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Looking for Global Distributors Organophilic Clay

As an manufacturer of Organoclay,we are now looking for Global Distributors for our OrganophilicClay, Welcome to cooperate with us ! 

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organo clay (modified montmorillonite), designed especially for use in paints,coatings,inks,lubricant grease and oil drilling mud.

органоглина      Поставщик органоглины      Органофильная глина



Organophilic clay
Organophilic clay


Composition                      Organic derivative of a montmorillonite clay

Appearance                               Fine powder, white

Moisture content (105℃,2hr)         ≤3.5%

Loss on ignition (1000℃)            29%-32%

Bulk density                               0.53g/cm3

Fineness (<74μm, %)                 ≥98%


  • Exerts gelling efficiency over a wide range of intermediate and low polarity
  • Easy dispersing
  • The gel is colourless and of high clarity
  • Produce reproducible thixotropic consistency over a wide temperature range
  • Imparts particle suspension, sag resistance without impairing flow and leveling, preventing hard settling of pigment and fillers
  • Exerts strong film reinforcing action in organic binder systems


Organoclay is used in the following applications:

  • Diesel Oils
  • Coatings
  • inks
  • Paints
  • Lubricant Grease


Organoclay disperses under high shear and requires a polar activator (30%~40%)  for best efficiency. Heat is not required to obtain good dispersion. Addition levels are typically in 0.2%~2.0%. Polar activator (95% Ethanol or 95% Methanol) is needed. Normally addition level of polar activator is recommended to be 30%~40% of CP-180 in weight.

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