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Can organoclay | organic bentonite be added to base oils?

organoclay | organic bentonite and fillers designed to improve certain properties of the grease can be added. Grease can be attached to the vertical table at normal temperature. Generally, most of the greases use medium-viscosity and high-viscosity mineral oils as base oils, and some are suitable for use in harsh surfactants (such as dimethyl octadecane). The organophilic bentonite | Rheological Additives treated with benzyl ammonium chloride and amino amide is thickened with medium viscosity or high viscosity mineral oil, and is suitable for lubrication of vehicle chassis, steering rudder, universal joint, water pump, wheel hub and bearing.

(1) The modifier rheology does not change like the phase transition of the soap. Therefore, the #Organoclay bentonite grease has no dropping point, and the high temperature property is determined only by the high temperature resistance of the surfactant. A typical organic bentonite grease can be used at 150 ° C or higher.

(2) The low temperature properties of #Organoclay bentonite grease are mainly determined by the low temperature properties of the selected base oil and also by the amount of #Thickener.

(3) The structural particles of the #Modified bentonite grease should be more resistant to shear than the soap fiber. However, since the modifying bentonite has been treated with a surfactant, the mechanical stability of the rheological bentonite grease varies with the performance of different surfactants. Used for a long time in rolling bearings, #Bentonite grease is easy to become thin and flow out.

(4) Bentonite grease has poor corrosion resistance to metal surfaces and must be added with an effective rust inhibitor.

(5) Modifier Bentonite grease Because the bentonite thickener is firmly combined with the base oil, on the one hand, it exhibits excellent colloidal stability, on the other hand, it shows that the base oil is difficult to enter the friction surface, so the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance are not too good. Ideal, affecting its use in high-speed rolling bearings.


Our organophilic clay has good performance in grease lubricant.

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