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Organoclay powder for fracturing | suspension agent in oil drilling mud

organoclay powder is an suspension agent (tetraallkyl ammonium bentonite) for fracturing and oil drilling mud. organoclay powder has good suspension,thixotropy and stability in crude oil,diesel oil systems.

Typical Properties:

Fineness through 200 mesh
Loss on Ignition
(@1000℃ )
Light Yellow
Free Flowing Powder

 Typical Applications:

●Acrylic paint
●Primer paint
●Oil-based drilling mud (fluid)
●Anti-corrosion paint
●Road paint
●Oil-based free stick mud (fluid)
●Baking paint
●Waster water treatment
●Industrial paint

Packing: 25kg/bag, 22.58kg(50lb)/bags, 16MT/20FCL with pallet,22MT/40FCL with pallet.


☆ Furnish the drilling mud(fluid) with good suspension,wall-protection and anti-filtration properties.

☆ Good suspension,thixotropy and stability in crude oil,diesel oil systems.

organoclay additive no need for polar activator in oil drilling application
☆ Maintain stable performance under the pressure of 108 at the temperature of 220℃.
☆ Ideal thixotropy property and anti-sediment property.
☆ Imparts particle suspension, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers.
☆ Good viscosity and thickening property over a wide temperature range.

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