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Organoclays | Thickening additive thixotropy agent

Organoclays is is an organic bentonite clay and used as a thickening additive, it also is a thixotropy agent to improves viscosity increase, reduces sagging of coatings.

Organoclays is used with oil drilling mud, coatings,alkyd paints, Inks and Grease.

As a rheological additive, mixes easily with oil and alkyd paints to increase viscosity, prevent pigment settling, add 1–3% of total weight of the paint.

How to use organoclay

Organoclay is really dispersible from non-polar to medium-polarity to high-polarity   organic bentonite clay. Rheological additive can be added at any step in the paint making process.

Organoclay could use by any type of paint-making equipment. Under high shear and low shear, ORGANOCLAYS can be incorporated in the pigment grind, and it do not require any kind of activator.

Good disperse of the organoclay in conventional solvent  paints is still very obvious.

Making Paints: Add the white-off powder to the oil before adding the oil to the pigments. Stir organoclay into the oil with low shear.

Using about 2 to 3% of the total weight of the paintS. Grind the mixture thoroughly to build viscosity and thixotropic properties. Take the paint to rest for about one hour before use.

Regarding polar activators,we recommend you belows:

Methanol/Water (95/5)



Glycol ether

Propylene carbonate/Water (95/5)

Propylene carbonate 


The storage life is about two years from date of manufacture.. organoclay should store in a cool, dry place.


Kraft bag or kraft complex interior with PE or customized.

Packing size: 25Kg/Bag or 50lb(22.68kg/bag) or 500kg/bag or customized.

 Here, we only describe the details of the application of organoclay to paint. If you want to know more about other applications of organoclay, such as organic bentonite clay for drilling and organoclay bentonite for grease, please contact us now.

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