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Organophilic clays | How to choose the right grade in oilfield

Regarding our organophilic clays, many customer always asked us how to choose the right grade in oilfield? Today, on this issue, we will start a brief introduction for our organophilic clays.

Organophilic clay
Organophilic clay

According to the different the depth and geological conditions of the oil well.

 Choosing different base oils is the first consideration for drilling companies.

The base oils we usually talk about are commonly used by drilling companies, mainly including diesel oil,synthetic oil and mineral oil.

1,Organophilic clays for diesel oil

After repeated tests and extensive use, we have come to the conclusion that our organophilic clay CP-2E, CP-982 and CP-180 can perform well in diesel oil.

As an economical organoclay for drilling fluid based on diesel oil , to increase carrying capacity and suspension properties its performance can be enhanced when polar activator in moderation is add. 

2,Organophilic clays for mineral oil.

Organophilic clay CP-4, CP-1 and CP-992 are recommended for synthetic oil and mineral oil. They are dispersed organoclay, which can be used directly and do not need to add activators.So CP-4, CP-1 and CP-992 are called  self activated organoclay

CP-1 and CP-4 are recommended in all oil drilling fluid.

3,Organophilic clay for synthetic oil.

Organophilic bentonite CP-250A is recommended for synthetic oil and mineral oil. contain no water or other external polar activator. 

Special reminder here:

Water in the mud is also considered an activator. When water is present in the drilling mud it acts as the activator. So a separate activator is not needed.


25Kg/Bag, 50lb(22.7kg)/Bag,  16MT/20FCL with pallet or 22MT/40FCL with pallet.

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