fracturing.

Therefore, if you are looking for organoclay bentonite rheological additive that can be applied to paints and coatings, we suggest participating in the China Coat  Show.

This exhibition is a very authoritative exhibition in the field of paints and coatings. It has been 25 years since its inception. This exhibition is one year in Guangzhou and one year in Shanghai  .

Most organoclay manufacturers choose this exhibition to promote their organoclay bentonite rheological additive. Every year, Zhejiang Camp-Shinning  New Material Co., Ltd. attend in this exhibition and display organoclay bentonite rheological additive.

Of course, the European Coatings Show and the Middle East Coatings Show are also very professional exhibitions. It is worth for everyone to attend these exhibitions to find better organoclay suppliers.

If you are looking for bentonite organoclay rheology modifier and organoclay manufacturers for oilfield drilling mud.

Well, several major oil exhibitions are worth visiting. The largest is the American Petroleum Show in Houston, USA, as well as the Russian Petroleum Show and the Canadian Petroleum Show. These exhibitions, Zhejiang Camp Shin’ning New Materials Co., Ltd. has very good exhibiting experience.

Many authoritative oilfield service companies in the exhibition  to look for organoclay manufacturers with whom they can cooperate at these exhibitions.


If you missed these exhibitions, then you can contact the exhibitors on the websites through these exhibition websites. Most of these exhibitors will give timely responses, especially organoclay suppliers from China, who are very diligent and dedicated.

2) You can also find organoclay manufacturers through the Internet. Just like you find our website now. 

Usually, professional organoclay bentonite manufacturers will have a more professional website belonging to their own company.

which will not only introduce the company’s information, but also have a lot of information about organic bentonite clay organoclay rheological additive .

In the process of browsing the website, if you have any questions, you can email us immediately ( [email protected] ), and we will give you the fastest reply within 24 hours. Whatsapp / Cell / Whatsapp : +86-13185071071

3) You can also get to know the location and contact information of Chinese organoclay manufacturers through the Chamber of Commerce in China.

However, compared with the above two methods, the above two methods to find organoclay manufacturers are more intuitive and faster.

What are the key points that a high quality organoclay manufacturer must have?

Next, let’s discuss what characteristics a high-quality Chinese organoclay manufacturer must possess?

1) Whether the organoclay manufacturer has obtained ISO certification? Because if the organoclay factory with ISO certification, when the production and management company runs, they will strictly follow the ISO system standards. The advantage of this is that it can effectively regulate the quality control of each employee.

Our company: Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co., Ltd. is a company with ISO certification.

In the process of producing and selling organic bentonite clay organoclay, it operates in strict accordance with the requirements of the ISO system, which can give our customers the greatest quality assurance.

2) Whether the organo clay manufacturers has its own bentonite ore. Because if  you have your own bentonite ore will involve the quality control of the bentonite organo clay rheological additive , and control the organoclay price.

Even the delivery date of the entire bentonite organo clay rheological additive.

Therefore, try to find an organoclay manufacturers who have their own bentonite ore, which is a key consideration when purchasing organoclay.

Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co., Ltd. has its own bentonite ore, which can relieve your worries when purchasing.

3) Does the organoclay manufacturer have experience in cooperating with major international buyers?

For example, at Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co., Ltd.,We have a lot of successful cooperation experience with world-renowned buyers. Whatever the organoclay of application in paints and coatings, or the application of organoclay in oilfield drilling mud。

In order to protect the purchasing information of our cooperating customers, we do not disclose their company names here.

However, those experiences of cooperation have helped us very well, whether it is technical adjustments to our organoclay, or in-depth understanding of a target country’s market, we have a wealth of experience.

We are willing to share these experiences with our customers and improve together.

The above are the main points that a high-quality organoclay supplier | organoclay manufacturer  should have.

From a professional point of view, we need to pay special attention to how high-quality organoclay suppliers control the quality of organoclay bentonite.

4) In terms of the quality control of organic bentonite clay, in the production process, Zhejiang Camp Shinning New Material Co., Ltd. will conduct strict inspections for every production process, and make clear records of the inspection time and the inspection items.

Only on the premise of passing the quality can we enter the next link of production.

5) Before shipment, the inspector will conduct final pre-shipment inspection on each batch of organoclay bentonite rheological additive, and will only arrange shipment when the quality is fully within the standard range.

At the same time, as a very important link, we will keep samples and seal each batch of organoclay rheological additive.

Ensure that in the follow-up operation, if a problem occurs, the root cause can be investigated.

6) During the shipment  , we will take photos and video to our customers.

So that our customers can clearly know the details of our loading.

Photos and videos will clearly record the details of our packaging, such as the number of pallets, the number of packages per pallet, etc.

 If you are looking for an organoclay manufacturer and are eager to get a good organoclay price and technical support, please contact us now.

We are willing to use our past 20 years of experience to help you achieve a successful purchase of organoclay bentonite clay.

We invite you visit our factory and give us your valuable opinions so that we can improve together. Thank you.

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